Best Channel Managers for Airbnb and Hotels (Updated Nov 2023)

Channel Managers for Airbnb

What is a Channel Manager?

In the travel and hospitality industry, technology continues to transform the ways property owners and managers operate their businesses. So, if you are not adapting to the change, you will be left out in the dust while competitors continue to capture motivated travellers from all over the world. A Channel Manager is one essential tool you can use to keep up with the changing industry. It is software that automates everything from hotel room distribution, vacation rentals, and other accommodations into various channels where the traveler books their rentals.

The system updates you, as the property owner or manager, on the availability and rates of rentals to major channels like Expedia, Airbnb,, and even smaller distribution channels. This makes it easier to offer reservations online, avoiding overbooking or parity issues, but more importantly, it helps save you time on updating each of your properties and can help to increase your bookings.

Many channel manager also comes with a property management system (PMS) to help you manage the occupancy of the property.

iGMS Reviewed

iGMS is a comprehensive vacation rental software solution that offers vacation rental hosts and property managers a wide range of easy-to-use tools to streamline their day-to-day operations and short-term rental management tasks. An advanced channel manager is one of the features that this platform offers to its users, allowing them to control and synchronize availability and pricing throughout all OTAs that they have listed their properties on. With iGMS, you can synchronize your Airbnb,, and Vrbo/HomeAway calendar data in real-time thanks to its direct integration with these major vacation rental sites. You can synchronize your calendar data with other third-party sites that support import and export via iCal as well. Hosts can also easily manage direct bookings with this tool. iGMS’ channel manager keeps your calendars up to date without you having to update them manually, eliminating the risk of double-bookings.

With this vacation rental software, users can manage all their properties from a single interface and use professional automation tools which save hosts loads of hours. Some of the most popular features are: automated guest communication and reviews, cleaning & task management, and channel manager mentioned earlier. In addition, iGMS offers financial reporting, payment processing via Stripe, in-app and email notification, and key exchange management. Moreover, users will also be able to access the same advanced functionality via its mobile app. 

What distinguishes iGMS from other software is deep integration with OTAs that allows more automation possibilities for hosts. Since the founders of the company are hosts themselves, they have designed iGMS to be as convenient and useful for short-term rental managers as possible. Whether you have only a few properties or boast multiple listings, iGMS commits to transform your rental business helping you to increase your occupancy rate and revenue. The product offers a free 14-day trial (no credit card required), different pricing plans starting with $1 per booked night, no setup fees, or other hidden costs.


Tokeet channel manager

Tokeet channel manager is vacation rental management software designed to get rental owners and property managers more bookings from, Expedia, Airbnb, HomeAway, and hundreds of other channels. The software enables users to perform various tasks, giving them full control and visibility over all the channels. Users can synchronize property rates and availability across all channels through the application programming interface.

Synchronization can be done across marketing sites, users’ own websites, and almost anywhere else the user prefers. Tokeet has an API integration with major channels like Airbnb, Expedia,, and many more channels. Set up is easy and the platform provides lots of instruction to make it easy. Synchronization is also easy, it’s automatic and instant. Instant booking feature from the site means that all channels are updates as soon as the booking from one site occurs.

Tokeet has full transparency, so users know exactly what is happening; they can see when the channel is synced and what type of data is sent to every channel. Reservations are in the same inbox, and the formatting is consistent regardless of whichever the channel they came from. The platform also provides other services such as website customization, which makes it easy for guests to inquire from their website.

Tokeet is great for small businesses as they charge per property instead of charging a percentage. Monthly fees start at $14.99 per property

Other features include Dynamic Pricing, payments taken from guests via Stripe, Worldpay, and Paypal, with eSignature for Forms & Contracts, keeping your entire vacation rental business digital.

Top Features:

  • Charge per property $14.99 per month
  • Connects to Airbnb, Agoda,, Vrbo, Expedia and more.
  • Automatic smart pricing
  • Checklist manager
  • Automation
  • Airbnb Preferred Software Partner

Hostaway Reviewed

Hostaway is a rental channel management software that helps property managers to manage rental properties business. The aim is this management solution is to boost income for short term vacation and make hosting services easier to managers. It doesn’t matter whether you have five rentals or 2500 properties, Hostaway synchronizes reservation, rate, and everything else that requires and connects all these data with the best channel in the industry like the Airbnb,, Trip Advisor, and other channels.

Hostaway simplifies the management process by allowing property managers to import data from your existing channel and connect to multiple accounts. Everything from listing, rate, reservation and other settings are imported easily by the software.

Listing on this platform can be created manually, and the manager can add a markup percentage on every channel to cover the commission. The process is so easy that booking details can be synchronised between various channels in minutes and you can manage the availability of properties and even block dates within the interface. Integration with Stripe and PayPal on Hostaway allows a property provider to take payment through their website and also from other channels like the

Hostway also features a guest messaging system, which allows one to message guests directly from Hostway interface. The system also has an automated email feature where emails are sent to guests from all channels. Email can also be customized for different purposes, reservations, channels, departure instruction and feedback collection. They have templates for every purpose, but you can also create an automated email from scratch. You can even create automated tasks to team members and instruct them to do all rental tasks you need to be taken care off like cleaning, or invoicing.

Top Features:

  • Charge per property $14.99 per month
  • Connects to Airbnb, Agoda,, Vrbo, Expedia and more.
  • Easy to use performance dashboard
  • Inbuild CRM & Lead Management
  • Unified Inbox
  • Airbnb Preferred Plus Software Partner
  • Vrbo Elite Connectivity Partner
  • WordPress Plugin for your own Booking Website
Host Away

Booking Pal Reviewed

Short-term rental industry has in the recent past attracted much attention from large companies, and sophisticated customers are looking for alternative experiences. Booking Pal is one of the few centralized platforms that offer rental property owners and property managers a means to increase their visibility online, revenue, and occupancy by offering managed distribution services. The company distributes property listing across different leading channel partners and complements these partnerships with products like myOptimize, MyPayment, and myBookingPal.

The platform enables its users to enjoy a single contract in all its partners, and it manager all the financial a contract related transaction between the owner or the manager and the guest. This means that with this platform, there is no need to log information across Expedia, Airbnb and other channels and booking portals. Vacation rental properties, corporate housing, can use the platform generation capabilities to maximize profitability.

Booking Pal platform is simple to use after you have listed the property in all travel agents (OTAs), you have an option of selecting the partner that fits their business model and can appear in the choice of distribution channel. Every change made on the BookingPal include availability, calendars, rates, specials and promotions, and they are all updated automatically and are synchronized across all channel. The workflow page on the platform brings the reservation to the owners or the manager’s account in one place.

Top Features:

  • 2-way channel connectivity
  • Availability & Rate Automated Syncing
  • Consolidated reservation and booking history
  • Analytics Dashboard

Booking Pal

Lodgable Reviewed

In any business, having the right software is important for the success of the business, and this is no different for the rental business. Lodgable is one of the professional, affordable, and friendly property management solutions that allows property managers and homeowners to get more booking and increase more revenue from their portfolio.

The platform helps its users streamline not just the property rentals, but also management, and advertising tasks. When you commit to this company, you won’t have to make a double booking. Its real-time API integration allows you to keep your rental property calendars up-to-date and conflict-free. With this platform, you do not need to sacrifice functionality or depth; it will enable the user to manage the rentals in multiple channels like Airbnb, Expedia, and many more.

It centralized the management by taking out the complexity of listing rentals to one hundred booking sites. As a rental owner, you will be responsible for any commission imposed on the channels, but the core features like the invoice tools are 100% free. The platform actually offers partners with free booking sites, which means you have more chances of generating more directing booking at a reduced cost.

Top Features:

  • Free for most features
  • Inbuilt Accounting

Hosthub Reviewed

Syncbnb changed it’s name in 2020 to Hosthub. Hosthub is a channel management solution that offers vocational rental owners and property managers the ability to synchronize their calendars on all channels, ultimately helping them double their booking reservation and revenues. Most channel management software doesn’t offer real-time and two-way synchronization, but Hosthub allows the rental owner to synchronize across more than 100 channels and in real-time.

Hosthub system is very easy and intuitive to use. While other platform takes more than an hours to upload the details of the rental, Hosthub has made it easy by simplifying the registration. It only takes less than 10 minutes to capture all the property listing information. This platform takes active management and synchronizes not just the Airbnb calendar, but multiple channels, which means missing a reservation is near impossible. The company uses cutting-edge technology, AI as well as Human quality assurance, which means it guarantees success in updating calendars to short term rental owners.

Top Features:

  • $28 per property per month.
  • Real time syncing channels
  • Owners Portal
  • Expense Management
  • 200+ Supported channels
Sync BNB

iQware Channel Manager Reviewed

IQlink is one of iQware Inc software products. It is channel management software designed to manage different distributor services such s OTAS and GDSs. This channel management system integrates with iQPms, making it easy to update and manage inventories, bookings, rates and restrictions on different third-party websites. The iQlink makes it easy to manage almost every aspect of the hotel including bookings and reservations.

The booking system addresses the challenges often faced by distributors when it comes to managing different online distribution systems. The IQpms is integrated with iQlinks. It has a reporting functionality that shows how Airbnb is performing against booking and other channels. This is quite useful because it allows managers to make strategic decisions about whom they want to use. iQlink displays all rooms to the site of your choice and every inventory is reduced across all sites whenever a booking is made on any of the sites. So, the risk of over-bookings is significantly reduced.


Myrents Reviewed

Myrents is professional channel management software for travel agencies and private accommodation owners dealing with accommodation from different channels like Airbnb,, TripAdvisor, VRBO, and more than other 90 channels. Unlike other channels management software, Myrents allows owners to carry out their business simply and efficiently.

The system helps accommodation owners perform their everyday obligation during a lease. It improves the workflow and brings their business to a professional level. The owners can keep track of all properties, listing, inquiries, reservations, and invoices.
The system is a cloud-based solution, which means you can work anywhere anytime. Everything is synchronized automatically making it easier to do everything in the same place. There is no need to login on every channel; the system works for you. Updating everything on this platform is quick and easy, and it guarantees that all the agents receive the same price, so there is never a problem with price differences for your guests.

Myrent is a partner of Rentals United, and through this platform, you can change all the details. Myrent controls all the synchronizing like processes, calendar, picture¸ amenities and cancellation policies. With the same system together, you as the rental owner get the best of both worlds. Working with Myrent is very simple, all you need to is have a profile in Myrent, and every other detail will be automated, which means no stress, no errors and no worries.

My Rents

Vacationspal Reviewed

Many small rental property managers often focus on channel manager that works with Airbnb but joining other channels usually proves to be quite an investment. Vacationspal is one of the cloud-based channel’s managers that rental owners and managers can use to expand their connectivity. The software works with more than 20 major booking channels all aimed to increase the visibility of rental and ultimately boosting more sales. The software allows its users to manage bookings from all channels on one page.

