Airbnb is ready to disrupt home-builders

Airbnb is shifting to a whole different level with the thrilling announcement of its latest project, Backyard. This will be the initiative to get into the home building business. The plan is to create modular “affordable” homes that will have interchangeable roofs and the ability to adjust the floor plan based on the needs to the occupant. If occupant needs a bedroom home the robotics walls would change the layout based on this requirement.

After disrupting hotels, the home-sharing company wants to do more to help with the houses and rent crisis.

Right now, there are more questions than answers for this new intriguing project but, the start-up affirms that will be possible to have some test units as soon as autumn 2019.

With a talented team that includes designers, engineers, specialists and experts, the $31 billion company wants to create homes to be shared from the ground up.

For the more curious, unfortunately, there is no prototype yet. In the Samara website, you can see pictures that show a little more about the project.

Airbnb is challenging the conventional thinking and revolutionizing the industry, so Backyard is expected to be humanistic, futuristic and environmentally friendly. In a fast-paced and diversified world, this start-up is keeping everyone on their toes and surprising the public.