Airbnb Remove Profile Pictures

You may have noticed that you can no longer see the pictures of your potential guests. Airbnb has done this in a measure to attempt to reduce discrimination of potential guests. Now you’ll only see the first let of the customers first name.

Will I get to see the guest profile picture?

The profile picture is now only shown when a booking has been confirmed. Airbnb attempt to ask all guests for them to upload a picture when they signup for the first time, but this still isn’t mandatory.

The guest doesn’t have a profile picture

After the guest has booked the might have a profile picture available. You can force guests to have a profile picture before booking with you by altering you’re booking setting.

Enforcing profile pictures

To insist on guests having a profile picture you can do this your booking settings
1. Click on Booking Settings
2. Next, to the Guests Requirements click edit
3. Check the required profile picture button
4. Click save
Even if you have this option checked you will not be able to see the profile picture until they have confirmed their booking.

After booking my guests do not have a profile picture

You can kindly remind your guests to please complete their profile picture and to upload a form a government ID.  You can mention to your guests that they are not staying in a hotel.
“Thank you for booking with us and we can’t wait to host you. To help just verify you when you arrive, please can you upload a profile picture for us. If there is any other information that you need to know. Then please do let us know.”

I feel uncomfortable with the guest after they have uploaded their photo

After you’ve seen the guests photo you may feel uncomfortable with this. You can’t cancel just because you don’t like their face/colour/race or posture. However, if they have uploaded a picture of the Mountain, you should ask them to change it.
If they don’t comply you can ask Airbnb to cancel the reservation penalty free. (Always call Airbnb before cancelling a booking to make sure you are within your rights to cancel)


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