The software integrates your well-designed websites, turning it into a revenue-generating machine. This feature is fully customizable; you can add a booking engine button. Users without sites can use VacationsPal web creation services, which integrate the channel management software, a formula that has proven to increase sales dramatically. VacationsPal also offers SMEs integrated system that allows rental and property owners to accept payment and manage them accordingly. They even have brand reward programs that allow users to enhance customers loyalty, which is very critical in the vacation rental business.


SiteMinder Reviewed

Siteminder is an innovative cloud-based platform that provides management solutions for individual hotel owners, hotel chains, and their partners. The software offers a solution that allows these hotels to reach, attract, and increase their sales. The platform provides numerous software products that enhance a two-way connection across different destinations. These products enable hoteliers and managers their channels in one platform. It’s a channel manager solution that enables users to leverage the dashboard-based UI and get all their rooms online for better and faster bookings.

The platform makes hotels more visible to the world’s most popular booking sites. The channel manage helps its users to automate inventories and manage their channel performance, this way, the hotel owners and hotel chains can quickly identify the channel that working for their business model. SiteMinder also allows hotel owners to sell rooms online without being penalized with high transaction costs that come from different OTA. This channel manager offers direct hotel connection to more than 350 top hotel booking channels including the top one like the Airbnb, and it has a complete real integration to more than 250 of the world-leading PMS and CRSs to provide seamlessness when managing hotel rates, availability and inventory.

The software is specifically designed to nothing more than maximize hotel reach, decrease quest acquisition costs, and minimize overbooking. Therefore, most of its features including the booking button, GDS, and many more are designed to make hotel business easy for users. SiteMinder has a proven record, so it is one of the best channel management solutions for hotel owners and hotel chains.

Site Minder

Uplisting Reviewed

Uplisting offers property owners and owners to manage their multiple properties in one platform. The software support channels and guest management. It keeps bookings of short term rentals in one place, and all information about the property is synced with popular channels like and Airbnb. Everything from rates, availability, booking, and many more are sync to its easier for the user to sync prices and availability instantly. Users can list the entire property, and the rooms include or with the nested properties. Users can also link different listing for the same property. So once your listing is imported from Airbnb, it’s immediately connected to and other sites through iCalendar.

The platform also has an automatic calendar, where the user can create their bookings. Its smart pricing sync tools allow the user to manage the property rates accordingly while the guest messaging features allows the rental managers or user using the software to communicate with quests. The messaging feature has a unified inbox that enables the user to centralized access to all communications between them and their guest. So, there is no much need to confirm booking, reservation and other related aspects.

It so easy to create the message to the client; the platform has message templates where the user can create and send an automated message to the guests. The user can also know about rental property performance because of the software reporting capabilities. The reports also allow the user to work out tax deductibles, calculate the invoice, and even workout their earnings. The Stripe integration on Uplisting ensures that users accept different payment options from the quest and it’s directed straight into their bank account.


Hostyapp Reviewed

Hosty App is an innovative channel management solutions that allow rental managers and owners synchronize all vacation listing in one place. Everything from availability, price data are synchronized into their easy to use calendar. Hostyapp system imports information from all other sides and does not emit any info. In addition to this, the system ensures that all update information of your property across all channels; it does matter where you are listed. With these features, it means you won’t need to have to keep checking and editing any vocational rental platform manually. The system does this to you; all you need is update your info into one single platform.

This means no more double booking or listing; Hosty app allows you to keep your calendar up-to-date allowing your business to run efficiently. The system automatically syncs all your accounts and shows them in real-time and under management tab. If you update your Hosty calendar, chances are reflected across all channels. The software is compatible with Airbnb, HomeAway,, and VRBO, and many more channels.


FutureStay Reviewed

The smartest way for vacation rental owners to double their bookings is to use a channel manager. FutureStay is one of the few professional in-in-one cloud-based rental management solutions that allows rental owners to manage their business.

The platform connects rental supply to different channels like the HomeAway, Airbnb, Wimdu, VRBO and The software is designed to solve today’s industry challenges of instant bookings and OTA distribution. It seamlessly automates all pieces of the booking process, and unlike other cloud-based software, it works with your existing property management system or replaces it altogether to automate your vacation rental task.

Airbnb and other channels often penalise you when you haven’t updated your calendar, so FutureStay ensures that no don’t receive more penalties by keeping your calendar up to date automatically. The calendar management feature allows you to track your booking as well as synchronise your reservation with all channels.


Xotelia Reviewed

Xotelia is a cloud-based property and channel management solution for small and midsized guesthouses, hotels, and apartments. This software is designed to help those with small accommodation to keep up with the increasing rise of OTA (online travel agencies). It allows its users to synchronise their calendars instantly and automatically, this way, they are able to manage their online exposure to more than 50 distribution sites. Major OTA like Airbnb,, Expedia and FlipKey, TripAdvisor has partnered with Xotelia.

The booking engine allows managers and rental owners to share their real-time rates and availability with travel websites. Users can implement their pricing, booking and other business policies through this platform. With it’s easy to use interface, which contains inventory management, booking and pricing management, users can effectively manage their rental property and even update the information with just a few clicks.

The platform integrates with CMS platforms like JimDo, WordPress, and Wix, which allows property managers to monitor their site’s performance through Google analytics. This means that the rental and property owners can do better marketing and increase their exposure not just over international channels but also on the search engines.

Updated: Xoltella has now changed to EVIIVO 

Rentlio Reviewed

Vacation rental channels have been there long before the Airbnb, and every day there seems to be a new one popping up. While not all of them can bring you more bookings, or quality guests, as a rental owner or property manager, having many of them as possible could double your income. Rentlio is among the few professional channel management software that ensures you don’t spend much time managing each one of these channels. It’s a cloud-based app that rental owners, hostel and small owners can use to keep availability and rates connected to all channels.

With this app, you can manage all booking sites from one place, and all the info of your business are all synchronized. The app has professional email templates, which you can send to quest based on your own pre-defined rules. You can offer them excursion, recommend the restaurants on their arrival day or even send a thank you email when they depart, and all this is automated. The software also allows you to speed check your guest through real-time scanning procedure. Once you have their app downloaded on your smartphone, the app is easy to use; all you will need to do is scan the document with the camera, and it takes care of the rest. With its mobile app, you can enjoy 2-way synchronisation with its all travel agents and handle all new reservation, modification and even cancellation seamlessly.


Netpax Reviewed

Nextpax serves rental owners and property managers and agents with a unified platform, where they can offer, book, and updates their properties through multi-channels such as Airbnb,, HomeAway and other targeted sites and agencies. Updates on offers and bookings are instant, and they are synchronized throughout the network. So, if you own or manage hotels or rental properties, this channel management solution promises to boost your reach and exposure across major booking sites. Therefore, when your property management system is connected to the platform, your hotel or rental property availability, prices, photos, reservation, and even booking conditions are updated automatically and in real-time. All this information is made available to anyone anywhere in the world who would like to shop for holiday accommodation.

With this channel management solution, no overbooking can occur, even though your unit information is available to hundreds of channels across the globe. So, the moment a booking of your unit is confirmed in any of the channels, for instance, Airbnb, Netpax software will block its availability across other channels. The Netpax system also supports payment; they will receive payment from the guest or the distribution company. Although they facilitate payment, you are always in control of your funds.


Lodgify Reviewed

Lodgify is an advanced vacation rental software that provides property managers and rental owners a tool needed to manage their reservation from one place. With this channel manager, you can synchronize external rental channels like Airbnb,, Trip Advisor, HomeAway and many other channels. The calendars will is always up to date, this means, you do not have to update calendars on other sites again manually. It doesn’t matter whether you have a single vocation rental or 500+ vacation property; this software has the right tools needed to increase your online bookings while simplifying the management of your vacation rental business.

Lodgify imports all bookings automatically and puts it into your reservation system. You can use the platform to oversee all your bookings in one place. For managers and rental owners who are yet to advertise to Airbnb, the software API allows them to create a new Airbnb listing right from their account with just one click. You can also synchronize the calendar data with other partners through an iCal unless you already have a two-way integration with Lodgify. Such integration helps simplify the running of your rental business and increases the booking numbers.

There is also an online payment integration, which allows you to accept PayPal, eCheck, credit cards, so you can accept deposits or full fee upfront. The system automatically computes even the additional fees based on the cost of amenities and the seasonal percentage you set. It does not manage finances, but it allows you to have full control of your business.


Klik.Villas Reviewed channel manager is a complete solution designed for rental owners and property managers who want to focus on quality services to their clients while at the same time maximizing their revenue. Users of this platform can efficiently manage their bookings, export their calendar, create a brand with their websites and sync with hundreds of channel partners across the globe. Klik.Villas works with the villa rental industry pioneers to bring rental owners and professionals the best tool available.

The booking is easy to use; it has a dashboard feature that gives the user quick access to all booking profiles. The channel manager is updated automatically, so you don’t have to update each channel manually to avoid penalties. Klik.Villas ensures that your rates, availability and booking are updated accordingly. You can select the OTA or channel that best suits your business model depending on the performance. In this platform, the user doesn’t just create property listing; everything can be sync with the existing well-designed website to deliver better results.

Klik Villas

Ynnovbooking Reviewed

Ynnovbooking channel manager is adequate accommodation management tool. The tool has many features that allow its users to automate all accommodation-related activities. Ynnovbooking is simple yet very useful when it comes to managing the prices and availability of accommodation in a single platform and with only a single login.

It allows you to configure automates email based on your needs. You can send emails of reservation, cancellation, thank you messages, and welcoming messages. You don’t need to figure out what to write to your guest. The tool has email templates that are customizable by the user. Multiple channels are managed in one single interface, so the user doesn’t have to log in to Airbnb, HRS, HouseTrip, FlipKey or 9 Flats.

This tool synchronizes everything so everything will be done on one interface saving you time and giving you peace of mind that no penalties are there when there is a cancellation of one channel due to overbooking.


Beds24 Reviewed

Beds24 is one of the few channel managers that cater to the needs of small and mid-sized hotels, hostels, rental and property managers. The tools connect you to the world-leading booking sites at an instant. As a user, you do not have to manually log in, and update distribution channels at a time or calendar when you have a new booking; Beds24 software does this for you. It has a free trial without commitment; there are no set up fees or any hidden costs.

Beds24 channel manager tool is cloud-based which means that as a rental or property owners or managers, you can access it from anywhere across the globe as long as you have an internet connection. When guests books a reservation on your site, the tool updates the availability to all other channels at an instant. So, if you have two inventories in the system across all channels, and one guest books one room, the system automatically reduces the availability to one across all other channels. This means that with this tool, overbooking won’t exist. The platform also has booking engines with a customizable widget and has a very secure quest payment collection that still puts you in control.

