Airbnb Reveals is Most Wishlisted Homes for Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day, Airbnb has revealed its most wishlisted properties worldwide, showcasing simple and minimalistic living for both hosts and guests. Bookings for these properties occur months in advance, so if you’re planning to stay, be sure to get organized and prepare for the release dates of these stunning homes.

Here are 10 of the top wishlisted Earth Homes on Airbnb, some of this home illustrate that sustainable living is not only achievable but potentially more attainable than one might imagine.

  1. Unique Dome Glamping by Natural Pool & Beaches (San Isidro, Costa Rica) 
  2. Wee Nook – a Hobbit Hole (McEwen, TN, United States)
  3. 1 bdrm/den/bath within a peaceful earthship oasis! (Tres Piedras, NM, United States)
  4. Eco Dome on the Mountain (El Oro de Hidalgo, Mexico)
  5. Earth Shelter/Cave Home with Pool & Rooftop Garden (Murbad, Maharashtra, India)
  6. Aldea Read Tapalpa (Tapalpa, Jalisco, Mexico)
  7. Eco Cob Hobbit House on Off-Grid Permaculture Farm (Șardu, Romania)
  8. Hobbit Style Underground Cabin (Somerville, TX, United States)
  9. Casa de Los Hobbits (Barichara, Colombia)
  10. Casa Ozu – Mushroom Site (Vale das Colinas, Brazil)