The end of Airbnb Plus!

Airbnb has officially ended the Airbnb Plus Program as of November 6th. Airbnb Plus was an invitation-only program designed to highlight and promote listings that met Airbnb’s rigorous standards and a comprehensive checklist. It stood apart from Superhost status due to its more stringent requirements.

To earn an Airbnb Plus badge, hosts needed to receive an invitation to the program. They then underwent an initial inspection, which included professional photos taken of their property. While both Superhosts and Airbnb Plus hosts provided exceptional service, Airbnb Plus properties adhered to elevated standards for style and physical space design based on Airbnb’s checklist. Interestingly, Airbnb often used photographers themselves to conduct inspections and capture listing photos.

Once a property was accepted into the program, it received a Plus banner to enhance visibility. However, Airbnb Plus was only available in select cities, including Austin, Barcelona, Cape Town, Chicago, Lisbon, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Milan, Nashville, San Francisco, Shanghai, Sydney, and Toronto.

If a host was part of the Plus program, they needed to opt out and convert their listing back to a regular one. Although the Plus program started with over 70,000 listings, its growth didn’t materialise as expected. As of this month, we bid farewell to the program. Instead of Plus, Airbnb has introduced a new feature called “Guest Favorites,” earmarking over 2 million highly-rated homes.

It’s worth noting that the top tier of Airbnb properties still exists through Airbnb Luxe, which originated from the acquisition of Luxury Retreats in 2017.

Say Goodbye to Noise Disturbances: How Alertify Make Guest Monitoring Easy

Alertify helps hosts eliminate the headache of monitoring for guest violations
Alertify has proven capable of stopping over 90% of parties 5 minutes from the onset of disruptions. Here’s how this technology has helped hosts cut down on repetitive tasks and simultaneously stop guests from disrupting the peace.

Being a host is no easy task and can prove to be a job that has many responsibilities, from property management to staying on top of guest communication and keeping track of who checks-ins and checks-out of each unit. It can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with multiple properties or units. Alertify aims to simplify this process and has built its room-monitoring devices with the specific needs of hosts in mind.

The Challenge: Hosts deal with a range of common problems

Short-term rental hosts frequently grapple with a range of common challenges that can impact property management and guest satisfaction. These challenges encompass issues like guest misconduct, which includes unauthorized parties, excessive noise, and rule violations such as smoking. When these issues arise, communication with guests can become time-consuming.

Amongst this hosts commonly face property damage as a result of unauthorized parties which can necessitate maintenance and repairs, affecting both the property’s condition and future bookings. Unauthorized parties also bring with it smoking. The ongoing upkeep of cleanliness and maintaining a smoke-free atmosphere poses continuous challenges as well. Additionally, the need to ventilate properties after smoking guests stay can result in substantial expenses and lost revenue from temporarily unavailable units.

Additional hurdles hosts face include keeping documentary evidence of guest violations for deposit chargebacks and future disputes, and the time-consuming task of guest vetting to ensure future guests don’t commit violations, like partying and smoking. Alertify provides room-monitoring solutions to address these challenges, offering hosts peace of mind and relieving them of repetitive tasks.

The Solution: Alertify monitors in real-time

Alertify’s newest feature Guest Alert helps hosts alert guests when a violation occurs

Being a short-term rental host is a multifaceted role that demands continuous attention around the clock. Guest Alert, a new feature of Alertify, has been specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of short term rental hosts. With Guest Alert, hosts can find peace of mind in that their properties are safeguarded even when they are off the clock. Guest Alert automatically sends text and email notification alerts to guests who commit violations, whether it’s excessive noise, smoking, or throwing unauthorized parties, amongst others.

This feature has been so successful, it has managed to stop 90% of parties on the first notification sent and has deterred unwanted behavior as well as, allowed hosts to respond swiftly, mitigating potential damage to their rentals. This feature frees hosts from the need to be on-call 24/7, enabling them to maintain a healthy work-life balance while ensuring the well-being of their property and the comfort of their guests.

Tangible Evidence: Alertify captures all incidents on downloadable reports

Alertify helps prevent guest violations and reduce the time it takes to resolve disputes when they occur. It offers objective and detailed downloadable reports for incidents recorded by the room-monitoring devices. These reports serve as evidence when addressing various issues within short-term rentals. Each report provides an overview of the incident, including the type of violation such as smoking, noise disturbances, or exceeding occupancy limits, guest information specifying who was in the unit at the time the incident was recorded, as well as the incident’s duration, and the date and time it occurred.

When issuing fines or resolving civil disputes with guests, it’s important to supply objective evidence of the violation that took place. These after-incident reports provide transparency and fairness in such cases, and ensure that these disputes are handled quickly and fairly.