BookEasy Reviewed

Bookeasy is professional online booking software for tourist suppliers or operators. At its core, the software provides channel management solutions that have the potential of connecting the tourism suppliers to the most prominent OTAs, (online travel agents) in the world. Bookeasy online distribution connectivity is optional features that are available to accommodation operation only. The platform partners with connects with leading channel managers and tours and activities booking systems.

Operators can list on the platform an increase their chance of more region’s bookings and reach. The platform offers other functionality features focusing not on bookings, but also through better reservations through a sophisticated reservation management system. To connect with the channel manager to Bookeasy, operators will need a property ID number, a username, and a password. The rooms are rates that need to be set up. To connect with the booking system, to Book Easy, the platform recommends contacting the booking system directly.


Rentals United Reviewed

As the vacation rental industry becomes mature, there a numerous services that target property providers to help generate more sales while reducing friction. Rentals United is one of the few vocational rental software that targets property suppliers and providers to distribute their rental properties across different sites. At its heart, it’s a channel manager and a simple yield management option for property providers with 1 or even 500 properties. The system has integrated booking management, rate and pricing management, and real-time updates to the property distributors. This software works with a range of property management systems such as 365 Villas, Guesty, CiiRUS and many more.

Rental United allows the property provider to distribute their property listing across, Airbnb, HomeAway, Expedia, Agoda, Trip advisor and More sites. The system takes care of your data, so everything from the photo to the property description, to the availability of the property, to prices, to booking is all synchronized between the site and the distribution channel. You have to upload property using their manual upload tool through a PMS or through the Rentals United API. You also an option to choose the distribution site you wish to list your property on.

Rental United has a flexible price upload tool; so, prices can be uploaded depending on the length of stay, the number of guests, length of stay discounts, per-channel scaling, and even last minute discount. It integrated with MangoPay, which allows users to accept credit card payment using Rental United dashboard.

Rentals United

CloudBeds Reviewed

Cloudbeds is one of the most popular platforms that connect properties to hundreds of popular channels and booking sites with real-time, two-way integration. The software makes it easy to connect with Airbnb and hundreds of other similar channels and allows users to sync rates and availability. This channel manager outperforms others by giving short term rentals, and properties access to over 300 channels, which means more visibility and, more booking, and subsequently more revenue.

With this system, users can manage their property management system from a single interface saving themselves hours of the time of having to update each channel manually. The integration with the third-party channels is seamless. It aims to help hotels and rental owners streamline their workflow, so the platform has combined channel management, with project management solution and booking engine solution. Basically, with these functionalities, hotelier and rental owners are bound to increase the bookings and boost their service quality. What even better about Cloudbeds, is that they have trained consultants who are ready to guide users on selecting the right channel for the business needs.

A robust booking engine comes with this platform, which means the management of direct booking will be much easier. Besides, hotel reservations are automatically synced with the channel manager and existing property management system. Therefore, users do not have to be concerned about errors.


Flatswire Reviewed

Flatswire is an all-in-one vacation rental management tool with an intuitive channel manager and other features that allow professional property managers to connect their listing to rental agencies and travel agencies. The platform has a one-way channel management technology to Airbnb, which allow users to enjoy and automated generation of booking from Airbnb websites while integrating with customer’s information, prices, dates, and commission.

This one-way channel management also allows exportation of the platform Master calendar for each rental to Airbnb, which makes Airbnb be aware of any booking that comes from your website and other channels. With this software, you do not need a manual entry of reservations. Flatswire is a flexible and compelling solution that adapts to most business models, whether is short term rentals or long term rentals. It connects your listing to popular channels such as, HomeAway, Abritel, VRBO, Home holidays, TripAdvisor, FlipKey and many more.


Smoobu Reviewed

Smoobu is a professional web-based software that helps vacation rental owners effectively manage their rentals. It does not matter whether one is offering a private apartment on Airbnb, or whether one wants to market their apartment on other major channels; this tools meet the need of every rental owner. With the tool, it is possible to control all channels without spending much time on each one of them. Once a booking is done on one portal, it is blocked on other portals. The software also detects all modification you do and cancellation and update them accordingly.

Smoobu ensures that the occupancy on all portals matched with one another, so, no more double-booking or guest inconvenience. The software synchronized everything from prices, rates availability and any other information that need to be included on the listing. The only thing that you need to do is define one price in Smoobu and insert the price adaptation in percentage. The platform supports both regional and international listing sites, which means that the user can dramatically increase their bookings in the most efficient way possible. The site also supports the channels that are only relevant to a particular target group, which means no need to place the listing on irrelevant sites. The choice of channel is the key to success to a rental business and Smooby ensure that users are connected to the channel that fits their specific business model.


Bookingsync Reviewed

Bookingsync is a channel management tools that allow businesses to manage their quests and synchronize vacation rental booking from all channels from one single portal. With Bookingsync it is now possible to connect with major OTAs like Airbnb, HomeAway,

Booking, Trip Advisor and many more. The official certification with these channels ensures that a broad range of data is synchronized from one place. Users can sync prices and availability per night, week, month and even set advanced rates on common OTA. When you get a new reservation or new booking, the availability is updated on all OTAs, which means no overbooking or penalties from the channel.

The platform also has a PMS, which allow users to centralize all information on multiple properties, and keep track of all activities such as the pictures, description and features, bookings and communication with the guests. In addition to channel management solutions, the platform also helps property managers create powerful pages, galleries, blog, and stores so they can increase their rental visibility on search engines.


MyVR Reviewed

Myvr channel manager is a rental management platform dedicated to homeowners, and property managers manage short-term rentals. The software simplifies multi-channel marketing for the manager and the operation of short term rentals. MyVr has been integrating with Airbnb,, TripAdvisor, HomeAway and other 30 more rental listing sites allowing managers and homeowners to increase their online presence. MyVr core software allows users to list their property across these channels from a single interface with calendars automatically synchronized between centralized calendar the channel calendars.

Therefore, calendars will display up-to-date property availability information at all times; no overbooking will happen. With this software, there is no need to maintain separate logins with all channels, all you need is this tool to manage every listing site. The platform also allows you to manage inquiries from all channels through one single centralized inbox. This means you can easily track reservations from all sources from one place. You can also use an automated message feature to respond to renters in all channels. Extended capabilities of this platform include a reliable online payment processing and on-page SEO tools.


Airbnb Pricing Tools (Updated 2023)

Airbnb Finance Tools

Statistics have shown vacation rentals that are operated by managers have more revenue streams and often have a higher occupancy than those managed by the rental owner. Reason? Poor revenue management strategies. Owners were found to price their rentals too high ultimately losing booking and too low, thereby leaving money in the table and ultimately sacrificing their ability to book at the best rate.

Finance sites have emerged to help property owners to help build successful revenue strategies. These sites gather and analyze booking data and other information that may come from the market such as events, seasonality and such and comes up with an ideal price solution. They can also anticipate booking behaviour and thereby allowing rental owner and managers to plan.

WheelHouse Reviewed

Wheelhouse is a data-driven tool that allows short term rentals to price their property listing. With this tool, users do not need to keep updating their listing every time there is a change in demand or supply in the market. The software uses market data, such as the number of booking in a given period, the events on the particular region, and other supply and demand factors and automatically set the right price in a given night. It will raise the price when the demand for Airbnb is high across the market and lower rates when the demand is low.

Demand often vary with days of the week, seasons, local events, such as concerts, conferences or special dates like Haloween, Christmas or the new year. Wheelhouse uses this information and other data like the Airbnb occupancy rate from all channels and OTAs, airline states, and hotel process to determine what the optimal price could be for the rental.

Using such a tool, users have claimed to increase revenue by 10%-40%. The platform always updates its price automatically, so every night price is up-to-date. Users also have a chance to understand how the rental market is performing in real-time and use all these aspects to make strategic decisions. The tool has full integration with Tripadvisor, Airbnb, and many more, therefore, it is easy for the user to price their unit across all platforms in a matter of minutes.


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PriceLabs Reviewed

Airbnb is very competitive, and many companies are looking for means to have a competitive edge against their competitor. Pricelabs is one of the best revenue management tool designed to help short term vacation rental managers to understand market prices to increase revenue. The tool takes a data-driven approach and customization to manage prices, ultimately saving time and boosting revenue generation.

By predicting supply and demand factors, taking into historical account data, market trends and holiday, the software automatically scans data and provide a solution based on this information. If the user does not agree with the recommendation, or they choose to override them, it is possible to customize pricing based on minimum and maximum price, stay rules, events or even seasonal pricing.

PriceLabs integrate with different PMSs, such as Vreasy to facilitate continuous sync of prices. In addition to this, the tool allows businesses to have an overview of the performance portfolio with the customizable analytics dashboard, which generally provides a report on listing performance, revenue, bookings, and prices of booking.


Avantio Reviewed

Avantio is a professional property management system that connects to hundreds of portals and vacation rental websites. For more than 18 years, Avantio has been working with many B2B’s and other businesses, and therefore understand the changes and trend of the industry and anticipate the needs of the users. This tool allows managers to set up property listing with flexible occupancy and prices.

Avantio aim is to provide cloud-based solutions for properties agencies that manage multiple vocational rental properties. The tool allows these agencies to stay ahead in the market and thereby helps maximize resources and drive growth. By optimizing resources on management using automated admin tools, the tool can ease the management, and ultimately help save costs. With this tool, users can market their property at the right price. While the Avantio revenue product can be used separately, Avantio also has a 360-degree integration, which means less work is having to deal with third parties.

Avantio also comes complete with a mature channel manager to help you get listing on multiple booking platforms.


Everbooked Reviewed

Everbooked is an online-based tool aimed to help owners of Airbnb rentals to set prices to adapts to changes in demand detected through data analysis. Everbooked is one of the first companies to bring big data concept to the vacation rental industry. Everbooked processes thousands of data points based on your location altering the pricing on the demands and factors of the local area, giving you access to tools that hotels and airlines have used for years. The tool uses an algorithm to scan at the demand factor, and uses data to optimize rates, thereby increasing prices when the demand is high and lowering them during low-demand days.

So prices for rental in the weekend when demand is high will be different from a weekday when there is no demand. Rental owners do not have to manually prices; Everbooking automatically updates these prices. Statistics have shown that by using such as management system, Airbnb hosts can increase their monthly revenue by as much as 40%. On Everbooking site, the Airbnb host sees the listing properties they are competing with or against whether it is apartments, homes or condos, and the average price for each listing throughout the year.

