Airbnb Host Review Templates and Examples (Updated Nov 2023)

As you probably know reviews on Airbnb make up a large part of the ecosystem. Reviews create trust for new guests attempting to book somewhere to stay. On the flip side, it can help hosts know if they should let their property to certain guests.

Both parties (hosts and guests) have 14-days after checkout to review their stay at the apartment. Once both reviews have been posted this will appear on the account of the guests or hosts.

Once both reviews have been posted the reviews can not be edited. Reviews can only be removed from the system if they break the Airbnb review guidelines.

How to review guests on Airbnb

Writing reviews isn’t always as easy as you might think. Write a fair, honest review about the guests stay so future hosts know what to expect.

Before reviewing, think about the following:

  • Was the state of the property reasons with fair usage. If they leave their towels around and leave the bed unmade. This is not cause for giving them a bad review. On the other hand, if they broke something and didn’t inform you, then you within your rights to mention this.
  • Be objective, did they have young children for example in the property. If so then it’s likely going to be messier than normal.
  • Did they attempt to clean up after themselves?
  • Have they stained sofas or carpets?
  • Do you charge a high cleaning fee? If so, they may think that they can leave the property without attempting to clean up after themselves.
  • Did they disturb your neighbours with loud music?
  • Did they smoke inside the property? (We personally give a very bad review for this)

What If I Get A Bad Review?

If you get a bad review, then you can use the reply to public review function in Airbnb. You also have 30-days to response to reviews that have been left for you. Firstly don’t get angry, and make the response as succinct as possible as potential guest will read this. Explain the situation and how you have resolve this for future bookings. Once you submit your response, it will be instantly posted, and editing will not be possible thereafter. Therefore, take your time to carefully consider and articulate your thoughts before finalising your reply.

We personally like to take the reviews onboard as then check the property based on their feedback. It’s possible the guest was actually right. Lastly we like to response to all feedback, good or bad! This we find is a good opportunity to let your personally shine.

Star Ratings

You have the opportunity to rate the guests on the following criteria. Cleanliness, Communication and Observance of house rules. Each of these is rate out for 5-stars. Also, get the opportunity to leave a written public review, private comment and if you recommended them.  The private comment being used for a personal message that will not be published. If you don’t recommend guests, then this can automatically affect their ability to instant book.

When To Use The Private Feedback System

Remember that the public review system can have serious negative effects on the guests ability to book property in the future, so use this power wisely. Some time you just want to provide some feedback to the guest. This is where the private message system comes in. No one else but the guest will see this and this is your opportunity to nudge them in the right direction next time they stay in an Airbnb, on what hosts expect from guests.

Airbnb Review Generator

Try our custom review generator, don’t just create boring reviews responses for your guests. Use our generator to create something unique.

Guests Name:
Property Type: Review Type:
Your Pronoun: Their Pronoun:

Remember to provide specific details and be objective when writing a negative review, to give future hosts and guests a fair and accurate assessment of the guest's behavior during their stay. Additionally, make sure to adhere to Airbnb's review policies and guidelines to ensure that the review is fair and unbiased.

