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A source for the latest in Airbnb regulations, laws and best practices to helping home sharing hosts and short-term letters stay up-to-date with changes to the laws that might affect you.

Montreal Latest Approach in Controlling Illegal Rentals

The city of Montreal is taking a new approach to alleviating what the city officials are terming as house crisis. The latest strategy by...

Judge Blocks NYC Law Demanding Airbnb Disclose User Data

To most people, maintaining the privacy of personal information is very important especially when divulging that information to others. Airbnb almost lost a large...
Los Angeles

New Regulations Crack Down On Airbnb’s in Los Angeles

Airbnb and Los Angeles have been battling for more than three years over the rental unit regulations and home sharing. The tide now seems...

D.C Approve Tighter Limits on Short-Term Renting

On Tuesday, the D.C Council passed a unanimous vote imposing strict limits in the country on Airbnb and other short-term home-sharing companies. If Mayor Muriel...
Birmingham Alabama

Birmingham City Council wants to tax Airbnb customers

In a meeting held on Tuesday by the Birmingham City Council, it was decided that Airbnb would be allowed to collect the city's lodging...

Airbnb to Sue the City of New York

Airbnb went to court to sue New York City over a new home-sharing law. The law requires Airbnb to share data about its hosts’...

LA To Restrict Airbnb Rentals To Primary Residence

The City Council of Los Angeles supported in one accord on Wednesday, legislation upon whose enactment would legalize at-night renting of principal residential apartments...

Unlicensed Vancouver Hosts May Face Large Fines

Starting September, rentals operator working on short-term basis but are unlicensed in Vancouver will be fined S$1,040 daily. This is in a bid to...

Chinese authorities demand details of Airbnb guests

Airbnb will start sending information to the Chinese government about the customers who will book accommodation in China. The kind of information shared will...
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Airbnb Tips

Airbnb Damage Detection: The Rule of Six

Finding damage inside your vacation rental after a guest has left can be frustrating and somewhat annoying. If you outsource your inspections to an...

Safety In Your Airbnb

Latest News

Federal Employees Shutdown

Airbnb is Lending a Hand to Federal Employees

In light of the ongoing shutdown by the U.S government, home sharing platform Airbnb is launching an ‘a night on us’ initiative. In a...

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