Best Channel Managers for Airbnb and Hotels (Updated Nov 2023)

What is a Channel Manager?

In the travel and hospitality industry, technology continues to transform the ways property owners and managers operate their businesses. So, if you are not adapting to the change, you will be left out in the dust while competitors continue to capture motivated travellers from all over the world. A Channel Manager is one essential tool you can use to keep up with the changing industry. It is software that automates everything from hotel room distribution, vacation rentals, and other accommodations into various channels where the traveler books their rentals.

The system updates you, as the property owner or manager, on the availability and rates of rentals to major channels like Expedia, Airbnb,, and even smaller distribution channels. This makes it easier to offer reservations online, avoiding overbooking or parity issues, but more importantly, it helps save you time on updating each of your properties and can help to increase your bookings.

Many channel manager also comes with a property management system (PMS) to help you manage the occupancy of the property.

iGMS Reviewed

iGMS is a comprehensive vacation rental software solution that offers vacation rental hosts and property managers a wide range of easy-to-use tools to streamline their day-to-day operations and short-term rental management tasks. An advanced channel manager is one of the features that this platform offers to its users, allowing them to control and synchronize availability and pricing throughout all OTAs that they have listed their properties on. With iGMS, you can synchronize your Airbnb,, and Vrbo/HomeAway calendar data in real-time thanks to its direct integration with these major vacation rental sites. You can synchronize your calendar data with other third-party sites that support import and export via iCal as well. Hosts can also easily manage direct bookings with this tool. iGMS’ channel manager keeps your calendars up to date without you having to update them manually, eliminating the risk of double-bookings.

With this vacation rental software, users can manage all their properties from a single interface and use professional automation tools which save hosts loads of hours. Some of the most popular features are: automated guest communication and reviews, cleaning & task management, and channel manager mentioned earlier. In addition, iGMS offers financial reporting, payment processing via Stripe, in-app and email notification, and key exchange management. Moreover, users will also be able to access the same advanced functionality via its mobile app. 

What distinguishes iGMS from other software is deep integration with OTAs that allows more automation possibilities for hosts. Since the founders of the company are hosts themselves, they have designed iGMS to be as convenient and useful for short-term rental managers as possible. Whether you have only a few properties or boast multiple listings, iGMS commits to transform your rental business helping you to increase your occupancy rate and revenue. The product offers a free 14-day trial (no credit card required), different pricing plans starting with $1 per booked night, no setup fees, or other hidden costs.


Tokeet channel manager

Tokeet channel manager is vacation rental management software designed to get rental owners and property managers more bookings from, Expedia, Airbnb, HomeAway, and hundreds of other channels. The software enables users to perform various tasks, giving them full control and visibility over all the channels. Users can synchronize property rates and availability across all channels through the application programming interface.

Synchronization can be done across marketing sites, users’ own websites, and almost anywhere else the user prefers. Tokeet has an API integration with major channels like Airbnb, Expedia,, and many more channels. Set up is easy and the platform provides lots of instruction to make it easy. Synchronization is also easy, it’s automatic and instant. Instant booking feature from the site means that all channels are updates as soon as the booking from one site occurs.

Tokeet has full transparency, so users know exactly what is happening; they can see when the channel is synced and what type of data is sent to every channel. Reservations are in the same inbox, and the formatting is consistent regardless of whichever the channel they came from. The platform also provides other services such as website customization, which makes it easy for guests to inquire from their website.

Tokeet is great for small businesses as they charge per property instead of charging a percentage. Monthly fees start at $14.99 per property

Other features include Dynamic Pricing, payments taken from guests via Stripe, Worldpay, and Paypal, with eSignature for Forms & Contracts, keeping your entire vacation rental business digital.

Top Features:

  • Charge per property $14.99 per month
  • Connects to Airbnb, Agoda,, Vrbo, Expedia and more.
  • Automatic smart pricing
  • Checklist manager
  • Automation
  • Airbnb Preferred Software Partner

Hostaway Reviewed

Hostaway is a rental channel management software that helps property managers to manage rental properties business. The aim is this management solution is to boost income for short term vacation and make hosting services easier to managers. It doesn’t matter whether you have five rentals or 2500 properties, Hostaway synchronizes reservation, rate, and everything else that requires and connects all these data with the best channel in the industry like the Airbnb,, Trip Advisor, and other channels.