Coming soon: Guest Screening

Alertify is always looking at ways to provide hosts with even more valuable tools, and one exciting upcoming feature is the Guest Screening portal. This portal offers a comprehensive pre-check-in screening process to hosts of short term rentals. Hosts will have the capability to customize screening questions, enabling them to gather relevant information from guests before their arrival. This helps hosts ensure that guests are a good fit for their property and enhances security and trust. The portal will allow hosts to clearly communicate their rental rules to guests, who will be required to acknowledge and agree to them. Hosts may also require guests to upload a selfie as a digital signature, creating a digital paper trail of their acceptance of the rules.

Alertify’s Guest Screening portal and incident reports work together to provide solid evidence during any potential dispute and offer an objective view of the violation incident. They work together because the Guest Screening portal shows that guests were informed about the unit’s rules and the incident reports highlight the details of the violations and which guests were in the unit at the time. This combination is a recipe to resolve issues promptly and fairly.

In conclusion, Alertify has made the lives of short-term rental hosts much easier by automating mundane tasks with its newly released feature Guest Alert. With a remarkable success rate of stopping 9 out of 10 parties within 5 minutes of disruptions, Alertify has proved its efficacy in curbing disruptive guest behaviour. Alertify serves as a dedicated solution to monitoring noisy guests, smoking and unauthorized parties taking place, as well as providing solid evidence for each of these violations – giving hosts the power to control the situation, protect their properties from damage and ensure they are protected from future disputes. Ready to get started?

Airbnb Review System: How does it work?

Airbnb review system

With the advent of technology came the beginning of reviews. It seems that everywhere you go someone has left a review or you are being asked to fill one out. There is a good reason why different companies like Airbnb rely on reviews and ask you to fill them out. With hosts in 191 countries, … Read more

Make Your Vacation Rental Family Friendly

Family making breakfast in an Airbnb

Families that vacation together Most often stick together or at least that is the ideal. In 2018 roughly 88 million Americans will go on some sort of family vacation. How that works for this Covid-19 era remains to be seen but being prepared is a smart move to make. More Americans will travel locally than … Read more

Airbnb Alternatives & Competitors for Travellers 2021


Airbnb is one of the largest and far-reaching lodging travel options out there. They compete directly with the different hotels and motels that balloon your vacation budget. The purpose of Airbnb is to save you some money while giving your vacation a unique experience. Currently, this company has about 7 million lodging options in roughly … Read more

2021 Travel Trends for Vacation Rentals

Planning the Journey

VRBO has been in the business of helping families, couples and individuals find a great, safe place to stay when they are on vacation. That purpose has not changed even with the advent of the Covid-19 epidemic.

All groups of travelers, including business travelers, are still making plans to get to those perfect lodging options in 2021. The vacation trend seems to be picking up even though the Covid-19 is still looming large for next year.

The different travel trends for 2021

Destination and plans may be altered as different countries impose travel restrictions or quarantine stays once you arrive in their country but vacation plans have not. Here are some new trends that are being developed as the pandemic has many people scared of travel or tourists.

#1. Method of travel

62% of vacationers planning to travel next year are planning to drive instead of fly. They want to cut down any risk of exposure to Covid-19 and driving is their solution. The TSA issue may also help influence that decision.

While flying is safer than driving the risk of catching Covid-19 or some other communicable disease is greater with planes than private cars. Driving is the newest trend, even though it has been around for some time.

Then for 2021, more travelers are planning more trips than they took before this disease hit the world. 65% plan on taking more trips while 54% of those travelers are making their bucket list plans.

Then an additional 33% are planning to spend more on their trips.

#2. Destination locations

Because of the way Covid-19 is transmitted the new trend in vacationing is moving away from hotels and motels. This may be good news for those business travelers who need the amenities a good hotel has to offer as they will encounter fewer people during their stays.

Now more remote locations like lakes, rivers, and possibly mountain areas are gaining popularity. 61% of travelers are creating this new trend and it is happening right now.

Vacationers are finding it to be as much or more fun to visit national parks and other remote areas than going to a crowded, risky place like Disneyland or 6 Flags and similar tourist hot spots.

#3. Lodging locations

With a majority of travelers looking to drive and seek those in nature tourist destination, like national parks (62% & 61% respectively), it stands to reason they will be looking for an alternative, in nature lodging options.

The demand for cabins and staying at chalets went up 25% and 20% respectively at both unique lodging options. For 2021 you need to start planning your vacation now before all the good outdoor locations and lodging options are filled up.

These are great places to bring your kids and show them another side to life than the electronic one.

Some final words

Pre-covid-19, you may have been the oddball as you sought out these unique travel opportunities for you and your family. You liked them because you got away from all the crowds found at the more popular destinations.

Unfortunately, the pandemic is bringing the crowds to you. This is evidenced by the rise in these new trends. These options may have been around since the invention of the stagecoach it is just that they are being rediscovered by modern people used to plane and train travel as well as staying in hotels and motels.

The good news for you is that VRBO will be right there ready and willing to help you find that perfect location away from the crowds. Just don’t delay your holiday plans too far in the future or you may be out of luck and stay home next year.

