Airbnb launches Arabic version of their platform

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Airbnb, one of the innovators of global hospitality services and tourism-related activities, has now made its platform available in the Arabic language. The announcement was officially made last week, with the company specifying that the move was made in order to provide more convenience to the rising number of their patrons in the Middle East as well as in North Africa. With that said, visitors to the mobile and web version of the platform may now view it in Arabic.

“Localization of the platform in both Android and iOS highlights Airbnb’s long-term goal of developing a world where people can easily find accommodation and belongingness wherever they are. The main functionalities of Airbnb (whether it’s viewed on the app or a browser) will be rendered in Arabic. Hundreds of options for rentable accommodations will be made available to ensure satisfactory stays that would always be able to fit everyone’s particular needs and preferences. The same can be said for the unique Experiences in equally numerous tourist destinations that we offer,” stated the representatives of Airbnb.

It further added that they now have as much as 70,000 listings in those regions, with the majority of them being in the United Arab Emirates. Up to 145,000 guests in the UAE were given accommodation alone last year. This figure is significant for it revealed a 63 percent increase in guests compared to the following year.

Experiences debuted in Dubai in 2017, and as much as 120 of locally hosted events, tours and other activities are now being offered in the city. This feature has since been made available in Egypt, Jordan, and Morocco as well, totalling to around 750 experiences being made available in MENA.

The regional manager for Africa and the Middle East, Hadi Moussa, shared his thoughts on the move, “Airbnb considers the Middle East and North Africa as one of its most vital regions so we are more than happy to finally make Arabic as an available language for users of the platform. The amount of Airbnb users booking accommodations in these regions have remained consistent and are still growing since the company’s launch ten years ago.

“We mean to impart our commitment to help patrons fit in anywhere and be comfortable with our platform by presenting its basic features with the help of their native language. From here on, it wouldn’t be hard for us to inspire sightseeing Arabic speakers to get to enjoy the destinations that they love. With our move to foster a feeling of genuine localness in our platforms, we are certain that it would make our users’ stays and Experiences not only memorable but one that they could easily be accustomed to.

“Hospitality among Arabians is a well-known trait worldwide. This is why it’s only appropriate to

showcase it by encouraging more people in the region to easily serve as hosts to thousands of guests from around the world who want to get to experience it firsthand,” he finished.

Incidentally, Oyo, a rising Indian budget accommodation startup, is also planning to release a version of its app in Arabic. The company has been operating in the United Arab Emirates for more than a year, and it only just expanded to Saudi Arabia as well.


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