Hostaway simplifies the management process by allowing property managers to import data from your existing channel and connect to multiple accounts. Everything from listing, rate, reservation and other settings are imported easily by the software.

Listing on this platform can be created manually, and the manager can add a markup percentage on every channel to cover the commission. The process is so easy that booking details can be synchronised between various channels in minutes and you can manage the availability of properties and even block dates within the interface. Integration with Stripe and PayPal on Hostaway allows a property provider to take payment through their website and also from other channels like the

Hostway also features a guest messaging system, which allows one to message guests directly from Hostway interface. The system also has an automated email feature where emails are sent to guests from all channels. Email can also be customized for different purposes, reservations, channels, departure instruction and feedback collection. They have templates for every purpose, but you can also create an automated email from scratch. You can even create automated tasks to team members and instruct them to do all rental tasks you need to be taken care off like cleaning, or invoicing.

Top Features:

  • Charge per property $14.99 per month
  • Connects to Airbnb, Agoda,, Vrbo, Expedia and more.
  • Easy to use performance dashboard
  • Inbuild CRM & Lead Management
  • Unified Inbox
  • Airbnb Preferred Plus Software Partner
  • Vrbo Elite Connectivity Partner
  • WordPress Plugin for your own Booking Website
Host Away

Booking Pal Reviewed

Short-term rental industry has in the recent past attracted much attention from large companies, and sophisticated customers are looking for alternative experiences. Booking Pal is one of the few centralized platforms that offer rental property owners and property managers a means to increase their visibility online, revenue, and occupancy by offering managed distribution services. The company distributes property listing across different leading channel partners and complements these partnerships with products like myOptimize, MyPayment, and myBookingPal.

The platform enables its users to enjoy a single contract in all its partners, and it manager all the financial a contract related transaction between the owner or the manager and the guest. This means that with this platform, there is no need to log information across Expedia, Airbnb and other channels and booking portals. Vacation rental properties, corporate housing, can use the platform generation capabilities to maximize profitability.

Booking Pal platform is simple to use after you have listed the property in all travel agents (OTAs), you have an option of selecting the partner that fits their business model and can appear in the choice of distribution channel. Every change made on the BookingPal include availability, calendars, rates, specials and promotions, and they are all updated automatically and are synchronized across all channel. The workflow page on the platform brings the reservation to the owners or the manager’s account in one place.

Top Features:

  • 2-way channel connectivity
  • Availability & Rate Automated Syncing
  • Consolidated reservation and booking history
  • Analytics Dashboard

Booking Pal

Lodgable Reviewed

In any business, having the right software is important for the success of the business, and this is no different for the rental business. Lodgable is one of the professional, affordable, and friendly property management solutions that allows property managers and homeowners to get more booking and increase more revenue from their portfolio.

The platform helps its users streamline not just the property rentals, but also management, and advertising tasks. When you commit to this company, you won’t have to make a double booking. Its real-time API integration allows you to keep your rental property calendars up-to-date and conflict-free. With this platform, you do not need to sacrifice functionality or depth; it will enable the user to manage the rentals in multiple channels like Airbnb, Expedia, and many more.

It centralized the management by taking out the complexity of listing rentals to one hundred booking sites. As a rental owner, you will be responsible for any commission imposed on the channels, but the core features like the invoice tools are 100% free. The platform actually offers partners with free booking sites, which means you have more chances of generating more directing booking at a reduced cost.

Top Features:

  • Free for most features
  • Inbuilt Accounting

Hosthub Reviewed

Syncbnb changed it’s name in 2020 to Hosthub. Hosthub is a channel management solution that offers vocational rental owners and property managers the ability to synchronize their calendars on all channels, ultimately helping them double their booking reservation and revenues. Most channel management software doesn’t offer real-time and two-way synchronization, but Hosthub allows the rental owner to synchronize across more than 100 channels and in real-time.