The 7 best Airbnbs in Las Vegas 2021

Seven of our favourite Airbnb Las Vegas

Whether you want to take in a show, do a little gambling or just have a lazy day by the poolside… the city of Las Vegas has something for everyone!

The busiest city in the state of Nevada, this little spot in the center of the Mojave Desert has become a hotspot for shopping, entertainment, and most importantly… blackjack, poker, and roulette!

The great thing about the city is that there are places to stay to suit every budget – whether you are looking for basic accommodation or something a little more luxurious right on the Strip.

The bonus of using Airbnb instead of a hotel is that you don’t have to pay resort fees, which can add an extra $30 to $40 a night to your total!

Here are seven of our favorite Airbnb Las Vegas locations, from cozy peaceful homes to lively venues near the hustle and bustle of the Strip.

A Cozy Private suite

Seven of our favourite Airbnb Las Vegas 7

Perfect for: Couples or lone travelers looking for peace and quiet

Cost: £68 a night

Located 20 minutes away from the Las Vegas strip, this intimate guest suite is not only affordable but clean and inviting too.

Based in a quiet neighborhood, this Airbnb is perfectly placed for those who would prefer to enjoy a day of fun and sunshine in the center of Las Vegas, before returning home for a peaceful night in.

Reviewers absolutely loved the comfortable bed and the beautiful neighborhood, calling it a home away from home!

An MGM signature apartment

Seven of our favourite Airbnb Las Vegas 6

Perfect for: Those who want to wake up to an absolutely stunning view!

Cost: £60 a night

This entire apartment is a five-minute walk away from the Strip and sleeps four, making it a brilliant choice for friends or couples who want a fun weekend away from it all!

The apartment is fully furnished with a fridge, freezer, and kitchenette. This means if you don’t feel like going out to dinner, you can cook yourself a delicious meal… all while taking in the fabulous view of the Strip!

The people that reviewed this apartment loved how close it was to the Strip as well as the extra amenities including a gym, pool, and free parking.

Artistic Master suite experience

Seven of our favourite Airbnb Las Vegas 5

Perfect for: People looking for a quirky place to stay

Cost: £61 a night

This private bedroom comes with lots of unique paintings and blacklight art, making it an incredibly unique venue to stay in!

Guests are free to use all of the common areas in the house, and this Airbnb also comes with its own private bathroom.

People that stayed here loved the chilled-out vibe of the house as well as the friendly and accommodating hosts. Many visitors said that they had made a friend for life in the hosts!

Private room with pool

Seven of our favourite Airbnb Las Vegas 3

Perfect for: If you are on a budget but still want a swim!

Cost: £43 a night

This cosy little home is about three miles away from the Strip, with a bus stop close by. The Airbnb is also about 30 minutes away from Red Rock Canyon and Hoover Dam, for those that want to do a little sight-seeing.

For your money, you get a private bedroom with access to an outside pool and a BBQ. Why pay ridiculous prices for a Las Vegas pool party when you can have one from the comfort of your own Airbnb?

The people that stayed at this Airbnb loved the welcoming hosts as well as the fact that the host had three friendly dogs that loved to play with the guests!

A room by the lake

Seven of our favourite Airbnb Las Vegas 2

Perfect for: Those who want a lazy poolside vacation

Cost: £74 a night

This two-bedroom Airbnb comes with a gorgeous pool and is also next to an absolutely amazing lake. It has to be seen to be believed!

If you fancy a visit to the Strip, this Airbnb is only 15 minutes away. It’s also 45 minutes away from Mt Charleston where you can hike, picnic, and ride horses.

The people that stayed at this Airbnb loved the spacious rooms and a quiet and peaceful neighborhood, with plenty of shops nearby.

$8 million luxury penthouse


Perfect for: Those who want to live the highlife

Cost: £660 a night

With high-quality speakers throughout, designer lighting, and a million dollars’ worth of artwork on the walls, this Airbnb venue is one of the most opulent places that you will ever stay!

This two-bedroom venue is right on the Strip, with stunning views from every room. You also get access to a gym and swimming pool for the price.

Reviewers absolutely loved the ambience of the penthouse as well as the excellent service from the hosts.

1-bed luxury condo on the Strip

Seven of our favourite Airbnb Las Vegas

Perfect for: Those looking for a luxury holiday with loved ones

Cost: £267 a night

This condo is located in the Marriott Grand Chateau, which is a stone’s throw away from all the fun of the Strip.

This three-bed condo sleeps four, and you are able to use all the amenities including a pool, gym and sky bar, with incredible views of the Strip!

People who stayed loved all the amenities that they got for the price as well as the large, clean rooms.

Where will you Airbnb in Las Vegas?

We hope that this guide has given you lots of inspiration for your next Las Vegas location! Which is your favourite venue on the list?