UPDATE: Everbooked is no more and have sold to Evolve Vacation Rental Network

Beyond Pricing Reviewed

Beyond pricing is a professional web-based solution that allows rental owners to price their rentals through an automatic pricing model. The tool uses real-time market data to ensure that their recommended prices maximize revenue as well as occupancy for hosts. Users can link Airbnb, HomeAway and other channels to Beyond Pricing to effectively manage their calendars, and accounts.

Beyond pricing recommends that the calendar must not be 100% booked because the demands since the demand for all the dates may not have peaked yet. Regardless, the tool encrypts any transmission of critical data like the credit card information, so even though booking data will be used not sensitive information will be diverted to the wrong party.

This tool generates algorithm, statistics and data analytics on all properties in a given area to derive the best available price for the property. In this sense, the algorithm dictates how one can maximize nightly rates whether it is by seasonality, the day of the week, and weekend or when there are significant local events.

Beyond Pricing

Payfully Reviewed

Payfully allows short-term vacation rental owners to receive funds from their reservation in advance. When a guest books a rental unit through Airbnb, he or she has to pay a total booking amount at the time of booking. Airbnb will then hold the money until the day the guest check-in, in which the money is paid to the host. Airbnb holds money for sometimes before releasing to the host.

Payfully ensures that the host gets his or her money after receiving bookings. If the guest cancels the booking, Payfully gives you 60 days to land another booking, and the money is recovered without a charge. If you do not receive a booking within 60 days, Payfully works with you to find friendly ways to recover the money.

With Payfully, hosts can effectively cover everyday expenses, unexpected emergencies that may emerge before the guest arrive, and even invest more in their rental businesses. On Payfully dashboard, you get to see the upcoming reservation and transaction history, and you can choose which reservation you want to be paid in advance.


Outswitch Reviewed

Outswitch combines revenue management solution with channel management, so rental owner and property owners can do everything in one single platform. The tool helps rental owners to make the most of each rental apartment while achieving real profit potential.

Users can seamlessly integrate their this tool with their vacation rental site and get hold of this data-driven software which allows them to book more nights and get more revenues.
With this yield tool, users can quickly optimize their prices to match with the demand of the market automatically on a nightly basis. Users can reach more potential guests and keep the calendars gaps reduce significantly and more importantly; they can target those guest who stays longer, thereby planning accordingly and cutting costs.

With the channel manager tool, users can enjoy a complementary distribution solution from Outswitch. They can effectively manage property listing on multiple channels such as Airbnb, Expedia, HomeAway and many more. Typically, this saves times and reduces the chances of double bookings. Everything from all other channels is synchronized at an instant and prices are updated on a daily basis, which means users can dramatically increase their revenues in no time.

Beyond Pricing

Say Goodbye to Noise Disturbances: How Alertify Make Guest Monitoring Easy

Alertify helps hosts eliminate the headache of monitoring for guest violations
Alertify has proven capable of stopping over 90% of parties 5 minutes from the onset of disruptions. Here’s how this technology has helped hosts cut down on repetitive tasks and simultaneously stop guests from disrupting the peace.

Being a host is no easy task and can prove to be a job that has many responsibilities, from property management to staying on top of guest communication and keeping track of who checks-ins and checks-out of each unit. It can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with multiple properties or units. Alertify aims to simplify this process and has built its room-monitoring devices with the specific needs of hosts in mind.

The Challenge: Hosts deal with a range of common problems

Short-term rental hosts frequently grapple with a range of common challenges that can impact property management and guest satisfaction. These challenges encompass issues like guest misconduct, which includes unauthorized parties, excessive noise, and rule violations such as smoking. When these issues arise, communication with guests can become time-consuming.

Amongst this hosts commonly face property damage as a result of unauthorized parties which can necessitate maintenance and repairs, affecting both the property’s condition and future bookings. Unauthorized parties also bring with it smoking. The ongoing upkeep of cleanliness and maintaining a smoke-free atmosphere poses continuous challenges as well. Additionally, the need to ventilate properties after smoking guests stay can result in substantial expenses and lost revenue from temporarily unavailable units.

Additional hurdles hosts face include keeping documentary evidence of guest violations for deposit chargebacks and future disputes, and the time-consuming task of guest vetting to ensure future guests don’t commit violations, like partying and smoking. Alertify provides room-monitoring solutions to address these challenges, offering hosts peace of mind and relieving them of repetitive tasks.

The Solution: Alertify monitors in real-time

Alertify’s newest feature Guest Alert helps hosts alert guests when a violation occurs

Being a short-term rental host is a multifaceted role that demands continuous attention around the clock. Guest Alert, a new feature of Alertify, has been specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of short term rental hosts. With Guest Alert, hosts can find peace of mind in that their properties are safeguarded even when they are off the clock. Guest Alert automatically sends text and email notification alerts to guests who commit violations, whether it’s excessive noise, smoking, or throwing unauthorized parties, amongst others.

This feature has been so successful, it has managed to stop 90% of parties on the first notification sent and has deterred unwanted behavior as well as, allowed hosts to respond swiftly, mitigating potential damage to their rentals. This feature frees hosts from the need to be on-call 24/7, enabling them to maintain a healthy work-life balance while ensuring the well-being of their property and the comfort of their guests.

Tangible Evidence: Alertify captures all incidents on downloadable reports

Alertify helps prevent guest violations and reduce the time it takes to resolve disputes when they occur. It offers objective and detailed downloadable reports for incidents recorded by the room-monitoring devices. These reports serve as evidence when addressing various issues within short-term rentals. Each report provides an overview of the incident, including the type of violation such as smoking, noise disturbances, or exceeding occupancy limits, guest information specifying who was in the unit at the time the incident was recorded, as well as the incident’s duration, and the date and time it occurred.

When issuing fines or resolving civil disputes with guests, it’s important to supply objective evidence of the violation that took place. These after-incident reports provide transparency and fairness in such cases, and ensure that these disputes are handled quickly and fairly.

Coming soon: Guest Screening

Alertify is always looking at ways to provide hosts with even more valuable tools, and one exciting upcoming feature is the Guest Screening portal. This portal offers a comprehensive pre-check-in screening process to hosts of short term rentals. Hosts will have the capability to customize screening questions, enabling them to gather relevant information from guests before their arrival. This helps hosts ensure that guests are a good fit for their property and enhances security and trust. The portal will allow hosts to clearly communicate their rental rules to guests, who will be required to acknowledge and agree to them. Hosts may also require guests to upload a selfie as a digital signature, creating a digital paper trail of their acceptance of the rules.

Alertify’s Guest Screening portal and incident reports work together to provide solid evidence during any potential dispute and offer an objective view of the violation incident. They work together because the Guest Screening portal shows that guests were informed about the unit’s rules and the incident reports highlight the details of the violations and which guests were in the unit at the time. This combination is a recipe to resolve issues promptly and fairly.

In conclusion, Alertify has made the lives of short-term rental hosts much easier by automating mundane tasks with its newly released feature Guest Alert. With a remarkable success rate of stopping 9 out of 10 parties within 5 minutes of disruptions, Alertify has proved its efficacy in curbing disruptive guest behaviour. Alertify serves as a dedicated solution to monitoring noisy guests, smoking and unauthorized parties taking place, as well as providing solid evidence for each of these violations – giving hosts the power to control the situation, protect their properties from damage and ensure they are protected from future disputes. Ready to get started?

Airbnb Management Service Contract

Do you run an Airbnb Management or Short Term Service company? If you manage property owned by other people, then you need a comprehensive contract to cover you and your business. We have created an Airbnb management contract that you can use as a template for your business. This contract has been created for the … Read more

Wheelhouse Dynamic Airbnb Pricing Reviewed

In this review, we’ll be taking a closer look at Wheelhouse. A software that features a number of tools designed to help short-term rental owners maximize their revenue. This software enables Airbnb & Vrbo hosts to integrate their listing to optimize their pricing strategy by using their dynamic pricing. The dynamic pricing is data-driven and … Read more

Airbnb Safety and Security Gadgets (Updated 2023)

Security At Home

Security Product Overview


Home security has been available for years; almost every home has implemented one security measure, whether it is an alarm system or motion detector or just the traditional fences that restrict burger. Unfortunately, these conventional security measures can be easily be bypassed, and the alarm is often annoying to neighbours especially if it often gets triggered by false elements. With the sharing economy such as Airbnb on its peak, these traditional security measures have become almost unnecessary. Things are getting more complicated, and it is important for homeowners & hosts to adapt to current changes when it comes to security.

As the smartphone has converged communication and computing into one, the ability to check in the security of your home is not a dream. It’s a reality; one can now access their home security status from anywhere across the globe. Using current technology, the entire hours and family are completely protected with all types of dangers be, it burglary, fire, freezing, flood or simple break-in.

Before purchasing any surveillance devices make sure you check Airbnb’s latest rules.

FIBARO Reviewed

Fibaro is manufactured home hardware’s for home; this includes but not limited to lighting automation, liquid, smoke, main power wall sockets, motion sensor and controllers. The company knows what is important when it comes to security. Its home system is simple and easy to use. All you need to do it merely plugin and it’s ready to use after few configurations. Fibaro has been in operation since 2010, and it has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of a home security system in the world. The company is committed to providing quality automation products at very reasonable prices.

Its wide range of products utilises Z-wave technology, which allows consumers with little or no technical expertise to set up one of the most complicated networks of products. If you purchase products from Fibaro, you can quickly perform a simple action like turning some of the application on or off remotely. Fibaro has a number of smart home devices the monitor the environment and adapts to the need of the user. Through Fibaro the access to your home and your data are protected at the highest level through security systems, encrypted communication using TLS protocol and Passwords.


Nest Reviewed

Nest provides a wide range of Home Automation products built to make our lives more comfortable and more convenient, and they include Nest protects smoke, Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Nest Cam indoor, audio cloud storage security camera and Nest Learning Thermostat.

NEST has a long time experience in the smart home market and has developed different ecosystem devices that work seamlessly with each other to provide total security to homeowners and short term renters. Some of Nest popular products include an electronic, programmable and self-learning WI-FI enabled thermostat, security camera and many more.

The features on its range of products combine innovation and integrate with third parties like the Airbnb and other channels and giving its user with customisation options. Like Apple, Nest applies a high focus on making their products easy to use. Therefore, the installation of their device is easy, and management is seamless. Nest’s hardware are intuitive; they have the capabilities to learn routine, process this information and ensure that everything at your home is working as it should be. In other words, Nest products make life easier and safe.


Noiseaware Reviewed

Since the introduction of Airbnb, the number of short term rental has skyrocketed all across the globe and so has the chance of noisy tenants. As a result, agents and owners have become subject to noise fines and restriction for many violations. For this reason, Krauss and Schulz invented Noiseaware, a noise tracking software and a device that distinguished normal noise from guest and true nuisance and alert the rental owners with a text message. The software can customize quiet hours, the noise threshold and can prioritize alert.