Hosthub system is very easy and intuitive to use. While other platform takes more than an hours to upload the details of the rental, Hosthub has made it easy by simplifying the registration. It only takes less than 10 minutes to capture all the property listing information. This platform takes active management and synchronizes not just the Airbnb calendar, but multiple channels, which means missing a reservation is near impossible. The company uses cutting-edge technology, AI as well as Human quality assurance, which means it guarantees success in updating calendars to short term rental owners.

Top Features:

  • $28 per property per month.
  • Real time syncing channels
  • Owners Portal
  • Expense Management
  • 200+ Supported channels
Sync BNB

iQware Channel Manager Reviewed

IQlink is one of iQware Inc software products. It is channel management software designed to manage different distributor services such s OTAS and GDSs. This channel management system integrates with iQPms, making it easy to update and manage inventories, bookings, rates and restrictions on different third-party websites. The iQlink makes it easy to manage almost every aspect of the hotel including bookings and reservations.

The booking system addresses the challenges often faced by distributors when it comes to managing different online distribution systems. The IQpms is integrated with iQlinks. It has a reporting functionality that shows how Airbnb is performing against booking and other channels. This is quite useful because it allows managers to make strategic decisions about whom they want to use. iQlink displays all rooms to the site of your choice and every inventory is reduced across all sites whenever a booking is made on any of the sites. So, the risk of over-bookings is significantly reduced.


Myrents Reviewed

Myrents is professional channel management software for travel agencies and private accommodation owners dealing with accommodation from different channels like Airbnb,, TripAdvisor, VRBO, and more than other 90 channels. Unlike other channels management software, Myrents allows owners to carry out their business simply and efficiently.

The system helps accommodation owners perform their everyday obligation during a lease. It improves the workflow and brings their business to a professional level. The owners can keep track of all properties, listing, inquiries, reservations, and invoices.
The system is a cloud-based solution, which means you can work anywhere anytime. Everything is synchronized automatically making it easier to do everything in the same place. There is no need to login on every channel; the system works for you. Updating everything on this platform is quick and easy, and it guarantees that all the agents receive the same price, so there is never a problem with price differences for your guests.

Myrent is a partner of Rentals United, and through this platform, you can change all the details. Myrent controls all the synchronizing like processes, calendar, picture¸ amenities and cancellation policies. With the same system together, you as the rental owner get the best of both worlds. Working with Myrent is very simple, all you need to is have a profile in Myrent, and every other detail will be automated, which means no stress, no errors and no worries.

My Rents

Vacationspal Reviewed

Many small rental property managers often focus on channel manager that works with Airbnb but joining other channels usually proves to be quite an investment. Vacationspal is one of the cloud-based channel’s managers that rental owners and managers can use to expand their connectivity. The software works with more than 20 major booking channels all aimed to increase the visibility of rental and ultimately boosting more sales. The software allows its users to manage bookings from all channels on one page.

The software integrates your well-designed websites, turning it into a revenue-generating machine. This feature is fully customizable; you can add a booking engine button. Users without sites can use VacationsPal web creation services, which integrate the channel management software, a formula that has proven to increase sales dramatically. VacationsPal also offers SMEs integrated system that allows rental and property owners to accept payment and manage them accordingly. They even have brand reward programs that allow users to enhance customers loyalty, which is very critical in the vacation rental business.


SiteMinder Reviewed

Siteminder is an innovative cloud-based platform that provides management solutions for individual hotel owners, hotel chains, and their partners. The software offers a solution that allows these hotels to reach, attract, and increase their sales. The platform provides numerous software products that enhance a two-way connection across different destinations. These products enable hoteliers and managers their channels in one platform. It’s a channel manager solution that enables users to leverage the dashboard-based UI and get all their rooms online for better and faster bookings.