Don’t forget… if you are looking for a great place to stay, join us on Airbnb. You could receive up to £40 off a place to stay, as well as £10 off an experience of your choice!

Sign up today to receive your amazing discount. You can spend the money you save on a round of delicious cocktails, enjoy some luxury shopping… or even put it all on black at the casinos!

Please note: All prices are based on one guest and are subject to change. Costs do not include cleaning and service fees.


Guide to Ranking #1 in Airbnb Search

How to Improve Your Vacation Rental Listing on Airbnb.

Anything your competitor does. You can do better. What that means is that no matter how good your competitor’s Airbnb listing is, there is always room for improvement. The trick is finding those spots where you can improve your listing, make it better and more attractive to potential guests.

To find out how to do just that, continue to read our article. it is filled with some of the tips you need to know about in order to improve your Airbnb listing.

Do the obvious

There are issues that stick out when you create your new Airbnb rental listing and they are talked about enough all over the internet that they only warrant a brief passing mention here.

  1. respond to your potential guests’ inquiries- you need to do this in a timely manner and a good rule of thumb is not to let 24 hours pass before responding
  2. take great photos- enough can’t be said about this topic. Lousy photos will drive your potential guests to your competitors
  3. write good descriptions- the better and more concise the description the more interest you will arouse

Make your property available

This is important as no one will be able to rent your property if it is not available for rent. There are aspects you need to focus on to make sure your property is ready to rent when potential guests need it:

  1. post a schedule of dates- this lets the potential renters see when they can rent your property
  2. clean the property- this too has to be done in a timely manner. The longer you take to clean your property the less time it is available for rent. There are exceptions to this like when you were fooled and a bunch of party people damaged the place
  3. cut your use of it down- it is your property and you want to use it but pick those times where it won’t interfere with your earning extra money

Watch your restrictions

Rules are good and they help guide renter behaviour but one rule needs to be flexible and adaptable. That is your minimum stay rule. When you are just getting started and known in AirBnB renting don’t impose a minimum stay period. You will lose many renters and a ton of money if you do. You can always add a restriction later on when your rental property becomes popular.

Go for the Airbnb Superhost badge

This not only lets potential renters see that you are qualified hosts and professional, but it also helps boost your listing rankings. Here are the areas you need to focus on and the stats to maintain:

  1. have 10 completed bookings
  2. maintain a 50% review rate or higher
  3. have a good response rate, e.g. 90% or higher
  4. do not have any cancellations
  5. keep a 4.7 overall rating

On that note, another tip for you to improve your vacation rental listing is:

Don’t break Airbnb rules

Keeping yourself updated on Airbnb’s regulations helps keep your rental promises and descriptions up to date and true. These regulations help you rent your property the way you advertise it.

Also, make sure your rentals and the way you rent meet your locations’ laws. Cities have rules about renting so make sure you are up to date on those as well. You do not want to cancel because you ignored or did not know about those pesky little details.

Ask for reviews

Word of mouth advertising is one of, if not the best way to get more business. The better the reviews, the more likely you will see potential renter inquiries turning into paying guests. Reviews are your proof that you rent the way you advertise.

But bad reviews are not always bad. How you respond to those negative comments will help book more renters or drive them to your competitor.

Be trustworthy

What that means is that you should avoid cancelling a confirmed reservation at all costs. Once you cancel, you will get negative reviews and those reviews are hard to rebound from. Plus, potential guests will not trust you at all and that will be hard for your business to take.

Use the right keywords

The key to getting traffic to view your Airbnb rental properties is to practice good SEO habits. One of the most vital habits you need to practice is the proper use of keywords. Do some good research for the right keywords and do not forget to find some that relate to the pandemic.

Broaden your options

There is a fear that if you do not personally greet your guests, you are going to get negative reviews. But not everyone wants to be greeted by their hosts. They may be tired and just want to check-in. To help make your rental more attractive by engaging the self-check-in option. That allows your guests to get inside quick and rest up before meeting you.

Don’t forget off-season renters

Not everyone enjoys being in a crowd and they avoid peak season as much as possible. Having your place ready for off-peak vacationers is one way to make your rental property better. Right now this is a good trend to take advantage of.

Target domestic travellers

You may enjoy meeting people from around the world. The different cultural practices are always interesting and fun to learn about. But, there are also a lot of interesting travellers who live in your own country. Don’t exclude them from renting your home.

This may mean adding your native language to your AirBnB site so your fellow citizens can use your property when they have holiday time coming.

Some final words

Sometimes, all you need to do to improve your vacation rental listing on Airbnb is to use a little common sense. The task is not difficult to work on. Just be honest with yourselves and your site and maybe those photos could be improved slightly.

Make a checklist so you do not forget any detail and see what can be done to make your site better.


