Airbnb tenant finally removed after 575-days

A rouge tenant who had occupied an Airbnb property for a whopping 575 days without paying a penny has finally been forced to vacate the premises.

Ms Hisschhorn initially booked a six month stay in a out house connected to a mansion in Brentwood, Los Angeles, owned by Sascha Jovanovic. However, when her initial booking expired, Jovanovic allowed her to stay in his mansion while the issues where resolved, but did this outside of the protection of Airbnb. Hisschhorn refused to leave the mansion, citing COVID-19 concerns and what she alleged to be an illegally constructed shower.

Hirschhorn’s lengthy stay, earning her the moniker of the ‘Airbnb tenant from hell,‘ has now come to an end, as she was seen being escorted off the California property by the police. She was even assisted by three male friends in moving her belongings, including several boxes, into a waiting white van.

Adding to the complications, Hirschhorn counter-sued Jovanovic for $100,000, claiming it was to cover her ‘relocation costs’.

Jovanovic, relieved by the resolution, spoke to the Daily Mail, stating, “I’m very relieved and also a bit overwhelmed. It was a long time coming, but now she is finally out! This weekend is going to be very positive.”

However, the situation may not be entirely resolved just yet, as Jovanovic had taken measures to prevent Hirschhorn from returning. Rucci, a legal representative, suggested cancelling an upcoming eviction hearing now that Hirschhorn had left the property. In response, Hirschhorn’s attorney, Amanda Seward, claimed that her departure was only ‘temporary’ and accused Jovanovic of harassment after he informed them that the locks had been changed at the house.

The lesson learnt here is make sure you stay within the Airbnb platform for all funds and conversations, otherwise it’s unlikely you’ll be protected if any thing goes wrong.