The device simply connects with the home WiFi, detects noise levels and the number of wireless devices, and sends the noise data to you, and ultimately alerting you when there is a risky situation on your rental. For instance, whether there is a party taking place or any other unwanted nuisance. The device is easy to set up; users only need to connect it with the property WiFi. When noise threshold is violated, the message is received at an instant and ultimately sending the tenants a heads up, thus resolving the issue immediately.

Noise Aware

Lockitron Reviewed

The Lockitron is one of the latest Bluetooth enabled electronic door lock ideal for renter and homeowners. This smart lock notifies you when someone rings or knock on the door. It uses Bluetooth to connect to the web and ultimately allowing you to grant other access to the unit. The Lockitron is compatible with Android and iOs devices and even any Wi-Fi device that uses the internet. Typically, this means you have control of your rental from within the free companion app or website wherever you are on the internet. This means complete peace of mind at all times knowing that your bolt is locked even when you are halfway around the world.

Instead of sliding over an existing door lock, which often causes many mechanical issues, this lock replaces the deadbolt. It, therefore, comes with a latch, a lock cylinder, and a mounting plate. The unit also features brushed nickel and other body styles. You can see even your bolt with your keep but still, keep your old house keys. When a renter enters your residence, Lockitron sends you a message that someone has arrived. This means that if you are using Airbnb and other sharing platforms, you can conveniently grant access or know when the renter arrives or leaves the premise. The bolt does not require significant installation, and it is powered by AA battery, and when the battery runs low, the device sends a message to the user.

Updated: Lockitron has become Myq Smart Locks 

Igloohome Reviewed

Igloohome allows property owners and renter to manage their property from anywhere across the globe without worrying that there is any security risk for their properties. Igloohome offers locks that protect any property from unwanted access, ensure that those who are welcomed conveniently enter your property. With its time-sensitive Pin code and blue tooth key, one can decide when and whom to grant access to, which is an ideal solution for the property owner and short term rental.

Their smart locks have support and integration with Airbnb and have tamper detection. This means you can unlock the door even when the battery has died. The process of using this device is quite smooth, and with its mobile app, one can operate from anywhere across the globe. Even better the door sensor automatically relocks whenever the user closes the door. Overall, the device is an ideal option for those who are tired of fumbling for keys and wants to find a secure solution to the traditional lock.

Igloo Home

SmartLock Review

People like Airbnb because of the ability to feel they are home away from home; this is more hospitable than the average hotel or hotel. So, the last thing you need is to use physical keys; this can get lost which can be quite an inconvenience for both the host and the quest or worse it could be copied quickly at a hardware store. Sometimes, it is hard to get the keys back from the guest or even enforce checkout time particularly when the Airbnb property is not in a nearby location.

SmartLock provides smart lock solutions for numerous applications for rental owners and property managers. Their range of locks offered allows property owner and managers to provide the guest with temporary remote code controlled from the cloud. This means that managing properties online is possible from anywhere in the world. The locks are integrated with Airbnb and many other booking platforms. One code can open many doors, which means that it is possible to manage as many Airbnb properties as you want.

Smart Lock

Skybell Reviewed

Many video doorbells only offer basic features, two-way audio and probably motion detection or video footage. Skybell, on the other hand, offers you all these features and connectivity to the security system and other devices at home. This standalone system is ideal for Airbnb renters and homeowners who want to start with a home security system without a lot of installation effort.

SkyBell has a unique circular aesthetic making it unique among smart doorbells. The doorbell features LED button, and 1080 HD video and the fact that it can zoom makes it even better. It also has free cloud recording capabilities without monthly fees. With this smart lock device, you can answer the doorbell through your device and even interact with your guest from anywhere and at any time of the day. When a guest is at the door, you get a mobile notification instantly. It can be effective in capturing videos, and the full-colour video is something one would appreciate. The installation is simple, but it is hard-wired. Overall, the hardware is solid; it features so much flexibility especially when it comes to integrating it with an existing home security system.


RentingLock Reviewed

RentingLock is not just smart lock hardware, but it is also more of an online management system that seems quite an additional to Airbnb hosts who are interested in remote entry management for their property listing. The lock was developed for those who need to manage guest entry without having to worry about the lock connected to the electricity. Rentinglock allows renters and homeowners to grant access to their property from anywhere in the world. So, Airbnb guest can enter the property using a secret code.

This means no late-night check-ins or numeric codes. Codes can be sent to the guest device through an SMS. The lock does not need electricity or external power, WiFi or any Bluetooth, unlike other smart locks. Rentinglock is an offline solution, the only thing it does is generate codes online. Codes and the entire experience secure, it is protected by Powerful cryptography. One key advantage of this smart lock is that it can be integrated with the channel manager. Therefore the whole process can be automated for a better experience.

Renting Lock

Best Property Management Systems (Updated 2020)

Property Management Systems

Property Management System (PMS)

Hotelier, rental owners and property managers of all sizes and shapes know that managing a property or their rental business takes a lot of work.

Traditionally, hotels have a hotel property management system that enables them to manage front-office capabilities like the booking reservation, room assignment, guest check-in, room’s rates management and billing. However, with the introduction of Airbnb and other sharing platforms, and online bookings, hotels and rental managers have replaced this system in a manner that delivers seamless guest experiences.

Present property management system (PMS) has become a vital tool for rental owners and hoteliers that want to modernize their daily operation and to strengthen overall efficiency. However, PMS is not built the same, so it is crucial for rental owners, hoteliers, and property owners to find the one that will meet their operational needs and ultimately boost their revenue stream. Embracing the best property management systems, and other present innovation could help create a more personalized guest experience, and this increases consumer’s loyalty to the business.

Owners Reservation Reviewed

OwnerRez is vacation rental solutions that offer management and online reservation solution to rental owners with small scale rentals. The software charges per bookings, it is not suitable for large enterprises. This professional property management software allows you to create instant quote while on the phone, which can then be emailed to the clients or quotes live. With the help of Owner reservation, rental owners can set up variable pricing depending on factors such as season, events, weekends and many more.

They can enter date range based on seasons, or set variable rates for weekends or weekdays. Extra fees can be added for additional services, for instance, those adults and pets and with the help of rule settings. The tools also can manage multiple properties. The tools have a sliding pay scale which means that the rental manager can base the costs based on the number of bookings they have every month and this makes the tool effective whether you have one rental or 50 of them.

The tool also has an automatic payment collection allow you to set the date of payment and get alerts when you are paid. It is also integrated with booking platforms, like HomeAway, VRBO, Airbnb and many more, which means you can easily respond to request for quotes from all these platforms.


One Rooftop Reviewed

OneRoofTop is a property management tool that makes it easy for vocational rental owners as well as professional managers to take control of their online business. This property system brings in tools that are needed to have a successful rental business. Starting with rental website templates, users can have a professional website with availability calendars, online processing tools and other marketing tools that are pre-built into the software.

With its channel manager, the user can manage different booking platforms like the Airbnb,, Home Away, VRMO, rental Guardian, Stripe and many other booking sites. Everything from payment, availability and rates are sync from this platform. The channel manager allows you to work with a team of experts who understand the nuances of every channel, this way, the rental owner or property manager can understand the channel that works best with their business model.

The property management system features rental website templates which allow the user to make a professional website. It only drags and drops, and everything on the site is organized as you like. With the vocational rental software, it is possible to make reservations on the go, allowing the user to provide exceptional guest service.

One Roof Top

Streamline Reviewed


Streamline is a property management system designed to help property managers maximize conversion, efficiency, and revenues. The software is directly integrated with VRBO, Airbnb, Homeaway, and TripAdvisor and many other channels. This enables users to manage all channel from the single interface. Its limitless integration allows vacation host and property managers to grow their online business.

Some of its other features include responsive website creation and integration with an existing website, customization reporting, targeted email marketing, POS integration, vendors Payments, and many more. Streamline also has a separate module that property owners or short term vacation host can use for housekeeping and maintenance.

The system also has a document automation system, in which the owner has full control. Everything from maintenance operation, housekeeping, reservation dates, check-in, after departure and other information related to the reservations are automated. Users can also use generate reports on how the business is performing for instance revenue forecast, pacing reports and custom reports. The platform Point of Sales and inventory management system allows users to effectively run their small business right from their rental office, track their supply, receive notification and integrate everything in their platform.


Rentivo Reviewed

Rentivo is a professional property management platform that offers its services to homeowners, rental agencies and property managers to help them streamline their online marketing as well as business workflows. The software allows rental owners and property managers to manage finances, built pricing rule, administer their websites, list their property across multiple channels, speak and work with a team whose aim is to focus on the business profit. So, the platform is not just a listing platform; it gives its user, full control of their business by running their business the way they want.

The platform allows rental owners and property agents to have a professional website, in which they can integrate inquiry platform to other rental sites while at the same time listing their website on Rentivo platform. The platform also helps rental owners and managers to market their listing through their selected distribution channel. They also provide users with integration to other software through their API, and users can use this as their backend. The calendar management features on the platform make it is easy for the user to take control of bookings and departure.


Properly Reviewed

Properly is an app that helps short term vacation hosts to clean their property thus increasing the quality and efficiency of housekeeping. With this software, renters can create a visual checklist, and be able to monitor every aspect of cleaning, thereby making sure that details are given. Properly provides listing management as well as posting and allow managers to access the marketplace for the most experienced hospitality cleaner, while at the same time integrating with numerous channels and PMS platform.

The software provides a changeover management tool that allows the organization, scheduling, and monitoring of changeover easy. The platform gives access to the global marketplace of the experienced cleaners with every detail such as their experience, location, as well as the availability on the platform.

Visual checklists are generated on the platform giving cleaners explicit instruction on the kind of cleaning they need to do. There is also an integrate photos capture which means cleaner can show the host or renters that they have completed the task as it was supposed to be done.

The tool integrates with popular channels like the Airbnb, HomeAway and many more, which means that cleaning is done based on the calendar sync across all these platforms. This means that there is no way a customer will find an apartment unclean. Cleaners can also notify hosts in case there are damages from the visitor seen when cleaning the rental unit and can charge the visitor accordingly.

Get Properly

Your Porter App Reviewed

Your Porter app is a mobile property management application for managing multiple Airbnb and other rental listings. It is often difficult for Airbnb host to manage property listing, so this app takes some load off the host.

It is specifically designed to help host improve guest communication, increase reviews, coordinate teammates, track flight status, and manage different channels from the same interface. Multiple listing and account from different platforms using this application are effectively managed through iOS, Android, push notification, WhatsApp and other web applications. All these ensure that the user has the flexibility needed to manage tasks on-the-go through a mobile device.