Tips to Make Your Vacation Rental Stand out

The Flats Luxury Suites is the best Cache Valley lodging, thanks to a vibe that’s chic and sophisticated. Comfortable yet stylish, granting easy access to the best Logan has to offer. #awcreative #AdamWinger Adam Winger

Want to know some tips to make your vacation rental stand out from the rest? It seems that almost everyone who has spare rooms, an RV, cabin or vacation home are trying to rent them out. That makes the Airbnb rental market a crowded place. To get a step ahead of your competition, you need to know how to make your property stand out.

Just keep reading to find out how to make your spare room, etc., look attractive and better than your competitor’s.

Take the right photos

What is interesting to you about your property may not be interesting to your potential guests. Learn to focus on the whole property not just what you like. Then follow the following photo-taking suggestions to spice up those photos:

a. Make sure your property is not filled with clutter or messy

b. Take honest photos that are very bright not dark or shadowy

c. Use the right lens to have your property look spacious

d. Don’t edit the photos, Photoshop is not always your friend

e. Use more daylight photos and stay in focus

f. Don’t tilt your camera but keep your photos level and looking straight at your subject

Check out even more tips on taking photos for your vacation rental.

Stay focused

By this, we mean that you should only pick one or two rental niches to advertise in. If you spread yourself out too thin, you won’t be able to have your property stand out and you may lose potential guests. This also helps you write better descriptions of your property.

Use the proper marketing techniques

Since comfort is almost standard throughout the world, this is not going to be a great selling point. Find something unique that no one else offers and highlight that. Some people call this creating an experience and making your distinct brand but it is really called good advertising.

Learn to write well

Part of making your property stand out from the crowd is writing top-notch descriptions. This does not mean writing fairy tales but be honest and direct your comments towards the type of guest you want staying in your rental area.

Be descriptive, add the property’s and location’s amenities but keep it simple and easy to understand. Also, longevity is not a positive characteristic. be concise and spark interest.

Don’t be slow to respond to inquiries

This is going to be what makes or breaks your success. Even if you have the greatest location, the best photos, and very informative descriptions if you are slow to respond to potential guests’ questions and e-mails they will look elsewhere.

Good customer service is always king, even when only addressing potential guests’ initial questions

Some final words

Making your property stand out takes a little time to perfect. You may have to do several dry runs and see what photos or descriptions, etc., need to be edited to present your rental property in the best light.

The bad news is your competitors are doing the exact same thing. That means you have to be at the top of your game to get those potential guests making reservations with you, especially down the low season.


Using Instagram for promoting your Airbnb

Using Instagram for promoting your Airbnb

Go where the people are

In the old days when your grandparents were young, all they had to use to advertise their rental property was the newspaper. That could get costly when advertising in large cities where costs are high. Instagram for promoting your Airbnb is now the rave.

It was a slow way to get extra rooms, trailers, or even cabins rented to earn extra money. The good news for you today is that technology has provided you with numerous ways to reach out and display your rentals.

Using social media outlets like Instagram is just one way to advertise your extra properties and make a little extra money. But there are guidelines you need to follow to make the most out of your Instagram account. Just keep reading to find out what those guidelines are.

Do your homework

See what your competition is doing and what types of photos they are using. This homework helps you create better hashtags, take better photos, write better descriptions, pick the best sites to see in the area and so on.

Create an Instagram account

This is the next vital step in using this social media outlet in your advertising. Just make sure you are using their business section and not their personal one. Sign up is easy and all you need is an e-mail address or use your Facebook account to sign in on Instagram.

Provide photos, descriptions, and other details

No business account is worth looking at if it does not have great pictures of the property or properties or a good description accompanying those photos. Don’t forget to provide the location of those properties, a link to your Airbnb listing, and a short and sweet description. Make those photos good.

Create great hashtags

The younger generations understand these and know how to use them well. To catch their attention, if you want young people gracing your properties, is to write great hashtags. As an example, you can use your home’s name, location and nearby tourist attractions. A little research on this topic will provide more tips on how to do this right. Use between 5 – 8 hashtags per post.

Keep the account updated

This does not mean you have to post every day or every little detail about the property or the area. Just be consistent but don’t skip a week. Post once or twice a week to keep your visitors updated on what is happening.

Take a video of your property

This is what some top real Estate Agents are doing and have done for decades. A video is worth more than 1000 words and you can show your property at its finest. Then save the video to the Highlights section allowing new visitors to your Instagram page to see that short film.

Or place the video on the IGTV option or the new Reels option to gain more viewers and more potential guests.

Provide top quality information

One of the best ways to get people to consider renting your property is to create posts about the best sites in your area. Mention how close they are to your property or how far away for those who like privacy.

Talk about secret fishing spots, top museums, or the best entertainment in the area. The sky is the limit on what you can write about and don’t forget a photo or two to enhance those descriptions.

Link your Facebook or other social media accounts

This will help you broaden your audience and get a better word of mouth advertising. If you are not sure your other social media friends or followers will go to your new account, add in some incentives.

