Airbnb Safety and Security Gadgets (Updated 2023)

Security Product Overview


Home security has been available for years; almost every home has implemented one security measure, whether it is an alarm system or motion detector or just the traditional fences that restrict burger. Unfortunately, these conventional security measures can be easily be bypassed, and the alarm is often annoying to neighbours especially if it often gets triggered by false elements. With the sharing economy such as Airbnb on its peak, these traditional security measures have become almost unnecessary. Things are getting more complicated, and it is important for homeowners & hosts to adapt to current changes when it comes to security.

As the smartphone has converged communication and computing into one, the ability to check in the security of your home is not a dream. It’s a reality; one can now access their home security status from anywhere across the globe. Using current technology, the entire hours and family are completely protected with all types of dangers be, it burglary, fire, freezing, flood or simple break-in.

Before purchasing any surveillance devices make sure you check Airbnb’s latest rules.

FIBARO Reviewed

Fibaro is manufactured home hardware’s for home; this includes but not limited to lighting automation, liquid, smoke, main power wall sockets, motion sensor and controllers. The company knows what is important when it comes to security. Its home system is simple and easy to use. All you need to do it merely plugin and it’s ready to use after few configurations. Fibaro has been in operation since 2010, and it has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of a home security system in the world. The company is committed to providing quality automation products at very reasonable prices.

Its wide range of products utilises Z-wave technology, which allows consumers with little or no technical expertise to set up one of the most complicated networks of products. If you purchase products from Fibaro, you can quickly perform a simple action like turning some of the application on or off remotely. Fibaro has a number of smart home devices the monitor the environment and adapts to the need of the user. Through Fibaro the access to your home and your data are protected at the highest level through security systems, encrypted communication using TLS protocol and Passwords.


Nest Reviewed

Nest provides a wide range of Home Automation products built to make our lives more comfortable and more convenient, and they include Nest protects smoke, Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Nest Cam indoor, audio cloud storage security camera and Nest Learning Thermostat.

NEST has a long time experience in the smart home market and has developed different ecosystem devices that work seamlessly with each other to provide total security to homeowners and short term renters. Some of Nest popular products include an electronic, programmable and self-learning WI-FI enabled thermostat, security camera and many more.

The features on its range of products combine innovation and integrate with third parties like the Airbnb and other channels and giving its user with customisation options. Like Apple, Nest applies a high focus on making their products easy to use. Therefore, the installation of their device is easy, and management is seamless. Nest’s hardware are intuitive; they have the capabilities to learn routine, process this information and ensure that everything at your home is working as it should be. In other words, Nest products make life easier and safe.


Noiseaware Reviewed

Since the introduction of Airbnb, the number of short term rental has skyrocketed all across the globe and so has the chance of noisy tenants. As a result, agents and owners have become subject to noise fines and restriction for many violations. For this reason, Krauss and Schulz invented Noiseaware, a noise tracking software and a device that distinguished normal noise from guest and true nuisance and alert the rental owners with a text message. The software can customize quiet hours, the noise threshold and can prioritize alert.

The device simply connects with the home WiFi, detects noise levels and the number of wireless devices, and sends the noise data to you, and ultimately alerting you when there is a risky situation on your rental. For instance, whether there is a party taking place or any other unwanted nuisance. The device is easy to set up; users only need to connect it with the property WiFi. When noise threshold is violated, the message is received at an instant and ultimately sending the tenants a heads up, thus resolving the issue immediately.

Noise Aware

Lockitron Reviewed

The Lockitron is one of the latest Bluetooth enabled electronic door lock ideal for renter and homeowners. This smart lock notifies you when someone rings or knock on the door. It uses Bluetooth to connect to the web and ultimately allowing you to grant other access to the unit. The Lockitron is compatible with Android and iOs devices and even any Wi-Fi device that uses the internet. Typically, this means you have control of your rental from within the free companion app or website wherever you are on the internet. This means complete peace of mind at all times knowing that your bolt is locked even when you are halfway around the world.