Some positive review templates that you can use

  • <Guest Name> was a lovely guest; communicative, gracious and appreciative. We recommend <Guest Name> 100%.
  • <Guest Name> is a wonderful guest, easy-going, very kind and polite. We would love to have them stay with us again.
  • Cheerful, communicative, respectful, a pleasure to host, highly recommended
  • <Guest Name> and her family were great guests. They took care of our home and treated it with respect. We’d highly recommend them and would invite them back. Our home was spotless and clean when they left right down to clean dishes. Thank you.
  • Very cheery couple, unfortunately, did not get the pleasure to talk to them after checking in, but they are certainly welcome back.
  • <Guest Name>’s family are great company and very warm, fun and friendly. It was a pleasure to have them all stay with us. They are wonderful guests and left the place spotless. We highly recommend them as guests to any host.
  • <Guest Name> and her family are really nice and kind people. It was easy to communicate, they were respectful to the space. I would definitely recommend to all Airbnb hosts.
  • Perfect 5 star ***** Airbnb guest! I’m happy to have hosted you and would welcome again in the future 🙂 thank you!
  • Great guest. Easy communication, treated the place well and left it clean and tidy – even loaded the dishwasher and ran a cycle. Would welcome them back any time.
  • <Guest Name> was a great guest. He was extremely neat and left the apartment in great shape. We would be pleased to host <Guest Name> I can and we highly recommend him to anyone who may be considering his reservation request.
  • Very respectful and tidy. They get my 100% recommendation.
  • <Guest Name> and her friend were lovely guests. Friendly and polite with good communication. They left the place clean and tidy and are welcome back anytime.
  • <Guest Name> and her group were a pleasure to host, easy and prompt communication throughout and left the house as good as they found it. Thanks <Guest Name> and welcome back anytime
  • It was a pleasure to have <Guest Name> and her partner at my apartment! Excellent guest. Very sympathetic, polite, clean and quiet. Exemplary behaviour. No problem at all. Totally recommended!
  • <Guest Name> was a great guest. She was very friendly and all communication was very smooth. Discrete and quiet without causing any complaints by the neighbourhood, she was respecting all the house rules. The apartment when she left was as if it was just cleaned! We strongly recommend <Guest Name> to any host and we look forward to seeing her again.
  • <Guest Name> were fantastic guests who I also had the pleasure of meeting when they checked in. These were 5-star guests who exceeded my requirements and I would not hesitate to have them back as guests. I highly recommend them to other Airbnb hosts.
  • <Guest Name> is a great guest and very easy to deal with all around. They even tipped the cleaner. Thank you, <Guest Name>. They are more than welcome to stay with us any time.
  • <Guest Name> were nice, friendly and easygoing guests! They respected all the house rules and left the apartment clean and tidy on departure. Good communication. Highly recommended to all other hosts.
  • <Guest Name> left our space very clean and they were fantastic with their communication. Sadly, we did not get to meet <Guest Name> in person, but I hope I get the chance to in the future if they decide to visit us again.
  • <Guest Name> took care of our apartment like it was their very own. The guest left the apartment clean and with everything in place. We had a wonderful experience hosting this guest. The guest followed all house rules. We would be glad to have this guest book our apartment again.
  • We truly enjoyed having <Guest Name> in our apartment. She communicated before and during her stay. After her stay, we were pleased to see how she kept the apartment tidy. My cleaners will enjoy how well she took care of the apartment during her stay. We would host this guest again at any time.
  • Respecting the house rules we established and respecting the neighbourhood was what <Guest Name> did very well. Neighbours left us no complaints which is always a plus. We have nothing but positive words for how<Guest Name> treated our home during the stay. We hope to be the host again for <Guest Name>.
  • Communicating with <Guest Name> was a breeze. We are glad we were able to answer all of their questions. They were great guests. We hope she books us again when she visits our city again.
  • A tidy guest is always a great guest to have. This was definitely <Guest Name>. The linens were folded. The kitchen had been cleaned. Our cleaners had little work to do after<Guest Name> left. We appreciated <Guest Name> choosing to book us. We look forward to hosting this guest again.
  • A lovely couple, left our place super clean and tidy, would welcome them back and recommend to Airbnb Hosts.
  • <Guest Name> were a delight to host. they treated the house with respect and communication was excellent, before and during their stay. We hope they had a good stay and hope to see them again in the future.
  • <Guest Name> were the most wonderful guests. They were easy and fun to communicate with and also took great care of the apt. Highly recommended!
  • Excellent guests, very charming and polite! The apartment was left in excellent condition. I would like to recommend them to all future hosts!
  •  <Guest Name> is a charming person, friendly and polite. A very nice guest.
  • <Guest Name> were perfect guests. The house was left in pristine order and all house rules were respected. Communication was very easy. They are welcome to our place anytime!
  • I would definitely host <Guest Name> and their friends again. My house was in excellent shape when I got home, and she was a pleasure to communicate with.
  • <Guest Name> was a clear and well-organised communicator about her arrival and departure plans. She left the flat looking very clean and tidy. She was pleasant and friendly in her manner. A perfect guest.
  • <Guest Name> was at our house for 2 days. She was gentle, quiet and self-organized. It was very easy to host her. She left the room as she found it and she is welcome back in our house whenever she wants it.
  • <Guest Name>was an AMAZING guest! Meeting him was a lovely experience. He was very sympathetic, very kind and friendly – furthermore uncomplicated and autonomous. He took the utmost care of my flat and was incredibly considerate. My flat seemed almost untouched. Thank you so much! Having <Guest Name> is a great luck for every host & I highly recommend him! Thank you so much, <Guest Name>
  • <Guest Name> were lovely! They stayed just one night. Very pleasant and easy to chat with. They were quiet and respectful of our home and left it neat and tidy when they checked out.
  • <Guest Name> were awesome to have as guests and did a great job on communicating on matters like check-in and check-out time. I can recommend them and I hope to have them again as guests.
  • We had a great experience hosting <Guest Name>. They were very respectful of our home and left it clean and tidy. Communication was easy and prompt, and we would definitely host <Guest Name> again.
  • We were delighted to host <Guest Name> at our Airbnb. They were very polite and considerate, and we really appreciated how well they took care of our space. Communication was excellent, and we would definitely host <Guest Name> again.