Some final words

This is just the tip of the iceberg on how you can use your Instagram for promoting your Airbnb rentals. It is not hard to do. All you need is a little time, a little creativity, and some rental properties to rent out.

Remember your Airbnb rentals are like a small business and you need to treat it like a business. Good advertising in the right locations will bring results.

Glitches in Airbnb Causes Thousands of Bookings to Be Cancelled


No matter how much technology is improved, it seems that the possibility of errors and glitches become more frequent. One shining example is the latest in Airbnb’s series of glitches.

This new glitch cancelled reservations and automatically refunded the customers’ deposits. How widespread it was is anyone’s guess as Airbnb is downplaying the issue.

It is not the first time for a glitch in the system

This new error does not seem to be that large. According to Airbnb it only affected a small number of accounts and those were not very major ones at that. In this glitch, reservations were cancelled and some hosts saw at least 12 reservations disappear in a blink of an eye.

Unfortunately, Airbnb has not been very quick to respond to the complaints made by both guests and hosts. Some have waited up to three days for a response, while some hosts are still waiting for the company to contact them.

But this is not the first time this online company has experienced glitches. Another glitch happened 2 months ago and allowed hosts to see the private inboxes of other hosts. That includes their conversations and other data.

The company’s solution was to recommend clearing cookies and cache from the user’s browser or changing the browser they currently use.

Bad timing

Neither this new glitch or the one that took place 60 days ago came at a good time for Airbnb. It was supposed to file an IPO (initial public offering last week) Plus, the company had planned on being listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange, as well as the LTSE or Long Term Stock Exchange.

The effect of these glitches may have investors a bit worried as the move to become public comes with a $30 billion+ valuation. Glitches do not help nor do they attract long term investors which is the purpose of the LSTE.

Denver couple accused of running short-term rental business

A Denver couple, Alexander Neir, 45, and his wife Stacy Neir 43, have been charged with running an illegally Airbnb rental business at two locations which were not the primary residence. The two live in Stapleton, but they had false documents claiming that the two rentals are their primary residence. They are accused of signing Affidavits for a primary rental residence in the Berkeley neighborhood and another one in the north of Broncos Stadium at Mile High close to Jefferson Park. Industry watchers believe that this move should be a wakeup call for those who might be breaking the rules.

The 2016 city short-term rental regulation states that only a person who permanently stays in a residence is allowed to use it as a short-term rental. Apparently, the Neirs signed an Affidavit claiming that they lived full time in the two properties, but investigators reported that the couple actually lived in Stapleton where Stacy Neir is a block captain in the neighborhood.

The DA’s office said that following an investigation by Denver police, authorities learned that the Jefferson Park home and The Berkeley home were being used as short-term rentals since 2016 and 2013 respectively.

The affidavit lists Alexander as a managing broker at Kentwood Real Estate and his wife as a broker associate of the same company. The two have each been charged with an attempt to influence a public servant.  Speaking through their attorney, Daniel Recht, the couple believes that the prosecution is misguided. But, the lawyer remains confident that his clients will receive a fair ruling once he presents all the facts to the court.

James Carlson, a realtor in Denver and who gives lessons on how to be a successful Airbnb host seems to agree that the charges are escalated, but he says the city has been trying to move in that direction. He says that this move was no surprise since many people have been breaking that law for a while now, and it was only a matter of time before the city began taking action. ‘While the city has been pushing people to comply, this move should warn everyone who flouts this law.” Carlson said.

The city, through their spokesperson Eric Escudero, says that majority of complaints they receive are those which homeowners flaunt Denver’s short term rental residency requirements. He admits that there are people who rent them illegally and that it’s an issue they are following up very closely.

How To Choose The Perfect High-End Apartment

When renting for a month or longer, a high-end property can turn a great stay into an unforgettable one. High-end properties are becoming more popular every year in top cities like London, New York, and beyond. This guide will show you exactly what to look for when searching for luxury rentals in your desired area. With these top tips, you’ll be able to indulge in the experience of a lifetime today!

Finding Your Version of Luxury

Luxury means something different to everyone, and before renting, it’s important to think about what luxury means to you. When you imagine yourself staying in a luxurious London property, are you thinking of a historic Victorian home with a fireplace and scenic balcony, or are you thinking about a downtown penthouse with marble flooring? Luxury may mean cosy and warm, or it may mean a sparkling interior inside of an ultra-modern suite with elevator access. Take note of what comes to mind when you imagine luxury so you can instantly spot it when you find the perfect listing.

Some common things to consider include:

  • Views
  • Fireplaces
  • Balconies
  • Architecture (modern, classical, Victorian, Gothic)
  • Location
  • Pool, spa, or gym access
  • Surrounding area
  • Garage
  • Access to public transportation

You should also account for how many people you plan to live with during your stay. Larger parties may opt for a luxury loft with two or more levels plus multiple bathrooms. For couples, a two-bedroom apartment with a full kitchen will often provide more than enough space.