The platform makes hotels more visible to the world’s most popular booking sites. The channel manage helps its users to automate inventories and manage their channel performance, this way, the hotel owners and hotel chains can quickly identify the channel that working for their business model. SiteMinder also allows hotel owners to sell rooms online without being penalized with high transaction costs that come from different OTA. This channel manager offers direct hotel connection to more than 350 top hotel booking channels including the top one like the Airbnb, and it has a complete real integration to more than 250 of the world-leading PMS and CRSs to provide seamlessness when managing hotel rates, availability and inventory.

The software is specifically designed to nothing more than maximize hotel reach, decrease quest acquisition costs, and minimize overbooking. Therefore, most of its features including the booking button, GDS, and many more are designed to make hotel business easy for users. SiteMinder has a proven record, so it is one of the best channel management solutions for hotel owners and hotel chains.

Site Minder

Uplisting Reviewed

Uplisting offers property owners and owners to manage their multiple properties in one platform. The software support channels and guest management. It keeps bookings of short term rentals in one place, and all information about the property is synced with popular channels like and Airbnb. Everything from rates, availability, booking, and many more are sync to its easier for the user to sync prices and availability instantly. Users can list the entire property, and the rooms include or with the nested properties. Users can also link different listing for the same property. So once your listing is imported from Airbnb, it’s immediately connected to and other sites through iCalendar.

The platform also has an automatic calendar, where the user can create their bookings. Its smart pricing sync tools allow the user to manage the property rates accordingly while the guest messaging features allows the rental managers or user using the software to communicate with quests. The messaging feature has a unified inbox that enables the user to centralized access to all communications between them and their guest. So, there is no much need to confirm booking, reservation and other related aspects.

It so easy to create the message to the client; the platform has message templates where the user can create and send an automated message to the guests. The user can also know about rental property performance because of the software reporting capabilities. The reports also allow the user to work out tax deductibles, calculate the invoice, and even workout their earnings. The Stripe integration on Uplisting ensures that users accept different payment options from the quest and it’s directed straight into their bank account.


Hostyapp Reviewed

Hosty App is an innovative channel management solutions that allow rental managers and owners synchronize all vacation listing in one place. Everything from availability, price data are synchronized into their easy to use calendar. Hostyapp system imports information from all other sides and does not emit any info. In addition to this, the system ensures that all update information of your property across all channels; it does matter where you are listed. With these features, it means you won’t need to have to keep checking and editing any vocational rental platform manually. The system does this to you; all you need is update your info into one single platform.

This means no more double booking or listing; Hosty app allows you to keep your calendar up-to-date allowing your business to run efficiently. The system automatically syncs all your accounts and shows them in real-time and under management tab. If you update your Hosty calendar, chances are reflected across all channels. The software is compatible with Airbnb, HomeAway,, and VRBO, and many more channels.


FutureStay Reviewed

The smartest way for vacation rental owners to double their bookings is to use a channel manager. FutureStay is one of the few professional in-in-one cloud-based rental management solutions that allows rental owners to manage their business.

The platform connects rental supply to different channels like the HomeAway, Airbnb, Wimdu, VRBO and The software is designed to solve today’s industry challenges of instant bookings and OTA distribution. It seamlessly automates all pieces of the booking process, and unlike other cloud-based software, it works with your existing property management system or replaces it altogether to automate your vacation rental task.

Airbnb and other channels often penalise you when you haven’t updated your calendar, so FutureStay ensures that no don’t receive more penalties by keeping your calendar up to date automatically. The calendar management feature allows you to track your booking as well as synchronise your reservation with all channels.


Xotelia Reviewed

Xotelia is a cloud-based property and channel management solution for small and midsized guesthouses, hotels, and apartments. This software is designed to help those with small accommodation to keep up with the increasing rise of OTA (online travel agencies). It allows its users to synchronise their calendars instantly and automatically, this way, they are able to manage their online exposure to more than 50 distribution sites. Major OTA like Airbnb,, Expedia and FlipKey, TripAdvisor has partnered with Xotelia.

The booking engine allows managers and rental owners to share their real-time rates and availability with travel websites. Users can implement their pricing, booking and other business policies through this platform. With it’s easy to use interface, which contains inventory management, booking and pricing management, users can effectively manage their rental property and even update the information with just a few clicks.