Example of negative Airbnb host reviews that you can leave for guests

Leaving a bad review doesn’t affect your future Airbnb bookings. It’s important, to be honest

  • Guests were smoking in the apartment leaving bad smells in the property for the next guests, even though it was explicit that smoking was prohibited inside the apartment.
  • Poor communication they didn’t inform us of their arrival time and we didn’t have anyone available when they did arrive.
  • Left the apartment slightly messy, we would have appreciated it if they would have put the plates into the dishwasher as we the house rules.
  • Communication was good, however, they left the front door open leave the property unsecured.
  • <Guest name> arrived with more guests than they specified on the booking, we let them stay, however, we should have charged extra for the inconvenience.
  • Great communication and arrived on time, however, left the apartment in a mess like they possibly had a party.
  • Not a recommended guest! Left the apartment messy, various neighbours complained and we need to contact Airbnb to have them evicted.
  • We have created house rules for a reason. Unfortunately, <Guest Name> chose to not abide by these rules. This was a disappointment to us. We enforce our rules for a reason and will not be hosting those that go against house rules.
  • Small messes are normal for our cleaners to expect. Our cleaners are used to simple housekeeping like sweeping, mopping, washing linens. taking out the trash and cleaning the kitchen. But damages created by <Guest Name> were not expected. We definitely will not tolerate a guest that destroys our property. We do not recommend allowing <Guest Name> to book your Airbnb.
  • <Guest Name> had extra guests that we were not aware of. We must be made aware of everyone who will be staying in our apartment. Extra guests and throwing a party are not things we allow. We will not host <Guest Name> in the future.
  • We had a disappointing experience with <Guest Name> and their family. Communication was great at the start. They initially booked for 3 people but emailed me a few hours before arrival about adding an additional 2 guests.  With them having booked our place for Christmas, I didn’t want to refuse I pulled out an additional air mattress to accommodate the extra member. But to my disappointment, when I arrive 2 days later to find that the house has been used as a party house. Including dozens of bottles of booze and the place reeked of smoke. The saving grace was that I had no other guests for 2 days so had just enough time to air the house out.
  • Although I cannot say anything decent about <Guest name> stay, I must stick to my good manners. It took a vast amount of time to tidy up all the mess my they left. The communication was poor and they were a complicated person to host. I cannot give any recommendations for this person. Dear <Guest Name>, please consider some other place if you are ever back to <Town>

Watch this video for more information on Airbnb reviews.

How to Respond to a Negative Airbnb or Vrbo Review {Airbnb Negative Review Response}

The Italian Tax office Seize Millions from Airbnb

Italian law enforcement recently seizied a staggering €779.5 million from the renowned short term rental giant Airbnb. Their motive? Allegations of tax evasion.