Choosing Between Cosmopolitan or Secluded Luxury

If your ideal vacation involves frequent shopping, visits to a spa, and exploring the best that a city has to offer, then you may wish to stay at a high-end property in or very near to the city center. A city like London has numerous offerings for those wishing to stay in the center of the action, and you can choose from modern penthouses with sweeping views to more classical offerings in historic buildings downtown.

When choosing a property within the city center, you want to gauge the neighborhood to see if it fits with your dream vacation. Look online at the nearby restaurants to see who they cater to and how long they stay open. Also check what the general nightlife or entertainment scene is and whether it’s right for you. An abundance of clubs and pubs may mean that the area is a bit more rowdy at night with a younger crowd, while nearby museums and galleries would show that it’s a more serene neighborhood.


You should also check how close you are to the metro system along with other forms of public transportation. While you can always rent a car, it’s important to know whether there’s a nearby bus stop or metro station if needed. If you plan to rent a car, find out whether you’ll have access to your own garage or parking space. You may also wish to avoid staying near major terminals or train stations since they are often busy and loud.


For those looking for more relaxation and tranquillity during their stay, there’s always the option for a more secluded form of luxury in the suburbs. In a suburban high-end property, you’ll generally have more private space and separation from your neighbors which can change your trip dramatically. While you may need a rental car to access the city center, the extra travel time is a small price to pay for the added benefits of your own home.

Make a List of Important Amenities

While all high-end properties will feature different layouts and perks, there are a few common amenities to take note of before booking. The items in this section are often featured in top luxury properties, but it’s important to double-check the listing before booking so you’re not surprised upon arrival. Decide which amenities are the most important to you, and rank them in order so you can narrow down your options before booking.

Most high-end rentals will feature a large bathtub or deluxe shower so you can pamper yourself during your stay. If you’re staying in a mansion or home, there may be a pool or hot-tub option as well. In luxury apartments, you may be given access to a community pool or gym. A luxury property will also come complete with high-end cutlery and glassware. You can expect to find fine silverware and other kitchen appliances so you can effortlessly host and prepare a meal. The dining room table will often be large enough for guests as well.

The Details

What really sets a luxury property apart from the rest is its attention to detail. Pay attention to the art and decorations found throughout the property. There may be a theme, color-scheme, plus other details that tie the whole place together. Each room should blend and flow into the next while still being distinct. This helps to create a unified property as opposed to a standard one-size-fits-all hotel room. When you pay for luxury, it’s often the little things that make the greatest difference, and a property’s decorations are no exception.

The Views

Another thing to keep in mind is the view from the windows and front door. In a central property, you want a view of the skyline or of the beautiful buildings across from yours. In a more secluded property, you may be able to open your front door to find trees, gardens, or pleasant buildings in a quiet area. If a property is billed as being secluded and tranquil, but there’s a major roadway right outside the front door, you may wish to consider if the noise and traffic would be a problem during your stay.


Finally, it’s important to note whether there are daily or weekly cleaning services during your trip. Sometimes high-end properties come complete with your own cleaner or maid, but other times you’re left on your own until you checkout. Think about how often you’d want a cleaning crew to service the property or if you’d rather enjoy your stay without any additional help. You can always request or cancel cleaning services, but some properties may not offer it at all which is why it’s important to find out before you book.

A Unique Experience

Sometimes properties are listed as luxurious because they provide a unique experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else. This may include staying inside of an old monk’s castle, in the tower of an old Gothic church, or on the grounds of a historic garden. In these cases, you’re paying a premium price more for the experience rather than the amenities. These properties may be listed as high-end since they offer a once in a lifetime view or experience, but don’t expect the same amenities that you’d find in a newly built penthouse suite. However, if you’re a history buff or wish to have an experience unlike anything else, it may be worth sacrificing high-end silverware for the chance to sleep in an ancient building.

Breath Taking Airbnb

By utilizing all of these Airbnb tips, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect high-end rental anywhere in the world. Make a checklist about what you expect to find in your dream property, and spend the time to find the listing that matches your criteria. Once you find the perfect place, you’ll be able to indulge in the world’s greatest luxuries while exploring the best that your destination has to offer!

How To Be the Perfect Airbnb Guest

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or a first-timer, staying in a new city can be both exciting and a bit intimidating. With the rise of Airbnb, you can get a more personal and friendly introduction to a city while feeling like a true local. However, staying at an Airbnb property is a bit different than checking into a major hotel, and it’s worthwhile to go over some basics before you arrive. To ease your worries and enhance your vacation, this top tips guide will go over the best things you can do to be a stellar guest at any Airbnb property today!

Why Is It Important?

If the host thinks you weren’t a good guest they can review you accordingly. If you continue to get low Airbnb reviews then you’ll have restricted use of the instant booking facility. If a host sees a number of bad reviews, your ability to book can be limited. Airbnb can also remove you from their system and you’ll that will be the end of your account.