The app features message automation which allows the user to schedule as well as automate messages, emails or SMS messages. Automated messages help deal with any inquiries that the guest may have or the questions that the user wants to ask the quest; this includes flight details or expected time arrival. The app stores quest telephone numbers, which mean that the user can access a complete contact list for all guests.

Everything from multiple Airbnb accounts is stored in the same interface so, the user can consolidate messages into a single inbox. The channel management tools also allow users to manage multiple channels from Your Porter app. They can import calendars from all other channels, and synchronize everything from rates, availability and more. They can sync all these through Airbnb, Expedia, and other channels in real-time.

Your Porter

Xotelia Reviewed

Xotelia is a professional booking solution for small and medium-sized guesthouses, villas and apartment. The system allows owners of these properties to manage property listings across different distribution websites effectively.

It is cloud-based solutions that enable users to sync booking calendars, which means that users can update or get any information about booking at an instant from anywhere across the globe. Users can manage listing and other information on up to 50 sites at a go. The system can also integrate booking engine on most listing site and social media platform, which allows property managers to have better conversion and in turn get more return on investment.

Users have a customizable dashboard where they can monitor overall business performance and be able to understand the one that fits their business model. The tool also allows the property manager to market their property better and even provide them with a better platform that will allow them to increase their exposure to local and international channels.

Update: Xotelia have sold their business to Eviivo 

Vreasy Reviewed

Vreasy is a property management system designed to help manage growing vacation rental businesses. With its channel manager tool and guest relation managers, the system enables rental owners and managers to grow their business, improve revenue, and save time. Vreasy channel managers connect to over 100 portals, including Airbnb,, TripAdvisor and HomeAway.

The platform master calendar gives users a complete business overview; so they can see every property, booking, inquiry, payment, and task on the same platform.

Every aspect of the business is viewed on this platform, and every task, message and even staff management is done on the platform. The guest relationship manager allows the user to create automated customised communication, sent at the key travel moments.

Users can send an e-concierge app Guide, filled with details of the property, the information about booking and guests services, which ultimately helps the user to earn extra revenue and more return bookings. The app can help build a digital guide to the property for guests and allows trip customization.


Airbnb Marketing and Listing Optimization Sites

Optimisation and Marketing

Marketing your Airbnb

It’s been ten years since Airbnb was launched and it has completely changed the rental market for good. It is no wonder given that travelling is the most sought activity and it is good for everyone. You probably know the saying that goes, “If you build it, they will come”, Well, this applies to your rental. With over 1.5 million listings all over, you are up against the fierce competition as a host. This means you need to find ways to market your rental and find ways to give your listing a boost using Airbnb optimization techniques.

Of course, there are simple things you can do to boost your listing like making sure everything on your booking site is up to date, having quality photos, adding a unique touch, and of course sharing the Airbnb listing on the best sites. However, these few strategies may not be enough not to mention managing your listing can be time-consuming. To optimise a listing, you need to use tools and marketing services that will give you results without the big time commitment. These services make sure that everything from photos, prices, discount, to social media marketing, and everything you need to put your Airbnb listing is as it needs to be to increase your bookings, popularity and credibility.

OptimizeMyAirbnb Reviewed

OptimizeMy Airbnb is one of among many Airbnb marketing sites that promises to gives you as a host a deeper understanding on how to get the most out of your listing. The site is managed by Danny, an Airbnb expert who promises to makes changes on your listing and profile and making your Airbnb business worth your time and investment. Danny offers to increase search ranking for your listing allowing you to receive more booking from a wide range of guests. The goal of search ranking is to help potential quest to find their perfect listing for their trip and hopefully determine whether your Airbnb listing is fit for their space.

With three packages that Optimize my Airbnb has, you will become more prominent online, which means more listing view, and more bookings every other day. The site also promises to increase night rates, allowing you to increase Airbnb revenue. The site offers to have a 42-check listing and promises to deliver an optimization report within six days with there Airbnb Tips.

Optimize My Airbnb

Home Sharing Blogs

GuestReady Blog

The GuestReady blog is one which was created in 2016 by a property management company who designed it to provide tips to those looking to rent out their property. Tips they provide come from both professionals and other users around the globe, making it easier for their users to find information that pertains specifically to their listing needs.

They provide those who visit their site with an easy to navigate panel containing different articles, each covering a specific concern or question that those looking to rent out their property may have. These articles range from covering basic topics such as guest safety and etiquette to more complex topics such as being and having a co-host for your listing. Articles provided by this site are used to cover information from London, Paris, Dubai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Porto, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Cannes. With each of these articles, viewers are also able to post comments at the bottom of the page, so they can ask questions about the article to ensure that they understand all of its contents.

GuestReady Blog.



The Sub-Reddit page dedicated to the use of those interested in Airbnb acts as a forum where people can discuss many different aspects of their listings or reservations to stay at someone else’s listing. Provided in their navigation bar are two uniquely designed guides for those that are new to their page on Reddit. The guides provide tips to the page’s viewers where one is dedicated to hosts, and the other is dedicated to guests so that their information is more organized and easy for their viewers to navigate. These guides list a variety of information about things such as various rules Airbnb has regarding reservations, rules about managing payment, and how to handle issues you may have with your guests.

Within the forum posts made by the site’s users, there are answers to important questions as well as hosting tips provided by both guests and other hosts as well. You also have the option to submit your own question as well if you do not see an already existing post discussing the topic. They also may have posts created by users that details services and products they have found to be helpful with their own listing. The information inside these forum posts is available worldwide as those who contribute to the page come from many different countries. A platform is also available for you to send a message to one of the page moderators if you have any questions or concerns that they may be able to address for you that is not already mentioned in a post by another user.



Laptop Landlord

Laptop Landlord is a website that provides users with an easy to understand and follow guide, full of information on how to profitably hosting your property. This guide is designed to prevent readers from having to sift through hours worth of tips and tricks regarding being a host and skip straight to the ones that will benefit them the most. The guide is made up of eight chapters, each geared toward covering a specific category of tips that hosts can use. Some of these categories include: how to take photos, how to keep your property looking nice and tidy, and everything that a host needs to know about taxes.

The author of this guide, Tyler Knudtson, also gives his own thoughts at the end of each category’s table of contents providing readers with more insight. Contacting the author is also an option as well if you have a detailed and in-depth question that you would like to receive help with. Bonuses for each prepared chapter are also an option for readers who are interested in learning more about each of the chapters’ topics. A Twitter page has also been created for more information where news regarding Airbnb is frequently posted as well as a small number of other tips that can be useful.

Laptop LandLord


Everbooked Blog

This blog was created to share news, information, and tips about how to properly host a listing for your property. The blog is composed of various articles, each written by a site admin or staff member of Everbooked, the company which manages the website. They also write about updates their company goes through so that their readers who use their other services are kept up to date on how the company is changing as well as what kind of effects it will have on their services. New posts on average are added every two to three months with the oldest post dating back to March 2015. The posts that this blog provides readers with is based only on laws and information found within the United States as this is the only country where the company provides other services as well.

Everbooked Blog


Metro Butler

This blog is one which has been created to provide users with information about valuable services. Stored in a list that is comprised of various articles, this blog gives detailed information about how the services offered by other companies work and how they can be an asset to your listing. These services range a fair deal in terms of what they are used for and can be something as simple as item storage locations throughout a city to spaces designed specifically for luggage storage. Many of these services are available primarily in New York City as this is where the company who runs the site is located.

The website also prepares informative articles to tell their readers changes being made to Airbnb throughout the United States so they can stay up to date about how their listing may be affected by those changes. Along with the informative articles they also create social media posts that serve the same purpose. The social media platform which they have chosen to do this on is Facebook although they do have an Instagram account where they post images that can serve as inspiration for hosts.




The AirDNA blog is one which has been made to provide readers with tips and up to date news about Airbnb. Their articles that are geared towards providing helpful tips cover a wide range of topics including where you should or should not buy a vacation home, how you should go about investing in out of state property, and how to improve the communication that you as a host have with your guests.

When it comes to the portion of their articles that are created specifically to provide you with important news you will find that many of the articles are primarily about how cities are adopting new laws and restrictions that directly impact those renting out their property. This includes both articles about the United States as a whole and those about specific cities, such as Santa Monica and Los Angeles. These articles also cover changes that the Airbnb company is making so that as a host you are constantly kept in the loop and not surprised by any sudden changes.

One final type of article that this blog makes to provide their readers with useful information is their services articles. These articles are made to help you find services that may make your job as a host more simple while also improving your listing. Services covered in these articles vary quite a bit but seem to mainly focus on services that revolve around analytics and price planning.

AirDNA Blog



Pillow is a blog designed to provide readers with hundreds of helpful tips, services, and important updates that will make hosting their property more simple. These articles are organized into two categories so that it is easy for users to navigate and locate articles that are most likely to aid them. The first category is the “New” category, where readers can go to find the information and news articles that are most likely to be up to date. Some of the topics these news articles cover include changes being made to the AirBnB company that will affect users and what the most popular listings have done to gain their fame.

The second category is the “Popular” category, where articles that are viewed and liked the most appear. This allows readers to understand fully which articles are likely to be the most helpful as they have been proven to be useful by the site’s other readers.

Searching through their articles is also an available option if you already have a topic in mind that you would like to find out more about, without the hassle of searching through hundreds of articles. After entering any topic into their search bar you will be taken to an easy to read the list of links and descriptions of articles available for you to read.

In order to be kept up to date on new articles, you can also subscribe to their blog using your email. Pillow will then send you an email notifying you when new articles have been posted on their website for you to read.




Chic Retreat is a blog designed to help hosts know how to make their listing look as unique and well decorated as possible. They create articles that are made to give hosts the basic knowledge of what their guests will want to see during their stay at their listing and about how much it will cost to achieve the ideal look. Their articles are arranged so that you have a better understanding of which steps in decorating your property should be covered first. For example, they have articles that are made to cover specifically the very beginning of the decorating process, making it easier for readers not to become overwhelmed by all of the different decorating ideas.

They also have multiple lists available that cover items that are essential for your listing to be enjoyed by your guests. These lists are broken down based on the type of items that each one covers, such as essential kitchen items. Purchasing a book from them covering this exact topic is also an option as the author of these articles has written one of those as well. Subscribing to their blog will also result in you receiving one of these lists as well as updates when more lists and articles have become available for you to read.

1 Chic Retreat


Get Paid For Your Pad

This blog’s main purpose is to help their readers learn how to own and manage a profitable listing. Their articles cover topics that are both well-known as well as those that are more obscure, and not necessarily immediately thought of by hosts who are searching for useful information. Some of the topics which they cover include how to write proper photo captions, how to write an interesting listing description, and how you should choose your cancellation policy.