Prosecutors are claiming that Airbnb dropped the ball when it came to collects taxes. Specifically, they’re saying Airbnb should’ve been collecting a hefty 21% tax from Italian property owners who were renting out their places through Airbnb between 2017 and 2021. But it appears they failed to do so.

This crackdown wasn’t limited to Italy alone; it reached Airbnb’s European headquarters in Ireland. Not just that, they also singled out three individuals who were in influential roles during the period in question.

This isn’t Airbnb’s first legal skirmish in the realm of taxes. In a previous attempt to challenge an Italian law, they went to the Court of Justice of the European Union, and that endeavour didn’t quite their way. The court ruled in 2022 that member countries have the right to require platforms like Airbnb to collect income taxes.

This whole situation underlines the ongoing scrutiny that digital platforms, especially the big players like Airbnb, face when it comes to their tax responsibilities. The rules in this digital landscape are still evolving.

Airbnb might be facing even more challenging times ahead, as the government led by Prime Minister Meloni is considering increasing the tax rate on short-term rentals to a hefty 26%.

Airbnb Guest Refuses to Leave Million Dollar Luxury Home

Palm tree boulevard

Back in September 2021, periodontist Aleksandar “Sascha” Jovanovic put his home on Airbnb and rented it out to a tenant named Elizabeth Hirschhorn. But upon writing this article, she has yet to depart.

This property is nestled amongst houses owned by the likes of LeBron James and singer Fergie. Jovanovic purchased the property back in 1995 and took over a year to renovate the property. In 2019, Jovanovic made the decision to list the guest house on Airbnb.

In 2021, he rented the small guest house to Ms. Hirschhorn back in September for a total of six months for just over $20,000. After four months of her stay, the relationship soured between Jovanovic and Hirschhorn.

When the Airbnb host, Mr. Jovanovic, checked on the guest house, he found that a number of areas needed repair that were not there when the guest arrived. He suggested that she stay in a hotel, and he offered some money towards the cost according to messages exchanged on the platform. He then offered that she could stay in his home whilst repairs were carried out.

Since the stay of Ms. Hirschhorn was due to end in March, Mr. Jovanovic’s downfall came after he extended her stay until she found somewhere else to live. At this point, Airbnb’s liabilities ended.

When the end of the extended stay came to an end in April, she did not depart. Since Mr. Jovanovic rented out his main house, this wasn’t compliant with building safety regulations.

Jovanovic, in his frustration and desperation, has chosen to go public with his predicament in hopes of raising awareness and preventing others from enduring similar ordeals. In the end, it falls to a judge to determine the outcome of this contentious dispute.

Beware Hosts, ensure you keep all your conversation inside the Airbnb platform and keep payments on the platform. As when things go wrong, they will have you covered.

Airbnb House Manual

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The Party’s Over!

People drinking at a party

Airbnb parties are a thing of the past. As a result, parties and other gatherings are no longer permitted in any of the properties listed on Airbnb. When bars and clubs were forced to close or restrict entry owing to the pandemic of coronavirus, the accommodation-sharing company made the decision to temporarily prohibit partying behaviour … Read more

Scotland to introduce licensing for Airbnb


According to legislation now before the Scottish Parliament, councils would be granted the authority to guarantee that short-term rentals are safe and suit the requirements of their local communities. The legislation was developed in response to the concerns expressed by residents across Scotland Each short term let will need get a licence for their rental, … Read more

Airbnb enhances the accessibility search filters for guests

wheelchair, disability, injured

Airbnb has improved its search filters and accessibility review process to make it simpler for persons with impairments to discover lodgings on its marketplace. A specialist team of Airbnb agents will now examine photos that hosts upload show casing their homes’ accessibility features, and will examine them to see if they’re acceptable for persons with impairments. Airbnb’s search criteria for accessibility features have also been modified. Filters like accessible parking spots and step free access to bedrooms and bathrooms will now be highlighted in the searchers results. Airbnb modified the filters to for broad … Read more

Airbnb Management Service Contract

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Airbnb’s Enhanced Cleaning Protocol Explained.

