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Here are some of our popular Airbnb tips for hosting, to help you in the world of home sharing. These are the basics on how to be a good Airbnb host. Follow these tips and tricks and in no time at all, you’ll have your Airbnb running smoothly. The law on Airbnb’s and short-term rentals are continually changing so before venturing in you should seek professional legal advice.

Airbnb Damage Detection: The Rule of Six

Finding damage inside your vacation rental after a guest has left can be frustrating and somewhat annoying. If you outsource your inspections to an...

Safety In Your Airbnb

Safety and security are paramount in your Airbnb. Here are our top tips and products to help keep your guests safe.  Airbnb has a commitment to safety,...
Sofa in a house

5-Airbnb Tips That Will Help You Go The Extra Mile

You've started hosting and you're doing a good job getting mainly four and five-star reviews.  These Airbnb secrets will help turn those four-stars into...

How To Cancel A Booking On Airbnb As A Host

Sooner or later you'll need to cancel a reservation. Understanding when you can cancel a reservation is important, as cancelling bookings can have a...
Airbnb co-shots why you need one

Airbnb Co-Hosts: When You Need Some Extra Support

Sooner or later it's likely you'll need an extra set of hands to help you manage your Airbnb's communications and check-in. Instead of just handing...

Always Get Paid, Even If Guests Cancel

In an attempt to attract more users to its platform, Airbnb began trialling non-refundable reservations. This is meant to assists both host and guests,...

Pricing Your Airbnb Listing For New Years Eve

New Year's Eve can be highly profitable for that one day but it comes with its own issues and risks. As a company, we...

What All Airbnb Guests Want The Most!

A Smooth Checkin Most travellers are often excited and worried at the same time until they have arrived at your Airbnb and check out what it looks...

How To Get More Reviews

As a host, you probably know Airbnb reviews are the cornerstone of the ecosystem. So its hugely important that your guests continue to leave...

Airbnb Message Templates to Help You Save Time

Responding to guests is an important part of the ecosystem. However, responding to all guests with unique messages can be time-consuming. However, if you...

4 Signs That You Should Use an Airbnb Management Company

It’s always tempting to self-manage your Airbnb but a professional Airbnb management company might be the better option for you. We often find that problems arise when Hosts are...

What Guests See When They Review You On Airbnb

Airbnb review system is a fundamental part of what has made the Airbnb platform so successful. The community is based on trust and you need...

Dealing With Bed Bugs in Your Airbnb

Oh no! Bed bugs are one of the worst things you can experience as a guest. Sooner or later it’s likely you’ll get them....

How to fix those low Airbnb ratings

Are you struggling to get Superhost status? Do you continue to get 4-star ratings for reviews on your on your Airbnb? Follow the guide below to help you achieve 5-stars. You may...

Perfect Airbnb Pictures with Your Mobile Phone

You don’t have to hire a professional for your photos, but you should think like one. Be mindful about everything when you begin a photo shoot, and...
Home Sharing Tips

4 Tips To Help You Start Your HomeSharing Journey

If you're going away and need a little extra cash without the trouble and obligations that come with a full-time rental agreement. Because of...
Important aurbnb numbers

Important Airbnb Contact Numbers

For new Airbnb hosts, be sure to enter the appropriate number for your region into your phone. Do this before you first guest arrives,...

12 Things we learnt from hosting on Airbnb

Being an Airbnb host presents one with a wider scope of things that happen when you let out your home for rentals. Some of...
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Airbnb Tips

Airbnb Damage Detection: The Rule of Six

Finding damage inside your vacation rental after a guest has left can be frustrating and somewhat annoying. If you outsource your inspections to an...

Safety In Your Airbnb

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Federal Employees Shutdown

Airbnb is Lending a Hand to Federal Employees

In light of the ongoing shutdown by the U.S government, home sharing platform Airbnb is launching an ‘a night on us’ initiative. In a...

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