Instead of sliding over an existing door lock, which often causes many mechanical issues, this lock replaces the deadbolt. It, therefore, comes with a latch, a lock cylinder, and a mounting plate. The unit also features brushed nickel and other body styles. You can see even your bolt with your keep but still, keep your old house keys. When a renter enters your residence, Lockitron sends you a message that someone has arrived. This means that if you are using Airbnb and other sharing platforms, you can conveniently grant access or know when the renter arrives or leaves the premise. The bolt does not require significant installation, and it is powered by AA battery, and when the battery runs low, the device sends a message to the user.

Updated: Lockitron has become Myq Smart Locks 

Igloohome Reviewed

Igloohome allows property owners and renter to manage their property from anywhere across the globe without worrying that there is any security risk for their properties. Igloohome offers locks that protect any property from unwanted access, ensure that those who are welcomed conveniently enter your property. With its time-sensitive Pin code and blue tooth key, one can decide when and whom to grant access to, which is an ideal solution for the property owner and short term rental.

Their smart locks have support and integration with Airbnb and have tamper detection. This means you can unlock the door even when the battery has died. The process of using this device is quite smooth, and with its mobile app, one can operate from anywhere across the globe. Even better the door sensor automatically relocks whenever the user closes the door. Overall, the device is an ideal option for those who are tired of fumbling for keys and wants to find a secure solution to the traditional lock.

Igloo Home

SmartLock Review

People like Airbnb because of the ability to feel they are home away from home; this is more hospitable than the average hotel or hotel. So, the last thing you need is to use physical keys; this can get lost which can be quite an inconvenience for both the host and the quest or worse it could be copied quickly at a hardware store. Sometimes, it is hard to get the keys back from the guest or even enforce checkout time particularly when the Airbnb property is not in a nearby location.

SmartLock provides smart lock solutions for numerous applications for rental owners and property managers. Their range of locks offered allows property owner and managers to provide the guest with temporary remote code controlled from the cloud. This means that managing properties online is possible from anywhere in the world. The locks are integrated with Airbnb and many other booking platforms. One code can open many doors, which means that it is possible to manage as many Airbnb properties as you want.

Smart Lock

Skybell Reviewed

Many video doorbells only offer basic features, two-way audio and probably motion detection or video footage. Skybell, on the other hand, offers you all these features and connectivity to the security system and other devices at home. This standalone system is ideal for Airbnb renters and homeowners who want to start with a home security system without a lot of installation effort.

SkyBell has a unique circular aesthetic making it unique among smart doorbells. The doorbell features LED button, and 1080 HD video and the fact that it can zoom makes it even better. It also has free cloud recording capabilities without monthly fees. With this smart lock device, you can answer the doorbell through your device and even interact with your guest from anywhere and at any time of the day. When a guest is at the door, you get a mobile notification instantly. It can be effective in capturing videos, and the full-colour video is something one would appreciate. The installation is simple, but it is hard-wired. Overall, the hardware is solid; it features so much flexibility especially when it comes to integrating it with an existing home security system.


RentingLock Reviewed

RentingLock is not just smart lock hardware, but it is also more of an online management system that seems quite an additional to Airbnb hosts who are interested in remote entry management for their property listing. The lock was developed for those who need to manage guest entry without having to worry about the lock connected to the electricity. Rentinglock allows renters and homeowners to grant access to their property from anywhere in the world. So, Airbnb guest can enter the property using a secret code.

This means no late-night check-ins or numeric codes. Codes can be sent to the guest device through an SMS. The lock does not need electricity or external power, WiFi or any Bluetooth, unlike other smart locks. Rentinglock is an offline solution, the only thing it does is generate codes online. Codes and the entire experience secure, it is protected by Powerful cryptography. One key advantage of this smart lock is that it can be integrated with the channel manager. Therefore the whole process can be automated for a better experience.

Renting Lock