As you probably know reviews on Airbnb make up a large part of the ecosystem. Reviews create a trust for new guests attempting to book somewhere to stay. On the flip side, it can help hosts know if they should let their property to certain guests.

Both parties (hosts and guests) have 14-days after checkout to review their stay at the apartment. Once both reviews have been posted this will appear on the account of the guests or hosts.

Once both reviews have been posted the reviews can not be edited. They can only be removed from the system if they break the Airbnb review guidelines.

How to review guests

Writing reviews isn’t always as easy as you might think. Write a fair, honest review about the guests stay so future hosts know what to expect.

Before reviewing, think about the following:

  • Was the state of the property reasons with fair usage. If they leave their towels around and leave the bed unmade. This is not cause for giving them a bad review. On the other hand, if they broke something and didn’t inform you, then you within your rights to mention this.
  • Be objective, did they have young children for example in the property. If so then it’s likely going to be messier than normal.
  • Did they attempt to clean up after themselves?
  • Have they stained sofas or carpets?
  • Do you charge a high cleaning fee? If so, they may think that they can leave the property without attempting to clean up after themselves.
  • Did they disturb your neighbours with loud music?
  • Did they smoke inside the property? (We personally give a very bad review for this)

Star Ratings

You have the opportunity to rate the guests on the following criteria. Cleanliness, Communication and Observance of house rules. Each of these is rate out for 5-stars. Also, get the opportunity to leave a written public review, private comment and if you recommended them.  The private comment being used for a personal message that will not be published. If you don’t recommend guests, then this can automatically affect their ability to instant book.



Review Generator

Try our custom review generator, don’t just create boring reviews responses for your guests. Use our generator to create something unique.

Guests Name:
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Some review template that you can use

  • <Guest Name> was a lovely guest; communicative, gracious and appreciative. We recommend <Guest Name> 100%.
  • <Guest Name> is a wonderful guest, easy-going, very kind and polite. We would love to have them stay with us again.
  • Cheerful, communicative, respectful, a pleasure to host, highly recommended
  • <Guest Name> and her family were great guests. They took care of our home and treated it with respect. We’d highly recommend them and would invite them back. Our home was spotless and clean when they left right down to clean dishes. Thank you.
  • Very cheery couple, unfortunately, did not get the pleasure to talk to them after checking in, but they are certainly welcome back.
  • <Guest Name>’s family are great company and very warm, fun and friendly. It was a pleasure to have them all stay with us. They are wonderful guests and left the place spotless. We highly recommend them as guests to any host.
  • <Guest Name> and her family are really nice and kind people. It was easy to communicate, they were respectful to the space. I would definitely recommend to all Airbnb hosts.
  • Perfect 5 star ***** Airbnb guest! I’m happy to have hosted you and would welcome again in the future 🙂 thank you!
  • Great guest. Easy communication, treated the place well and left it clean and tidy – even loaded the dishwasher and ran a cycle. Would welcome them back any time.
  • <Guest Name> was a great guest. He was extremely neat and left the apartment in great shape. We would be pleased to host <Guest Name> I can and we highly recommend him to anyone who may be considering his reservation request.
  • Very respectful and tidy. They get my 100% recommendation.
  • <Guest Name> and her friend were lovely guests. Friendly and polite with good communication. They left the place clean and tidy and are welcome back anytime.
  • <Guest Name> and her group were a pleasure to host, easy and prompt communication throughout and left the house as good as they found it. Thanks <Guest Name> and welcome back anytime
  • It was a pleasure to have <Guest Name> and her partner at my apartment! Excellent guest. Very sympathetic, polite, clean and quiet. Exemplary behaviour. No problem at all. Totally recommended!
  • <Guest Name> was a great guest. She was very friendly and all communication was very smooth. Discrete and quiet without causing any complaints by the neighbourhood, she was respecting all the house rules. The apartment when she left was as if it was just cleaned! We strongly recommend <Guest Name> to any host and we look forward to seeing her again.
  • <Guest Name> were fantastic guests who I also had the pleasure of meeting when they checked in. These were 5-star guests who exceeded my requirements and I would not hesitate to have them back as guests. I highly recommend them to other Airbnb hosts.
  • <Guest Name> is a great guest and very easy to deal with all around. They even tipped the cleaner. Thank you, <Guest Name>. They are more than welcome to stay with us any time.
  • <Guest Name> were nice, friendly and easygoing guests! They respected all the house rules and left the apartment clean and tidy on departure. Good communication. Highly recommended to all other hosts.
  • <Guest Name> left our space very clean and they were fantastic with their communication. Sadly, we did not get to meet <Guest Name> in person, but I hope I get the chance to in the future if they decide to visit us again.
  • <Guest Name> took care of our apartment like it was their very own. The guest left the apartment clean and with everything in place. We had a wonderful experience hosting this guest. The guest followed all house rules. We would be glad to have this guest book our apartment again.
  • We truly enjoyed having <Guest Name> in our apartment. She communicated before and during her stay. After her stay, we were pleased to see how she kept the apartment tidy. My cleaners will enjoy how well she took care of the apartment during her stay. We would host this guest again at any time.
  • Respecting the house rules we established and respecting the neighborhood was what <Guest Name> did very well. Neighbors left us no complaints which is always a plus. We have nothing but positive words for how<Guest Name> treated our home during the stay. We hope to be the host again for <Guest Name>.
  • Communicating with <Guest Name> was a breeze. We are glad we were able to answer all of their questions. They was a great guest. We hope she books us again when she visits our city again.
  • A tidy guest is always a great guest to have. This was definitely <Guest Name>. The linens were folded. The kitchen had been cleaned. Our cleaners had little work to do after<Guest Name> left. We appreciated <Guest Name> choosing to book us. We look forward to hosting this guest again.


Example of negative Airbnb host reviews that you can leave for guests

Leaving a bad review doesn’t affect your future Airbnb bookings. It’s important, to be honest

  • Guests were smoking in the apartment leaving bad smells in the property for the next guests, even though it was explicit that smoking was prohibited inside the apartment.
  • Poor communication they didn’t inform us of their arrival time and we didn’t have anyone available when they did arrive.
  • Left the apartment slightly messy, we would have appreciated it if they would have put the plates into the dishwasher as we the house rules.
  • Communication was good, however, they left the front door open leave the property unsecured.
  • <Guest name> arrived with more guests than they specified on the booking, we let them stay, however, we should have charged extra for the inconvenience.
  • Great communication and arrived on time, however, left the apartment in a mess like they possibly had a party.
  • Not a recommended guest! Left the apartment messy, various neighbours complained and we need to contact Airbnb to have them evicted.
  • We have created house rules for a reason. Unfortunately, <Guest Name> chose to not abide by these rules. This was a disappointment to us. We enforce our rules for a reason and will not be hosting those that go against house rules.
  • Small messes are normal for our cleaners to expect. Our cleaners are use to simple housekeeping like sweeping, mopping, washing linens. taking out the trash and cleaning the kitchen. But damages created by <Guest Name> were not expected. We definitely will not tolerate a guest that destroys our property. We do not recommend allowing <Guest Name> to book your Airbnb.
  • <Guest Name> had extra guests that we were not aware of. We must be made aware of everyone who will be staying in our apartment. Extra guests and throwing a party are not things we allow. We will not host <Guest Name> in the future.

Watch this video for more information on Airbnb reviews.