The Party’s Over – Airbnb Suspends 800 UK listings

Airbnb has suspended more than 800 listings in the UK after they believed that they have been used as party houses. The suspension covers the listings that have defied policies or received complaints on events and parties which are banned by the company.

In the company’s commitment to crack down on the antisocial behaviour, they have blocked UK reservations attempts over 13,500 in a single month by introducing a pilot restriction that put a stop to some reservations from the people living nearby and under the age of 25 years.

Airbnb has introduced some ground rules to be followed to prevent certain behaviour at its listed rental properties. This included banning parties at their rental properties internationally, the introduction of the pilot booking restrictions, and launching of the neighbour tools, this is where neighbours can share their concerns about any of their listings to them directly for investigating.

It started as the organization stated they will be restricting reservations in England following the lockdown introduction by the government, to make sure that no one goes against the Covid restriction rules.  From Friday 6th November to Wednesday the 2nd of December during this time all the new reservations will be done with the new temporary restrictions.

Guests who are legally not subject to the restrictions will be allowed to have long-term reservations on Airbnb. But the company will be continuously reviewing measures and keeping an eye on the way forward by the government.

The director of public policy at the organization, Patrick Robinson, issued a “zero tolerance” warning to any guest using the platform.

With the plans of filing the necessary Initial Public Offering (IPO) documents before the end of November, just before the stock market launching in December. This company is completed to its pledge to find and remove guests and hosts may still want to hold the house parties and large gatherings and fail to follow the social distancing rule.  Airbnb is positive about attracting more investors as they pursue a new IPO deal exceeding $30 billion.

Host Update with Catherine Powell | August 20th, 2020