Cleaning Protocols

There has never been anything that has affected the travel industry in the same way that Covid-19 has. There are now standards laid out by Airbnb that vacation rental owners have to meet to ensure that their property is safe for people to stay in if they want to get more booking in the future. Property owners are now able to accept visitors and many are keen to do so to get their business back on track, but it is only natural that guests may still feel uneasy. Guests now need to be reassured about the cleanliness of the rental they will be staying in. To help with this Airbnb have launched their Advanced Cleaning Initiative which makes it clear to owners the steps they need to take when cleaning to provide peace of mind for guests.

Why Has The Airbnb Advanced Cleaning Initiative Been Introduced?

The initiative has been launched to ensure that there is a certain standard of cleaning which is being adhered to across all properties that are registered with Airbnb. Owners are given a five-point checkpoint that they need to follow. There is also a quiz that they can take to check they have understood everything that they need to do. If the quiz is completed and passed, then owners will be given a cleaning highlight named ‘Committed to Clean’ which they are able to display on their listings.

Airbnb’s five-step to the cleaning plan is as follows:

  1. Prepare

If you want the cleaning to be effective and be approved by Airbnb, then you need to get the preparation right. You should make sure that you have everything you need in the right rooms before you start. This will ensure that you do not have to keep moving between rooms, or even leave the property to get the things that you need. Always wash your hands before you start cleaning and make sure you wear protective equipment such as gloves or aprons. The rooms should be well ventilated before and while you are cleaning.

  1. Clean

There is a difference between cleaning and sanitizing, and this is something you will need to understand this before you complete the Airbnb quiz. Cleaning is done to prepare for sanitization. As a minimum the cleaning process should make sure that all linens are washed, floors are mopped and vacuumed, counters are wiped, surfaces are dusted, the trash has been taken out and all the dishes have been washed. This will be part of the process that takes the longest, but it is also the most important stage. This is not really different from what you should have been doing before the Covid-19 crisis, but spending that little bit more time cleaning will ensure you always get 5-stars.

  1. Sanitize

Sanitizing helps to prevent the spread of germs. Surfaces that are used most frequently will benefit the most from sanitization, and this includes door handles, appliance, electronics, and light switches. Sanitizing will only be effective if the surfaces are clean to begin with. The instructions on the cleaning materials will tell you how long it needs to be left before being wiped down. For the best results, you should allow the sanitized surface to air dry.

  1. Check

The Airbnb Advanced Cleaning Initiative provides you with a checklist that you can work through once all the cleaning and sanitizing has been completed. There are different lists for different rooms, and you need to go through them all. An added advantage of doing this is that it can highlight any maintenance issues that you may have, these can then be put right before they become a problem for your guests. Most of all it will ensure that the property has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

  1. Reset

Once the property has been cleaned and sanitized, and all the proper checks have been made, then there is one more thing to do to prevent cross-contamination. This step is vital because it stops germs from being spread from inside the house to outside. This means that all rubbish needs to be disposed of correctly and that any equipment you have used such as vacuums needs to be cleaned before they are used elsewhere. You should leave cleaning supplies in place so that they are able to be used by the next guest. If you follow all these steps, then your guests will be walking into a place where they feel clean and safe.

Airbnb Hosting Cleaning Commitment Quiz

There is more detailed information about all the steps discussed above on the Airbnb website. When you have read through all this information, you will be ready to take the Enhanced Cleaning Protocol Quiz. Once you have passed the quiz you will be given a cleaning icon that will appear on your listing page. You will also get a sticker confirming you are ‘committed to clean’ which can be displayed at the property.

If you have read through all the guides you have been provided, then you should have no problem in passing the quiz. It is an open book test and so you can have reading material to refer to if there are any questions you are not sure of. If you do get a question wrong, you are given an explanation of where you went wrong. You are also able to answer the question again to try and get it right this time.

Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning Highlight On Listing

The cleaning highlight will be ready to place on your listing as soon as you have passed the quiz. All you need to do is click on the button to say that you accept.

