Airbnb Plus Comes to Thailand

Continually growing the home-sharing start-up is now ready to win Thailand.

After developing partnerships with the TBAA and DLA, Airbnb is launching a new exciting option for keen travellers in a market that received 1.5 million guests in the past year alone!

With the creation of Airbnb Plus in Bangkok and Phuket, the community-driven platform is ready to become a trend in Asia’s favourite destinations.

Are you wondering what is Airbnb Plus?

We’ll explain! With millenniums ruling the way people travel, explorers are now more than ever looking for unique experiences based on trust references by peers and influencers. Airbnb Plus gives the opportunity to the most avid travelers to stay in excellency homes offered by hosts with amazing reviews and attention to detail. An application for Airbnb Plus cost around $149 and is currently in Austin Texas, London, Melbourne, Cape Town, Barcelona, Rome, Milan, San Francisco, Syndey and Toronto and it soon to be in many more.

Highly rated – 4.8+ out of 5 – Airbnb Plus hosts have one-of-a-kind, beautiful, thoughtfully designed homes with excellent reviews. Tourists can travel now with peace of mind because all these spaces are inspected in person by a third-party company, considering cleanliness, comfort and design. They use over 100-points on their quality control checklist.

According to Mike Orgill, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan’s Country Manager, Asia has more than 400 million global guests’ arrival. With Airbnb Plus, local hosts who go above and beyond when it comes to outstanding hospitality will now be able to be recognized and offer comforts and amenities travelers expect in a home!

Allowing holidaymakers living like locals, the Company is transforming the way people travel and the type of places chosen by theses explorers.