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Host advisory board created ahead of its IPO

As everyone awaits the new IPO Airbnb has announced it is creating a new host advisory board. The members of this board will be...

Glitches in Airbnb Causes Thousands of Bookings to Be Cancelled

No matter how much technology is improved, it seems that the possibility of errors and glitches become more frequent. One shining example is the...

The Party’s Over – Airbnb Suspends 800 UK listings

Airbnb has suspended more than 800 listings in the UK after they believed that they have been used as party houses. The suspension covers...

Hosts Now Must Enrol to Airbnb’s Cleaning Policy

Airbnb is mandating extra cleaning protocols for homes and buildings to stay in compliance. Airbnb is looking to make new safety measures that are set...

Adapting your Airbnb Business During Covid-19

The COVID-19 crisis has hit the short-term rental market hard and Airbnb's revenues look like they have been cut in half. Airbnb's business looks...

EU Want Airbnb to be Clearer on Pricing

Those who have used Airbnb in the past know how upsetting it is when there are hidden charges. Also, the feeling of frustration can...

From Air Beds to Exclusive Villas and Private Islands

Airbnb has been scaling to greater heights as time goes by, just to ensure that the company’s clients receive the best of services. As...

Airbnb to Hand Over Data to NYC and Other Cities Could Be Next

The feud between Airbnb and New York is not new. For the past decade, they have embroiled in a high profile rivalry. On the...
DNA String

Create Travel Experiences as Unique as Your DNA

With the simplicity of at-home genetics such as the 23andMe, has resulted in the growth of the heritage' travel. Different people from different corners...
Airbnb RTL

Airbnb launches Arabic version of their platform

Airbnb, one of the innovators of global hospitality services and tourism-related activities, has now made its platform available in the Arabic language. The announcement...

Crack down on Airbnb in Ireland from June

New rules on short-term letting will come into effect for the residence of Ireland from 1st June 2019 help bring properties back on to...
London Town

London’s Mayor Calls for Registration System

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan calls upon the UK Government to enforce a registration system that to all platform that helps all host...

Paris Seeks More Than $14 Million From Airbnb

First, the city of Paris warned Airbnb, and now it has taken action. It is now filing a lawsuit against Airbnb for 1000 illegal...
Federal Employees Shutdown

Airbnb is Lending a Hand to Federal Employees

In light of the ongoing shutdown by the U.S government, home sharing platform Airbnb is launching an ‘a night on us’ initiative. In a...

Airbnb Will Pay You For 3-Months

Have you ever considered taking a few months off from work to try something different?  Well, you are not alone, millions of people would...

Montreal Latest Approach in Controlling Illegal Rentals

The city of Montreal is taking a new approach to alleviating what the city officials are terming as house crisis. The latest strategy by...

Judge Blocks NYC Law Demanding Airbnb Disclose User Data

To most people, maintaining the privacy of personal information is very important especially when divulging that information to others. Airbnb almost lost a large...

Governments Have Received $1 Billion in Taxes since 2014

Airbnb is making headlines for all the right reasons, the company has made another step in the area of government taxes help keep local...

New Zealand’s Kaikoura tops Airbnb travelers’ list for 2019

Dolphins playing in a crystal-blue bay ringed with snow-covered peaks and January temperatures in the sunbathing range, it’s no wonder Airbnb travelers have dubbed...

Airbnb is ready to disrupt home-builders

Airbnb is shifting to a whole different level with the thrilling announcement of its latest project, Backyard. This will be the initiative to get...

Airbnb vs. CouchSurfing: All you need to know

In the past few years, the home-sharing industry has grown tremendously, with Airbnb taking a significant portion of the market share. Airbnb was founded...

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