Once you press the button, then you will be given a recap of the main elements of the initiative. You will also be told that:

– The cleaning protocols need to be followed across all of your rental properties.

– Airbnb may remove your listing altogether if the cleaning protocols are not followed.

– You should also follow the cleaning procedures that are put in place by local and national authorities.

What if I cannot commit to the Enhanced cleaning Protocol?

Airbnb then recommends you enable the booking buffer service, this will leave a buffer of between 24 and 72 hours between guests to reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

I use a professional cleaner; can I still commit to the Cleaning Initiative?

Many Airbnb hosts don’t do their own cleaning, you should train your cleaners to the standards and you will need to take responsibility for the professional cleaning company following the cleaning protocol. Our cleaning checklist will help you ensure that the cleaners follow your guidelines

This additional cleaning will cost me more!

Indeed, if you are using professional service it’s likely to cost you more money, you can help recoup some of this additional cost by adding a cleaning fee to your listing. How much you charge is up to you, however, be aware that additional cleaning fees, can result in a reduction in booking requests. If you do charge a fee, ensure your property has been thoroughly cleaned throughout, otherwise expect a 2-star review.

Give Peace Of Mind To Your Guests

Guests may be feeling nervous about staying in your property because of these uncertain times. The best thing you can do is be honest about the steps you have taken to ensure their safety. You may want to let them know about the actions you have taken as a matter of course, even if they do not specifically ask.

If they see the highlight on your listing, and the ‘committed to clean’ sign at your property, then this can provide reassurance. If your guests do have any concerns, then you will be able to talk them through the protocols that this initiative has put in place.


It has never been important for you to keep your rental property clean and sanitized. The five-step process can help you ensure the property is as clean as possible for your guests, and this in turn will give them confidence that they are safe, which in turn will lead to more booking in this uncertain time.

Our own personal Airbnb tips for cleaning is to perform a deep clean of the property at least every 3-months, this will ensure that your property never falls shorty of obtaining 5-stars

Our final recommendation is to read all safety labels before using any new chemicals and avoid touching your face when cleaning.


Adapting your Airbnb Business During Covid-19

NYC Covid 19

The COVID-19 crisis has hit the short-term rental market hard and Airbnb’s revenues look like they have been cut in half. Airbnb’s business looks like it will never fully recover which they have acknowledged by cutting their workforce by 25% worldwide.

For some of the hardest-hit hosts, Airbnb has provided a Superhost relief fund, which has given grants to over 8700 hosts awarding them over $16-million which doesn’t need to be paid back.

What does this massive disruption mean for your business? You are likely going to need to work harder to gain those ever so important guests. The demographic of guests have started to change during this pandemic, so you should alter your business accordingly.

The biggest change to the Airbnb ecosystem is that guests are booking stays that are closer to home. The number of local stays has increased from 13% to 30% and this is likely to rise until more flights start to resume and people feel safer on planes.

Not only are guests booking stays closer to home, but the amount they are willing to spend has dropped massively, under $50 a night is becoming the new normal.

To adapt to this new future of travel guests are require more private spaces, whereas before many guests were happy to share, now they want to be alone and stats seem to show that they feel happier staying in an Airbnb rather than a hotel. Due to the uncertainty in the world, these guests are booking more trips closer to their travel dates, so be prepared to accept the guest’s last-minute bookings. Enable Instant Booking to give you a good catch to get those last-minute travellers.

Offer to your guests self-checkins, if this isn’t something you do already you should highly consider it, as future guests may not want to meet people to do a key exchange. If you do offer keyless entry of a self checkin, then ensure you highlight this.

Update your discount rates for longer-term stays, this will be better for you as this will reduce your amount of time you need to cleaning and reduce your own exposure.

More than ever before cleanliness will be the most important part of your business. Airbnb has introduced the enhanced cleaning protocol, which will help your guests be safe. The protocol is not mandatory and no penalties if you decide not to enrol. However, enrolling into their enhanced cleaning programme will help boost your rankings and will give you a little next extra icon in your listing.

if you don’t wish to enroll in the enhanced cleaning programme, you can set a booking buffer which basically means you will agree to leave your property empty for 72-hours, this will be automatically administered by Airbnb’s by blocking your calender, this time scale may change as we learn more about Covid-19. We recommend that you update your listing to mention your cleaning regime and truly commit to it, otherwise be prepared for a negative review.