The platform integrates with CMS platforms like JimDo, WordPress, and Wix, which allows property managers to monitor their site’s performance through Google analytics. This means that the rental and property owners can do better marketing and increase their exposure not just over international channels but also on the search engines.

Updated: Xoltella has now changed to EVIIVO 

Rentlio Reviewed

Vacation rental channels have been there long before the Airbnb, and every day there seems to be a new one popping up. While not all of them can bring you more bookings, or quality guests, as a rental owner or property manager, having many of them as possible could double your income. Rentlio is among the few professional channel management software that ensures you don’t spend much time managing each one of these channels. It’s a cloud-based app that rental owners, hostel and small owners can use to keep availability and rates connected to all channels.

With this app, you can manage all booking sites from one place, and all the info of your business are all synchronized. The app has professional email templates, which you can send to quest based on your own pre-defined rules. You can offer them excursion, recommend the restaurants on their arrival day or even send a thank you email when they depart, and all this is automated. The software also allows you to speed check your guest through real-time scanning procedure. Once you have their app downloaded on your smartphone, the app is easy to use; all you will need to do is scan the document with the camera, and it takes care of the rest. With its mobile app, you can enjoy 2-way synchronisation with its all travel agents and handle all new reservation, modification and even cancellation seamlessly.


Netpax Reviewed

Nextpax serves rental owners and property managers and agents with a unified platform, where they can offer, book, and updates their properties through multi-channels such as Airbnb,, HomeAway and other targeted sites and agencies. Updates on offers and bookings are instant, and they are synchronized throughout the network. So, if you own or manage hotels or rental properties, this channel management solution promises to boost your reach and exposure across major booking sites. Therefore, when your property management system is connected to the platform, your hotel or rental property availability, prices, photos, reservation, and even booking conditions are updated automatically and in real-time. All this information is made available to anyone anywhere in the world who would like to shop for holiday accommodation.

With this channel management solution, no overbooking can occur, even though your unit information is available to hundreds of channels across the globe. So, the moment a booking of your unit is confirmed in any of the channels, for instance, Airbnb, Netpax software will block its availability across other channels. The Netpax system also supports payment; they will receive payment from the guest or the distribution company. Although they facilitate payment, you are always in control of your funds.


Lodgify Reviewed

Lodgify is an advanced vacation rental software that provides property managers and rental owners a tool needed to manage their reservation from one place. With this channel manager, you can synchronize external rental channels like Airbnb,, Trip Advisor, HomeAway and many other channels. The calendars will is always up to date, this means, you do not have to update calendars on other sites again manually. It doesn’t matter whether you have a single vocation rental or 500+ vacation property; this software has the right tools needed to increase your online bookings while simplifying the management of your vacation rental business.

Lodgify imports all bookings automatically and puts it into your reservation system. You can use the platform to oversee all your bookings in one place. For managers and rental owners who are yet to advertise to Airbnb, the software API allows them to create a new Airbnb listing right from their account with just one click. You can also synchronize the calendar data with other partners through an iCal unless you already have a two-way integration with Lodgify. Such integration helps simplify the running of your rental business and increases the booking numbers.

There is also an online payment integration, which allows you to accept PayPal, eCheck, credit cards, so you can accept deposits or full fee upfront. The system automatically computes even the additional fees based on the cost of amenities and the seasonal percentage you set. It does not manage finances, but it allows you to have full control of your business.


Klik.Villas Reviewed channel manager is a complete solution designed for rental owners and property managers who want to focus on quality services to their clients while at the same time maximizing their revenue. Users of this platform can efficiently manage their bookings, export their calendar, create a brand with their websites and sync with hundreds of channel partners across the globe. Klik.Villas works with the villa rental industry pioneers to bring rental owners and professionals the best tool available.

The booking is easy to use; it has a dashboard feature that gives the user quick access to all booking profiles. The channel manager is updated automatically, so you don’t have to update each channel manually to avoid penalties. Klik.Villas ensures that your rates, availability and booking are updated accordingly. You can select the OTA or channel that best suits your business model depending on the performance. In this platform, the user doesn’t just create property listing; everything can be sync with the existing well-designed website to deliver better results.