A bad review on Airbnb

Before You Book

It’s important to research your host’s property before you arrive to ensure it’s right for you. Take note of their location and the property’s atmosphere so you’re not surprised upon arrival. Some common things to check include:

  • Noise Restraints
  • Elevator/Stair Access
  • Additional Guest Policies
  • Pet Policies

Planning Your Arrival

Traveling is often spontaneous, and your host understands that you may arrive a bit late or early. However, it’s still important to let them know about your estimated arrival time so they can plan accordingly. You don’t have to text them every moment about your whereabouts, but you should alert them to any major changes like being 15 minutes late or more. They have lives too, and a quick message can ensure everyone stays in a great mood from the moment you arrive!

Common Questions to Ask Your Host

There are some common questions you can ask your host that will streamline your experience. The first thing to ask about is the check-in process. While the check-in process is often similar across the board, you want to know exactly what to expect so you can effortlessly arrive, relax, and explore your destination.

Depending on the length of your stay, ask where you should put any used garbage bags. You may be asked to put trash bags outside on the street, or your host may simply pick them up for you when needed. Ask about locking the doors as some hosts may not have an extra key for a deadbolt or inside-only lock. While this is uncommon, it’s worth asking so you can avoid complications. Plus, you can also ask about where to put your keys once you checkout.

While you should always call the local authorities for health emergencies, ask your host about whom to call for minor problems or inconveniences. Your host may give you their own personal number, and they may also provide a second back-up number in case they’re unavailable. Get this information in advance so you never have to panic if there’s a water leak, broken item, or other unlikely inconvenience.

If Something Breaks…

If something breaks in your host’s home, whether it’s your fault or not, it’s important to let them know right away so they have time to prepare before the next guests arrive. Of course, some damages are more severe than others, but your host will want to fix anything quickly no matter if it’s a broken toilet or cracked portrait frame. Simply give them a quick call or text and calmly explain what happened. If the damage occurred on a more personal item like a figurine or portrait, try to save any remaining pieces so they have the option to fix it themselves. Avoid throwing anything away without their permission since your host may have a personal attachment to it. Of course, broken glass or other dangerous items should be swept up and safely moved away.

If the toilet overflows or the sinks clog up, try to refrain from using them until your host has a chance to fix the problem. These types of occurrences are rare, but they can often be quickly fixed so you can get back to enjoying your stay. For more severe damages, your host may call a plumber while you’re out enjoying the city so you never feel inconvenienced.

Honest Communication

Don’t be afraid about asking questions or honestly communicating with your host throughout your stay. If there’s something wrong, or if you have a question or recommendation, it’s always better to ask than to let the problem linger in your mind. Your host wants you to have a great time, and they understand that your happiness is the key to their future business. Feel free to politely speak your mind, ask for something more, or alert them about a problem you have no matter how minor it seems. You’ll have a better stay, and since a better stay equals a better review, your host will be happier as well!

Leaving a Great Impression

Now it’s time to leave a wonderful impression on your host with just a few extra steps! For starters, you can strip the bed and leave the sheets in a neat pile at the edge of the frame on the floor when you leave. Take out any trash and toss any unused items in the fridge to prevent mould or spills. Of course, clean any dishes and either leave them out to dry or put them in the cabinets if ready.

To conserve energy, make sure to turn off any lights or electronics before leaving. Finally, you can leave a nice handwritten note thanking your host for everything they’ve done. It doesn’t have to be long, and you’ll leave a more comprehensive review later on, but a quick acknowledgement can go a long way in brightening someone’s day!

Becoming a Critic: Airbnb Reviews

Your online review should be honest, thoughtful, and fair to give your host and their future guests an accurate portrayal of your stay. Remember, your review could make or break their future rental prospects, so it’s best to save minor problems for private messages unless something truly awful occurred. Try to cover some important points like:

  • Cleanliness
  • Atmosphere
  • Location
  • Host Responsiveness and Friendliness

If the toilet broke but your host fixed it right away, you can mention how your host quickly fixed a common problem in a professional manner. Some reviewers may only touch upon the problem and not the solution, and this can greatly hurt your host’s rating. Of course, if a host neglected to care about your problems, then it’s perfectly fine to mention that a property isn’t maintained. Try to keep it fair, and see the situation from all sides instead of writing an overly negative and emotional review.

Important information to know about reviews:

  • Remember that you only have 14-days to review hosts
  • You have 48 hours to alter your review unless the host leave a review for you
  • Reviews are blind, you’ll not see what the host has written about you until you complete your review and visa-versa.
  •  Somethings are best mentioned in the private section of the reviews, only the host will see this.


Example of Good Reviews

By following these tips, you can be a 5-Star guest anywhere you wish to travel! Being a great guest will make your experience that much better, and it will inspire your host to help you more along the way. So whether you’re traveling to the bustling center of London or elsewhere around the world, use these tips to make your Airbnb experience the best it can be today!