Should you read through an article and still have remaining questions, you are able to post a comment asking this question which will then be answered by the author of the article. This way you can receive more clarification about the topic. You can also receive helpful feedback about your listing in the same way. The author, Mr. Jasper Ribbers, generally responds to comments within three days of the post date as long as the article itself is relatively new.

A Facebook page is dedicated to this blog where the authors provide more information as well. This information includes news articles as well as more helpful listing tips. The makers of this blog have also created a podcast as well, for those who are interested in listening to new information as well as reading it. However, this podcast is only available to those with access to iTunes.

Get Paid For Your Pad



VRMB is a blog which goes away from the standard article style blogs and instead provides information and tips to users through videos as well as articles. Each video is about two to six minutes long and covers a unique topic. One such video type is their series “Monday Morning Motivation”, which was created with the intention of helping hosts overcome various issues and stay motivated about having a successful listing. One such area that these videos address is the difficulty many hosts have with developing a website to promote their listing as well as any others they may have.

Following each video is a description of what it has to offer as well as credit given to those who worked to create it. Some videos also have a copy of the video’s transcript provided as well so viewers can read along as they listen to the video, and read more small details that are missing from the video’s dialogue. At the bottom of each video’s page is also a comment section where viewers can communicate with both the video’s creator and one another, sharing information and ideas to help each other be more successful.

Many of their articles are fairly long as they are stuffed full of useful information and statistics related to growing the popularity and profitability of your listing. The topics in these articles cover areas such as how to provide important information to your guests, why rental design is important to your listing’s success, and the double-edged sword that is rental statistics.



Airbnb Secrets

Airbnb Secrets is a blog which creates content designed to give users tips about various aspects of their listings. These created and published tips come in a combination of both articles and videos, so users have multiple formats to receive information from. Many of the topics that their tips cover go over the essentials of managing a successful listing from basics such as what tools or apps to use, to more complex tips about how to properly automate the price of your listing.

Each of the videos shows three pieces of information about it and those are the numbers of likes, views, and comments so viewers can judge which videos are worth their time based on the kind of feedback they have received. These likes are also used for the “Most Popular” list. This list shows users which ten posts are considered the most useful by other users so that you have a better idea of which ones you should start with. They also have an additional YouTube channel where you can locate more videos as well as some of the same ones already posted on their blog’s page.

Many of these articles and videos also demonstrate or explain various services and how they can be helpful to hosts and make guests’ stays easier to manage. If as a host you have a specific question which you are looking to have answered their page also has a search function so there is no need for you to scroll through hundreds of pages to find the answer that you are looking for.

Airbnb Secrets


Hostaway Blog

The Hostaway Blog is one which was created with the purpose of helping hosts figure out the basics of using different types of services quickly and easily. They have created a panel of informative articles based on these topics. When it comes to available services they keep hosts up to date on how those services are changing, and how that may affect the business that the host does with them. For example, they inform hosts in the event that two services decide to partner with one another as it may affect the host if they use either one or both of the services.

They also write articles that cover basic tips to improve your listing and make it more attractive to various types of guests. Their articles are not based around any specific location so they have information that can likely help people from all different areas of the globe. In order to keep track of these articles users have the option to subscribe to updates which will be sent out to their chosen email as they become available.

Hostaway Blog


AirHosts Forum

This website is a forum where hosts can talk to one another and provide advice about various issues and hosting opportunities. These posts can be organized based on category using their automatic sorting option. The categories that can be used include resources, tools, local news, and site suggestions. This way posters and readers can look for posts that specifically relate to their questions or issues. For each post, you can also see how many views and replies have been made so you can tell how active a post is and whether or not you are likely to find a response that suits your situation.

They also have a blog that makes posts designed to clarify various policies that are important for managing your listing. In this blog, only site admins are able to make contributions so you can be more confident that you are getting accurate information. Like the forum, they have categories as well for things such as hosting tools which keeps the site organized and easy to navigate. You can also use a search function to locate posts in this section that directly relate to what you are trying to find.

AirHosts Forum


Your Welcome Blog

Your Welcome is a blog that is primarily used to inform users about the latest features for hosts, as well as summits and conferences held around North America and their outcomes. These features that they discuss are ones which have been added both to the main Airbnb website or app, as well as those added to outside companies who offer their services to hosts. The services offered by companies mentioned in this blog are mostly those which focus on the analytics aspects of managing your listing, however, there are a few which focus on customer service as well.

The summits and conferences which they promote on their site are those where hosts are welcome to attend and receive more information. Some of the information they discuss during these events includes how to connect devices and tools, North America travel trends, and how to increase the booking your listing receives. When you are not sitting through the talks made about these topics you can speak to those who run this blog directly at the booth which they have set up at each event. There you can discuss any questions or ideas you have related to your listing and get valuable feedback from those who know a fair bit about the subject.

Your Welcome Blog


All About Airbnb

This blog has been designed to keep hosts up to date on the latest news, product updates, and promotions. Their main priority is ensuring that their readers are kept up to date on any major changes being made that can have an impact on a host’s listing, whether it be a negative or a positive one. Some of these changes are simple updates to the website and apps functions, created to make the listing easier to create and maintain, while also ensuring that it looks appealing to guests.

Through using Tumblr the maker of this blog has allowed for useful tools to be available on their blog, making it easier to navigate and give feedback. The types of articles listed are organized into various tags so you know what topic each one covers. For example, some articles contain the “#Marketing” tag, so if you are looking for information about marketing tools you can begin by searching through the articles that have this tag. Each article also has the option to leave a note, a comment you can use to communicate back and forth with other users, at the bottom of the page. This allows you to receive additional insight into the available services or news they are writing about.

All About Airbnb


Guesty Blog

The Guesty Blog was created to provide users with information about how to save time and money, while also keeping their guests satisfied and pleased with their stay. Their articles cover a wide range of unique topics including common guest inquiries, dealing with negative reviews from guests, and how to have a budget-friendly interior design for your listing.

This blog also has features that help you determine which article tips are best for you. Each article has a rating option at the bottom of the page that can be looked at by users to see what other users think of the information and tips provided. This will allow you to determine which articles tips may be the best to follow based on how others have benefitted from them. Some of the articles also indicate services that hosts may find useful by discussing them and providing a link to an outside site where you are able to use these services.

The page also has a “chat widget” for if you have any questions related to their blog or other services. Clicking on it will immediately connect you with one of their employees, or if one is unavailable allow you to provide your contact information so that they are able to get back to you.

Guesty Blog


The Airbnb Blog

This blog created by Airbnb focuses on sharing stories and experiences that guests and hosts from around the world have had. They have their articles organized into various categories based on either a location type, group of people, or celebrity experience. One category they have is their Wanderlust category. Here is where they describe the various activities and experiences that can be had around the world including places like Chicago, Porvoo, and Durban.

Another category that they have is the Updates & News category which is where they post different types of articles including the “Experience In The Spotlight Series”. In this series, they arrange for famous people from different career types to meet with everyday people who are interested in that career type to explore the city and pick up helpful tips along the way.

The blog has a number of features that make it useful. Some of the articles that are available are written to provide tips and information about how to improve your listing. This can be in a variety of ways including improving the appearance of your listing by investing in better decor. Once you have selected an article that seems interesting to you there is also the option to translate the text into one of many available languages including Spanish, French, and Italian. This way no matter what language you speak fluently you are able to enjoy and learn from the available content.

The Airbnb Blog



LearnAirbnb created their blog to provide viewers with tips essential for the running of a successful listing. These tips cover both the things that you should do as well as the things that you should avoid doing if you want your listing to be profitable and enjoyed by your guests. You can search through the articles to find the ones that are the most enjoyed by other users by checking the list of popular articles. You are also able to cycle through this list to view the most popular based on a period of time. For example, if you wish to you can only view the articles that are the most popular ones from the last week. In order to keep up to date on all of their latest articles, you are able to subscribe to their newsletter so they will let you know when each new article is published.

A YouTube channel is also available that can be reached through their blog page. There they create and upload new videos about various important aspects of managing your property in an efficient, profitable, and legal way. Some of the topics that these videos cover include Airbnb tips for handling your taxes, writing the best description for your listing, and what you should do in terms of cleaning services for your property. Because they have this done through such a popular social media site, there are many comments for each video, so you are able to receive different opinions and information towards the topic of each one.

LearnAirbnb Blog

This blog is one which was created for the purpose of providing readers with information and tips covering a wide range of topics to ensure that their listing is a success. They have multiple panels of articles, each panel stored in a different tab so that the categories are kept separate and organized. There are three major categories which are the ones users will find to be the most important and helpful to them.

The first category they have is their “Listing Tips” category. Here they store the articles that are used to inform readers about important aspects of a listing whether you are a guest or host. Some topics in this category include completing your profile page and whether or not you should choose a pet-friendly listing.

The second category is the “Host Tips” category. Not to be confused with the prior category this one is used for tips that specifically apply to hosts. Some of the topics that are covered in this category include how to properly use interior design to help your property appeal to guests, how to handle the slow season, and how to provide an impressive amount of amenities.

The third category is the “Airbnb News” category. This is the section where they publish articles related to changes that the company is making for both hosts and guests. Doing so keeps both groups up to date on important information that may alter the way they handle listings in the future.

Should you simply wish to browse through articles you can also either look through the category which displays all the articles or the random section which will give you a few articles from mixed categories. Blog



This blog was created by people familiar with the ways that Airbnb works in order to help other hosts be more successful with their listings. They have their blog’s tips organized into two separate sections in order to enhance organization and efficiency.

The first section which they have is the “Airbnb Hints and Tips” section. This section covers a wide range of topics about optimizing your profits by enhancing your guests experience during their stay on your property. Topics in this section include essential items you must-have for your guests, software options to aid your hosting work, and how to turn your balcony into a profitable space.

The second section covers specifically tips and hints related to the interior of your property. The tips and hints in this category are made to help you design your property’s interior in a way that allows your guests to feel comfortable and at home. Including things such as how to make a bedroom a relaxing space and how to have a well-functioning kitchen, this section is where users will go when they are trying to find information that will make their guest’s experience at their property more enjoyable.

At the bottom portion of the pages, there is also an option to leave a comment to the author of the articles. There you can request more information or clarification about something previously stated in the article.



AirbnbWATCH Blog

Airbnb Watch is a blog created with the intention of informing people of the effects that Airbnb has on different communities. They post detailed reports of how prices fluctuate based on the number of listings located in one area. Each of these reports is based on areas where there is a major event going on such as college graduation. Tables are made comparing the cost of a rental on a normal evening to the cost of one on the night of an event. Pictures are also included in these documents to demonstrate how much people are paying on different nights for rooms that are of the same quality.