Klik Villas

Ynnovbooking Reviewed

Ynnovbooking channel manager is adequate accommodation management tool. The tool has many features that allow its users to automate all accommodation-related activities. Ynnovbooking is simple yet very useful when it comes to managing the prices and availability of accommodation in a single platform and with only a single login.

It allows you to configure automates email based on your needs. You can send emails of reservation, cancellation, thank you messages, and welcoming messages. You don’t need to figure out what to write to your guest. The tool has email templates that are customizable by the user. Multiple channels are managed in one single interface, so the user doesn’t have to log in to Airbnb, HRS, HouseTrip, FlipKey or 9 Flats.

This tool synchronizes everything so everything will be done on one interface saving you time and giving you peace of mind that no penalties are there when there is a cancellation of one channel due to overbooking.


Beds24 Reviewed

Beds24 is one of the few channel managers that cater to the needs of small and mid-sized hotels, hostels, rental and property managers. The tools connect you to the world-leading booking sites at an instant. As a user, you do not have to manually log in, and update distribution channels at a time or calendar when you have a new booking; Beds24 software does this for you. It has a free trial without commitment; there are no set up fees or any hidden costs.

Beds24 channel manager tool is cloud-based which means that as a rental or property owners or managers, you can access it from anywhere across the globe as long as you have an internet connection. When guests books a reservation on your site, the tool updates the availability to all other channels at an instant. So, if you have two inventories in the system across all channels, and one guest books one room, the system automatically reduces the availability to one across all other channels. This means that with this tool, overbooking won’t exist. The platform also has booking engines with a customizable widget and has a very secure quest payment collection that still puts you in control.

BookEasy Reviewed

Bookeasy is professional online booking software for tourist suppliers or operators. At its core, the software provides channel management solutions that have the potential of connecting the tourism suppliers to the most prominent OTAs, (online travel agents) in the world. Bookeasy online distribution connectivity is optional features that are available to accommodation operation only. The platform partners with connects with leading channel managers and tours and activities booking systems.

Operators can list on the platform an increase their chance of more region’s bookings and reach. The platform offers other functionality features focusing not on bookings, but also through better reservations through a sophisticated reservation management system. To connect with the channel manager to Bookeasy, operators will need a property ID number, a username, and a password. The rooms are rates that need to be set up. To connect with the booking system, to Book Easy, the platform recommends contacting the booking system directly.


Rentals United Reviewed

As the vacation rental industry becomes mature, there a numerous services that target property providers to help generate more sales while reducing friction. Rentals United is one of the few vocational rental software that targets property suppliers and providers to distribute their rental properties across different sites. At its heart, it’s a channel manager and a simple yield management option for property providers with 1 or even 500 properties. The system has integrated booking management, rate and pricing management, and real-time updates to the property distributors. This software works with a range of property management systems such as 365 Villas, Guesty, CiiRUS and many more.

Rental United allows the property provider to distribute their property listing across, Airbnb, HomeAway, Expedia, Agoda, Trip advisor and More sites. The system takes care of your data, so everything from the photo to the property description, to the availability of the property, to prices, to booking is all synchronized between the site and the distribution channel. You have to upload property using their manual upload tool through a PMS or through the Rentals United API. You also an option to choose the distribution site you wish to list your property on.

Rental United has a flexible price upload tool; so, prices can be uploaded depending on the length of stay, the number of guests, length of stay discounts, per-channel scaling, and even last minute discount. It integrated with MangoPay, which allows users to accept credit card payment using Rental United dashboard.

Rentals United

CloudBeds Reviewed

Cloudbeds is one of the most popular platforms that connect properties to hundreds of popular channels and booking sites with real-time, two-way integration. The software makes it easy to connect with Airbnb and hundreds of other similar channels and allows users to sync rates and availability. This channel manager outperforms others by giving short term rentals, and properties access to over 300 channels, which means more visibility and, more booking, and subsequently more revenue.

