Airbnb has removed over 100,000 listings in a drive for quality over quantity

In a recent update shared during Airbnb’s “Spring Product Update,” the company unveiled its substantial efforts to prioritize quality and reliability across its platform. With a focus on enhancing the overall guest experience, Airbnb has removed a staggering 100,000 listings, marking the largest set of removals in the company’s history. This article explores the details surrounding this initiative and sheds light on Airbnb’s commitment to ensuring every guest enjoys a stellar stay.

Their Approach to Quality

According to Article 1, Airbnb’s determination of quality goes beyond a simple overall rating. The company employs a comprehensive approach, taking into account subcategory ratings, host cancellations, and quality-related community support issues. To better assess listings that fall short of community expectations, Airbnb launched an updated hosting quality system in April 2023.

The first three months following the implementation of the updated system saw the removal of 12,000 low-quality listings. Airbnb has since removed a staggering total of 100,000 listings that consistently failed to meet the community’s standards for a satisfactory guest experience. The commitment doesn’t stop there; Airbnb continues to evaluate every listing after each stay, ensuring ongoing quality assurance.

Education and Collaboration with Hosts

Before removing a listing, Airbnb engages in a collaborative effort with hosts, providing them with education, tips, and actionable feedback directly in their account dashboard. This proactive approach aims to empower hosts to enhance their guests’ experience and address potential issues before they escalate.

Verification and Guest Confidence

Airbnb is taking additional steps to boost guest confidence through its verification process. By the end of the month, nearly 1.5 million listings will have completed this process, featuring verification badges for enhanced transparency. The company is also introducing new tools, such as video and photo verification, to further authenticate listings and plans to expand listing verification to additional countries.

Airbnb is refining its “Guest Favorites” identification system, providing unique highlights for the top 25% of listings based on ratings, reviews, and reliability. The company is also expanding its integration with smart lock providers, emphasizing security and convenience for guests.

The Aim

Airbnb’s significant removal of 100,000 listings underscores its unwavering commitment to quality and reliability. By employing a holistic approach, collaborating with hosts, and introducing new verification processes, Airbnb aims to ensure every guest has a great stay. As the company continues to innovate and prioritize quality over quantity, guests can look forward to a more secure and enjoyable experience on the platform.