Best Property Management Systems (Updated 2020)

Property Management System (PMS)

Hotelier, rental owners and property managers of all sizes and shapes know that managing a property or their rental business takes a lot of work.

Traditionally, hotels have a hotel property management system that enables them to manage front-office capabilities like the booking reservation, room assignment, guest check-in, room’s rates management and billing. However, with the introduction of Airbnb and other sharing platforms, and online bookings, hotels and rental managers have replaced this system in a manner that delivers seamless guest experiences.

Present property management system (PMS) has become a vital tool for rental owners and hoteliers that want to modernize their daily operation and to strengthen overall efficiency. However, PMS is not built the same, so it is crucial for rental owners, hoteliers, and property owners to find the one that will meet their operational needs and ultimately boost their revenue stream. Embracing the best property management systems, and other present innovation could help create a more personalized guest experience, and this increases consumer’s loyalty to the business.

Owners Reservation Reviewed

OwnerRez is vacation rental solutions that offer management and online reservation solution to rental owners with small scale rentals. The software charges per bookings, it is not suitable for large enterprises. This professional property management software allows you to create instant quote while on the phone, which can then be emailed to the clients or quotes live. With the help of Owner reservation, rental owners can set up variable pricing depending on factors such as season, events, weekends and many more.

They can enter date range based on seasons, or set variable rates for weekends or weekdays. Extra fees can be added for additional services, for instance, those adults and pets and with the help of rule settings. The tools also can manage multiple properties. The tools have a sliding pay scale which means that the rental manager can base the costs based on the number of bookings they have every month and this makes the tool effective whether you have one rental or 50 of them.

The tool also has an automatic payment collection allow you to set the date of payment and get alerts when you are paid. It is also integrated with booking platforms, like HomeAway, VRBO, Airbnb and many more, which means you can easily respond to request for quotes from all these platforms.


One Rooftop Reviewed

OneRoofTop is a property management tool that makes it easy for vocational rental owners as well as professional managers to take control of their online business. This property system brings in tools that are needed to have a successful rental business. Starting with rental website templates, users can have a professional website with availability calendars, online processing tools and other marketing tools that are pre-built into the software.

With its channel manager, the user can manage different booking platforms like the Airbnb,, Home Away, VRMO, rental Guardian, Stripe and many other booking sites. Everything from payment, availability and rates are sync from this platform. The channel manager allows you to work with a team of experts who understand the nuances of every channel, this way, the rental owner or property manager can understand the channel that works best with their business model.

The property management system features rental website templates which allow the user to make a professional website. It only drags and drops, and everything on the site is organized as you like. With the vocational rental software, it is possible to make reservations on the go, allowing the user to provide exceptional guest service.

One Roof Top

Streamline Reviewed


Streamline is a property management system designed to help property managers maximize conversion, efficiency, and revenues. The software is directly integrated with VRBO, Airbnb, Homeaway, and TripAdvisor and many other channels. This enables users to manage all channel from the single interface. Its limitless integration allows vacation host and property managers to grow their online business.

Some of its other features include responsive website creation and integration with an existing website, customization reporting, targeted email marketing, POS integration, vendors Payments, and many more. Streamline also has a separate module that property owners or short term vacation host can use for housekeeping and maintenance.

The system also has a document automation system, in which the owner has full control. Everything from maintenance operation, housekeeping, reservation dates, check-in, after departure and other information related to the reservations are automated. Users can also use generate reports on how the business is performing for instance revenue forecast, pacing reports and custom reports. The platform Point of Sales and inventory management system allows users to effectively run their small business right from their rental office, track their supply, receive notification and integrate everything in their platform.


Rentivo Reviewed

Rentivo is a professional property management platform that offers its services to homeowners, rental agencies and property managers to help them streamline their online marketing as well as business workflows. The software allows rental owners and property managers to manage finances, built pricing rule, administer their websites, list their property across multiple channels, speak and work with a team whose aim is to focus on the business profit. So, the platform is not just a listing platform; it gives its user, full control of their business by running their business the way they want.

