Always Get Paid, Even If Guests Cancel

In an attempt to attract more users to its platform, Airbnb began trialling non-refundable reservations. This is meant to assists both host and guests, hosts will get a guaranteed payout if the guests cancel the booking. Guests, in turn, will get an automatic 10% off your standard booking price. The guests will get a refund of the cleaning fee if they cancel before check-in. You’ll keep the entire nightly rate.

It will appear to the guests as an option when they go to make a reservation, putting Airbnb more in-line with hotel booking sites like who have offered such features for many years., offer this in the form of obtaining a lower price or free cancellation.

Enabling this option will likely see Airbnb push your property by improving your search results and will maybe have a little badge promoting the listing. When guests are searching they’ll see the lowest price possible helping you stand out from your competition that little bit more.

If the guests select “Flexible – Full Price” then the booking will default back to your selected cancellation policy. ie Strict, Flexible and moderate.

It’s too early to tell if this feature help or hinders hosts, but our current advice is to enable this option if you have it. It’s currently only available for a limited time and not available to all hosts. If successful Airbnb will likely roll this out to all hosts in the new year.