Some tips on cleaning:

  • Ensure you disinfect surfaces that are high touch areas, likely handles, desks, toilets, remote controls, and handrails for example
  • Protect yourself by using gloves and avoid touching your face
  • Ventilate the property as soon as you arrive by opening all window
  • Use a checklist to ensure you and your cleaners don’t forget anything

Help your guests be safe by providing hand sanitizer and hand wash. Leave in the property extra tissues and travel packs to help them be safe. Some countries require face covering, if you’re able to provide these free of charge to the guests, then mention this as one of your selling points on your listing.

Lastly, don’t forget about Aribnb’s Extenuating Circumstances Policy that covers guests who have booked their trip before March-1th 2020, they are allowed to cancel their stay and will be entitled to a full refund. Reservations booked after 14th of March will not be covered under the Extenuating Circumstances Policy.







EU Want Airbnb to be Clearer on Pricing

Those who have used Airbnb in the past know how upsetting it is when there are hidden charges. Also, the feeling of frustration can arise when there is no clear medium to air a dispute.

In response to these numerous complaints, the EU Commission is cracking down on home-sharing service lack of transparency. Any additional costs for the home, such as cleaning, service fees and taxes, must be listed upfront in the initial quote.

Additionally, the hosts must now disclose if it is a private or professional listing since the short-term rentals market has attracted more professional hosting services. Furthermore, there must be easy to find a link to the Online Dispute Resolution service on the site.

There are further checks and balances added to the terms of service as well making it known that consumers have the right to sue in case of personal harm or damages in one’s country of residence. Airbnb is also not allowed to change their terms and conditions without informing present clients and giving them the right to cancel their contracts when they do change their terms and conditions.

The EU Commission and EU Consumer Authorities contacted Airbnb in July 2018 to make known these complaints. The parties were ensuring that the company complied with the current standards stipulated in EU consumer law. Overall make it whole service much more transparent.

Airbnb to Hand Over Data to NYC and Other Cities Could Be Next

The feud between Airbnb and New York is not new. For the past decade, they have embroiled in a high profile rivalry. On the one hand, this hospitality service brokerage wants to be legitimized in its biggest market. But on the other, New York City’s strict short term rental laws make Airbnb’s rentals illegal. This ongoing enmity has also affected New Yorkers as finding affordable housing is difficult.

In February, New York’s mayor, Bill de Blasio subpoenaed the company for records of more than 17,000 listings that weren’t anonymized. The mayor explained that this was a measure to force this enterprise to provide transparency about their rentals. But after years of lawsuits, countersuits and lobbying campaigns, New Yorkers can now be relieved since the company has found a way to share that information with the government without privacy being compromised.

The Lost Battle

The data dump involved listings from January 2018 through February and was given to the city on April 5th. The agreement came to be as a response to a subpoena from the Mayor’s Office of Special Enforcement (OSE) in Manhattan Supreme Court on May 15th.

Now, OSE can request listing information containing user records from this hospitality service enterprise but only if they can prove that the info will be helpful to an investigation. They were given one year to make that request. The city will be using the data to determine operators who disrupt the city’s housing stock and damage New Yorker’s neighbourhood, placing residents and visitors in danger.

Liz De Fusco spoke on behalf of Airbnb and said that this deal is the first step towards finding a lasting solution to this problem. With this agreement, the company hopes that they can work with the city to find a consistent solution that’s within its lawful rights and obligations.

More To Come

But, this enterprise and OSE still have other four separate cases awaiting in the same court against each other on whether Airbnb should be compelled to share user information with the city. The company was however ordered to respond to the OSE subpoenas for records from listings in three cities: Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens which the city suspects they are illegally used. The information in these files, however, is to remain confidential as per court orders.