The platform allows rental owners and property agents to have a professional website, in which they can integrate inquiry platform to other rental sites while at the same time listing their website on Rentivo platform. The platform also helps rental owners and managers to market their listing through their selected distribution channel. They also provide users with integration to other software through their API, and users can use this as their backend. The calendar management features on the platform make it is easy for the user to take control of bookings and departure.


Properly Reviewed

Properly is an app that helps short term vacation hosts to clean their property thus increasing the quality and efficiency of housekeeping. With this software, renters can create a visual checklist, and be able to monitor every aspect of cleaning, thereby making sure that details are given. Properly provides listing management as well as posting and allow managers to access the marketplace for the most experienced hospitality cleaner, while at the same time integrating with numerous channels and PMS platform.

The software provides a changeover management tool that allows the organization, scheduling, and monitoring of changeover easy. The platform gives access to the global marketplace of the experienced cleaners with every detail such as their experience, location, as well as the availability on the platform.

Visual checklists are generated on the platform giving cleaners explicit instruction on the kind of cleaning they need to do. There is also an integrate photos capture which means cleaner can show the host or renters that they have completed the task as it was supposed to be done.

The tool integrates with popular channels like the Airbnb, HomeAway and many more, which means that cleaning is done based on the calendar sync across all these platforms. This means that there is no way a customer will find an apartment unclean. Cleaners can also notify hosts in case there are damages from the visitor seen when cleaning the rental unit and can charge the visitor accordingly.

Get Properly

Your Porter App Reviewed

Your Porter app is a mobile property management application for managing multiple Airbnb and other rental listings. It is often difficult for Airbnb host to manage property listing, so this app takes some load off the host.

It is specifically designed to help host improve guest communication, increase reviews, coordinate teammates, track flight status, and manage different channels from the same interface. Multiple listing and account from different platforms using this application are effectively managed through iOS, Android, push notification, WhatsApp and other web applications. All these ensure that the user has the flexibility needed to manage tasks on-the-go through a mobile device.

The app features message automation which allows the user to schedule as well as automate messages, emails or SMS messages. Automated messages help deal with any inquiries that the guest may have or the questions that the user wants to ask the quest; this includes flight details or expected time arrival. The app stores quest telephone numbers, which mean that the user can access a complete contact list for all guests.

Everything from multiple Airbnb accounts is stored in the same interface so, the user can consolidate messages into a single inbox. The channel management tools also allow users to manage multiple channels from Your Porter app. They can import calendars from all other channels, and synchronize everything from rates, availability and more. They can sync all these through Airbnb, Expedia, and other channels in real-time.

Your Porter

Xotelia Reviewed

Xotelia is a professional booking solution for small and medium-sized guesthouses, villas and apartment. The system allows owners of these properties to manage property listings across different distribution websites effectively.

It is cloud-based solutions that enable users to sync booking calendars, which means that users can update or get any information about booking at an instant from anywhere across the globe. Users can manage listing and other information on up to 50 sites at a go. The system can also integrate booking engine on most listing site and social media platform, which allows property managers to have better conversion and in turn get more return on investment.

Users have a customizable dashboard where they can monitor overall business performance and be able to understand the one that fits their business model. The tool also allows the property manager to market their property better and even provide them with a better platform that will allow them to increase their exposure to local and international channels.

Update: Xotelia have sold their business to Eviivo 

Vreasy Reviewed

Vreasy is a property management system designed to help manage growing vacation rental businesses. With its channel manager tool and guest relation managers, the system enables rental owners and managers to grow their business, improve revenue, and save time. Vreasy channel managers connect to over 100 portals, including Airbnb,, TripAdvisor and HomeAway.

The platform master calendar gives users a complete business overview; so they can see every property, booking, inquiry, payment, and task on the same platform.

Every aspect of the business is viewed on this platform, and every task, message and even staff management is done on the platform. The guest relationship manager allows the user to create automated customised communication, sent at the key travel moments.

Users can send an e-concierge app Guide, filled with details of the property, the information about booking and guests services, which ultimately helps the user to earn extra revenue and more return bookings. The app can help build a digital guide to the property for guests and allows trip customization.