With this system, users can manage their property management system from a single interface saving themselves hours of the time of having to update each channel manually. The integration with the third-party channels is seamless. It aims to help hotels and rental owners streamline their workflow, so the platform has combined channel management, with project management solution and booking engine solution. Basically, with these functionalities, hotelier and rental owners are bound to increase the bookings and boost their service quality. What even better about Cloudbeds, is that they have trained consultants who are ready to guide users on selecting the right channel for the business needs.

A robust booking engine comes with this platform, which means the management of direct booking will be much easier. Besides, hotel reservations are automatically synced with the channel manager and existing property management system. Therefore, users do not have to be concerned about errors.


Flatswire Reviewed

Flatswire is an all-in-one vacation rental management tool with an intuitive channel manager and other features that allow professional property managers to connect their listing to rental agencies and travel agencies. The platform has a one-way channel management technology to Airbnb, which allow users to enjoy and automated generation of booking from Airbnb websites while integrating with customer’s information, prices, dates, and commission.

This one-way channel management also allows exportation of the platform Master calendar for each rental to Airbnb, which makes Airbnb be aware of any booking that comes from your website and other channels. With this software, you do not need a manual entry of reservations. Flatswire is a flexible and compelling solution that adapts to most business models, whether is short term rentals or long term rentals. It connects your listing to popular channels such as, HomeAway, Abritel, VRBO, Home holidays, TripAdvisor, FlipKey and many more.


Smoobu Reviewed

Smoobu is a professional web-based software that helps vacation rental owners effectively manage their rentals. It does not matter whether one is offering a private apartment on Airbnb, or whether one wants to market their apartment on other major channels; this tools meet the need of every rental owner. With the tool, it is possible to control all channels without spending much time on each one of them. Once a booking is done on one portal, it is blocked on other portals. The software also detects all modification you do and cancellation and update them accordingly.

Smoobu ensures that the occupancy on all portals matched with one another, so, no more double-booking or guest inconvenience. The software synchronized everything from prices, rates availability and any other information that need to be included on the listing. The only thing that you need to do is define one price in Smoobu and insert the price adaptation in percentage. The platform supports both regional and international listing sites, which means that the user can dramatically increase their bookings in the most efficient way possible. The site also supports the channels that are only relevant to a particular target group, which means no need to place the listing on irrelevant sites. The choice of channel is the key to success to a rental business and Smooby ensure that users are connected to the channel that fits their specific business model.


Bookingsync Reviewed

Bookingsync is a channel management tools that allow businesses to manage their quests and synchronize vacation rental booking from all channels from one single portal. With Bookingsync it is now possible to connect with major OTAs like Airbnb, HomeAway,

Booking, Trip Advisor and many more. The official certification with these channels ensures that a broad range of data is synchronized from one place. Users can sync prices and availability per night, week, month and even set advanced rates on common OTA. When you get a new reservation or new booking, the availability is updated on all OTAs, which means no overbooking or penalties from the channel.

The platform also has a PMS, which allow users to centralize all information on multiple properties, and keep track of all activities such as the pictures, description and features, bookings and communication with the guests. In addition to channel management solutions, the platform also helps property managers create powerful pages, galleries, blog, and stores so they can increase their rental visibility on search engines.


MyVR Reviewed

Myvr channel manager is a rental management platform dedicated to homeowners, and property managers manage short-term rentals. The software simplifies multi-channel marketing for the manager and the operation of short term rentals. MyVr has been integrating with Airbnb,, TripAdvisor, HomeAway and other 30 more rental listing sites allowing managers and homeowners to increase their online presence. MyVr core software allows users to list their property across these channels from a single interface with calendars automatically synchronized between centralized calendar the channel calendars.

Therefore, calendars will display up-to-date property availability information at all times; no overbooking will happen. With this software, there is no need to maintain separate logins with all channels, all you need is this tool to manage every listing site. The platform also allows you to manage inquiries from all channels through one single centralized inbox. This means you can easily track reservations from all sources from one place. You can also use an automated message feature to respond to renters in all channels. Extended capabilities of this platform include a reliable online payment processing and on-page SEO tools.