Airbnb enhances the accessibility search filters for guests

Airbnb has improved its search filters and accessibility review process to make it simpler for persons with impairments to discover lodgings on its marketplace.

A specialist team of Airbnb agents will now examine photos that hosts upload show casing their homes’ accessibility features, and will examine them to see if they’re acceptable for persons with impairments.

Airbnb’s search criteria for accessibility features have also been modified. Filters like accessible parking spots and step free access to bedrooms and bathrooms will now be highlighted in the searchers results. Airbnb modified the filters to for broad entryways to include precise dimension, thus giving the searcher information to help them choose the right property for their needs.

Airbnb research indicated that hosts were more likely to decline booking made by disabled visitors, and in 2018, the firm released an accessibility upgrade that included 21 criteria that allow guests to search for houses with wider doorways, accessible restrooms, and other features..