Airbnb Message Templates to Help You Save Time

Responding to guests is an important part of the ecosystem. However, responding to all guests with unique messages can be time-consuming. However, if you want to become a  superhost you need to keep communication rating high. Here is our shortcut for you. Save these Airbnb message templates into your account, they will save you time and get you hosting like a professional, allowing you to focus on hospitality.

Please feel free to copy and edit these message to suit your needs.

Add these Airbnb template messages to the “Saved Messages” on the desktop site. Then it’s just a quick click of a button and your done.

Screening Guests

We don’t accept guests without them completing their profile. This small message helps us weed out the real guests from the fake ones. Most people are compliant to this request, ensure this is sent immediately when they request to book.

Before we can accept your booking, please go into the Airbnb verification and complete all verification including uploading a form of Government ID.

Once this is completed, let us know and we’ll have your booking accepted. 

New Booking

This is the first message that you should send out to your news guests as soon as they make a booking with you. Make them feel welcomed and ensure you send this with 24 hours of them making a booking.

Thank you for booking with us.

Just so we can have someone meet you at the property to check you in, can you let us know what time we can expect you at the property? 

A few days beforehand we'll send you information on how to checkin.

We look forward to hosting you.

All the best, {You Name}

Day Before Booking

Just a reminder of their upcoming booking, this especially useful if you do in person checkins. This reminds them of their time commitment and stops you wasting time on hanging around wait to check them in. Some people are very lazy to look up the address in the App, just in case include it in the message to make them feel at ease.

Are we still expecting you about {TIME} tomorrow? Can you please advise me on your method to get to the apartment, just so that we can have someone meet you there. Just as a reminder the address is {ADDRESS}, when you arrive just enter our door number {NUMBER} into the entry system and buzz the door

Any problems or delays, please call me on +{ }


After Checkin, 1st Day

This message is useful to make the guests feel at home. Sometimes your welcome pack doesn’t contain everything they need to know, this helps open a dialogue with them as more often than not, they don’t want to disturb you.

Pro Tip:

  1. Include some local pointers, tourists sites that only locals would know etc…
  2. Breakfast spots where they can go and maybe somewhere for dinner
Is everything OK with the apartment? If you need anything while you are staying with us please let us know.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay.

Last Day

Send this message on the last day, you want to put in this message any things that you want the guest to do before they depart Like putting the rubbish out or where they should leave the keys.

Pro Tip:

  1. Cleaners generally like to start work early, so if you can establish the check out time, this will help you with turnarounds etc…
  2. If you ask them to put the dishwasher on, this will help your cleaners complete their tasks much faster, as they don’t have to wait for the dishwasher to finish.
  3. Recommend a taxi company that can take them to the airport.
Time flies! I am sorry that it's already your last day. I hope you had a fantastic stay and I wish you an easy & comfortable trip home.

Here are some Logistics.

Just so we can arrange cleaners can you please let us know what time you are expecting to leave the apartment?

If you booked the car service, the driver will arrive at the appointed time - please be ready as parking outside is difficult for more than a minute or two.
If you decide now that you'd like to be picked up by a driver on departure, email use too. The car service is more reliable and can make that final day stress-free.

1) Please leave the keys on the table - unless you got them from a keysafe.
2) Please place and towels in the bath tub.
3) Where possible if you could put any glasses into the dishwasher. Thanks!
4) Check draws to see if you've left anything behind.

BROKE SOMETHING? (no worries)
That's OK, these things happen. Just let us know what needs to be replaced or fixed so the next guests have a nice experience too.

Email us, we can help!

So, that's it! We wish you'll be back visiting us very soon!

2 Days After Stay

This is to remind them to leave a review for you and help you improve your Airbnb by obtaining feedback that they might not include in the Airbnb review system.

Pro Tip.

  1. Not all guests realise that the review system is only open for 14 days, so sometimes it worth nudging them to ask them to review your property.
I hope this email finds you happily back home with wonderful memories of your time with us. We are always striving to improve the experience for guests like you so any feedback would be most appreciated!

Please do drop us an email with anything that you think could have improved your stay.

Thanks again for staying with us and we hope you’ll keep in touch.



If sending all these messages seems a bit much, you should consider using automation to do the task for you. There are a number of platforms on the market that can help you with this. They require you to connect your Airbnb account to their systems and they monitor any bookings that you get. Automation can also help in increasing your Airbnb search rankings at they response immediately for you, ensuring you always message guests within Airbnb 24-hours window.


Your Porter App, is free for hosts with only one property. Features include automated messages, Channel Manager and a mobile app.

Uplisting is useful for property managers who have more 5 or more properties. This can sync with Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO,

Smartbnb helps automate with personalised messages and works with both Airbnb and HomeAway.