Once they have completed these reports, they also provide their readers with an article giving the details of the report to make it more comprehensible. They clarify the tables in this way by directly addressing the main aspects of the statistics shown in their report that they wish to make their readers aware of so that there is no miscommunication in their writing.

AirbnbWATCH Blog



The Rentalpreneurs blog was created to provide tips and information about services available to those managing a listing. They provide this information through articles written in a combination of languages including both English and Indonesian. These articles cover both things which you should be and things which you should not be doing in order to have a successful listing. Some of the topics covered in these articles includes why you should attend conferences when you are able, how to maximize your rental’s revenues, and whether or not you should choose to make your listing a pet-friendly one.

There is a discussion section at the bottom of each article for readers to converse with one another as well as the author in order to contribute their own opinions and information. This provides users with the opportunity to learn more about a given topic through communication with people from many different areas.

A chat widget is also an option that is available from any page on the website. This widget allows you to immediately connect with a staff member who can answer any urgent questions you may have in the event that you are not able to wait the necessary time that it takes to communicate through email.



Hostmaker Blog

The Hostmaker Blog is one which has been created to provide readers with articles that help hosts run a profitable listing as easily as is possible. The articles cover topics that vary a fair bit including how to make your listing unique, how to figure out country laws related to your property rental, and how to develop a solid pricing strategy for your listing.

In these articles, they also include links to useful services and items that will enhance the experience your guests have on your property. With these links, they also provide a description of what these services/items are as well as how they can be an asset to your listing and increase your profits. They offer their own services as well which they have located on their main website as well as in multiple articles.

Subscribing to their newsletter is an option and doing this will allow you to receive email updates notifying you as new articles are published onto the website. This will make sure that you are kept up to date on the blog’s latest changes, so you are kept in the loop about changes made to services that will directly affect your listing and/or your profits.

Updated: HostMaker have now closed their business – All business for HostMaker now goes through Houst.


Renting Your Place

This blog is one which focuses on providing articles about how hosts are able to make the most profits with their listing in different areas. Many of these articles are brief and provide graphs and diagrams depicting the statistics surrounding the profits and costs of hosts. The topics covered in these articles, although being primarily based on profits, vary a great deal. Some of the topics covered in these articles include important reservation settings, how to cash in on local events, and reducing your property’s utility bills.

This site also has an ebook available for those looking for more information that can help them run a successful listing. This ebook covers various aspects of running a listing in a way that maximizes your profits including how to deal with landlords, how to show up on the first page of a listing search, and other tips which are not listed on the main page of their blog.

The blog also contains two podcasts that are available to listen to. The first podcast is one which was created by another website and is posted on this site as well and the second podcast was created by the same people who made this blog and wrote the accompanying ebook.

Renting Your Place


HomeAway Blog

This blog helps inspire hosts by providing them with useful information when it comes to managing their listings as well as examples of other listings found throughout the world. Their site contains two sections called the “Traveler” and the “Homeowners” section.

The Traveler section is made for those looking for unique places to go on vacation. Their articles in this section are various lists of properties around the world, often fitting into a specific theme that has been chosen for that article. For example, they covered an article that listed various tiny homes, a new modern living trend that is becoming popular in many different countries.

The Homeowners section is where those who own a listing can go to find various tips and resources. Here they categorize the type of articles they have based on how it will most aid you. There are areas within this section fitted for various topics including performance improvement, guest management, and successful use of the services that they provide. When you begin exploring articles in these areas you will find that they are broken down even more. For example, in the guest management area articles are broken down into sub-categories such as policies and regulations.

If navigating this site seems a bit troublesome at first there is another way to do it as well. Located at the top of the homeowner’s section is a search bar which will allow you to easily locate articles directly related to the specific topic that you have in mind. However, if you do not find the article that you are looking for you can subscribe to their newsletter to be updated when the next article is published.


Updated: HomeAway has now become VRBO

HomeAway Blog


The Abundant Host

The Abundant Host is a blog which is designed to give hosts easy to follow tips and guides about how to be. On their blog’s homepage, they immediately provide readers with tips of what they should not do in order to keep their guests happy and leaving with positive reviews. These tips range from the basics such as not charging for every little thing that comes to mind to more complex things to avoid such as not trying to push off your other creations onto your guests, as it makes you seem like a pushy salesman.

Other tips that they have available for their readers are posted into articles that are easy to read and follow. Even though they are easy to follow along with there is also a discussion section located at the bottom of each page where you can communicate with others who can provide clarification or their own opinions about a certain subject. You also can sign up for their newsletter which will notify you as new posts are added to the blog. These updates will be sent to whichever email you use when you sign up but you will also receive a guide containing even more tips as well.

They also have a section on their blog dedicated to informing readers about tools that will make being a host more simple and enjoyable. These tools can range from analytics tools to services provided by cleaning companies dedicated to ensuring that your property is clean and tidy for your guests.

The Abundant Host

Airbnb Analytic Tools


This website’s main purpose is to help people save money by allowing them to receive discounts on hotels in the area they are looking to stay. The way this works is that they search their database, which consists of more than 120,000 hotels and apartments, for the lowest-priced booking available and then work to get an additional discount on that price. The company guarantees that those who use their services will receive a discount from anywhere between 5% and 25%. Unlike many other sites, Bidroom does not collect a commission fee from the hotel so they are able to give you a better price on your booking without losing a considerable amount of profit. They also do not charge you to make a booking so you are only paying for the final price of your rental. When it comes to paying for your hotel reservation, there are many currency options which you are permitted to use including the USD, Euro, Swiss Franc, and Russian Ruble. When searching for a listing on their site you are able to also make important specifications to ensure that it will suit your needs. They offer a wide range of special filters on their search platform that allows you to request certain amenities, such as a listing with a swimming pool. There is also a text option that gives you the opportunity to send special requests to your hotel, such as wanting a bottle of champagne delivered to your room, who will then read it over before making the final config



Beyond Pricing

Beyond pricing is a uniquely designed pricing tool created with the sole purpose of allowing you to receive the best profits from your rental listing. They allow you to link any number of Airbnb accounts to their program. Their program will then find the best prices for your property based on a number of key factors. Some of these factors include where your listing is located, seasonality, and local demand. Once they have both the recommended and minimum price determined for your listing you can enable automated pricing, an element of the program which allows you to have your prices constantly kept up to date. This can be very beneficial because you can always be certain that you are not charging your guests too much or too little as things fluctuate throughout the year. There is an available demo listed on their website which will allow you to preview both example listings’ recommended prices as well as your own listing’s, and it will even show you how you can expect those prices to change throughout the year. This information is shown to you in a variety of useful forms including an informative calendar and line graph, so you can better understand how and why these price changes.

Beyond Pricing



This site is comprised of various tools designed to help you be as profitable as possible while maintaining a fair average nightly cost. One such tool is their comparison tool which allows you to see how your profits earned monthly, annually, and weekly compare to competitors within your area. It also shows you what they charge for various services such as cleaning fees so you can fully understand what price range to stay within when ensuring that your listing is profitable but also listed at a fair price. It also will allow you to more easily view your competitor’s ratings in order to more easily understand what the other listings in your area are like. This can be a particularly beneficial tool because it will help you understand what it is about these listings that customers like and what can be done to improve your own listing. Another aspect of their program is the average occupancy rate which will show you how much demand there is for short-term rental in your area. Their services are available only in the United States and more specifically in 3,940 cities, the majority of which are largely populated cities such as Seattle, Austin, and Orlando. They also offer Airbnb market reports which act as viewpoints into what changes are being made to short-term rental throughout the United States and how these changes can be expected to progress. These reports allow you to search in any area of the United States to see how various elements such as cleaning fees, occupancy time, and average nightly price fluctuate depending on both area and the time of year.




This website comprises three unique tools designed to make things easier to understand when it comes to profit. Their first tool is called the Market Minder and it is best used to help you view various rental markets throughout the world. This works by allowing you to view the rental activity in over 60,000 different cities so you can see which areas are the most profitable. You can also see upcoming events in the area and how they are affecting the price of local listings so you know which price ranges are more temporary. Their second tool is their Investment Explorer. This tool uses scatter plots of various areas to show you how occupancy rates fluctuate by using multi-colored dots where red is a low occupancy area and green is a high occupancy area. With this tool, you are able to see locations of up to 75,000 different listings and see a link attached to each listing that will provide you with more detailed information about it. Meaning that you can see which listings are the most profitable in different areas. The final tool which they have to offer is the Realizer, This is a search tool with three prime filters: number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms, and how many people the property is able to accommodate. Using the information put into these fields the tool finds locations in the same area, with the same specifications, and calculates how much you should be charging for your property based on this information.




This website has a unique way of using its data to help those understand how short-term rental affects their neighborhoods. A key element of this tool that aids with this discovery is The Occupancy Model. The purpose of this model is to allow people to view listings in a way that will show them whether a listing is being rented out continuously, similar to a hotel, or only occasionally when the owners do not have a use for it. Occupancy rate determines this number and they find this calculation by multiplying the average length of stay and estimated bookings. It is important to note that in their model the occupancy rate has a limit which is capped at 70%. This can be a valuable tool when exploring the listings in your area because it also is able to show you how often a listing is being rented out, so you can determine who your biggest competitors are. You may also choose to narrow down your searches as well by using various filters such as their “highly available” or “recently booked” filters, to ensure that you are getting updated information about the listings near you. Their tools can also be used to show how the number of available listings in your area has impacted the housing, as well as help you get a general idea about the short-term rental laws in your city. Their services are available worldwide so there are many different countries in which you are able to use this tool including the United States, Portugal, UK, and Austria.




Mashvisor uses a tool that thoroughly analyzes various pieces of data to help you develop a rental strategy so that your profits are consistent, and your business thriving. Having a rental strategy has the purpose of allowing you to understand the potential income for listings in your city. This will prevent you from undercutting yourself when setting your prices and changing them as the rental situation changes throughout the year. There are multiple choices on this site ranked by experience from first-time investors to real estate brokers so you can find what you need no matter how much, or little, the amount of information you have going into this. They also offer a traditional analysis tool designed to help you make investment decisions that will be the most profitable. You can also fine tune your analysis results by editing the cost assumptions element of this tool. They also work to help you decide on the optimal market for your listing. This is done by finding which surrounding neighborhoods are the highest performing, allowing you to have confidence that your chosen location is well suited for what you hope to accomplish. Another option offered by this company is a property value tool. This tool helps explain in great detail the different aspects of your property’s value so you can determine your return on investment. The information this tool provides you with is also given to you in easy-to-understand visualizations so that you can fully comprehend what it is it’s telling you.