Airbnb Coupons 2021

There is nothing like a good vacation to help you forget your troubles. Airbnb provides unique homes from treehouses to castles that can make your getaway an unforgettable experience. Airbnb coupons can be used worldwide in the 191 countries that they operate in. From deserted beaches to bustling capitals, they have home and experience that can suit everyone.  

Get $60 off your first booking

Book with your first stay with Airbnb and get a $60 discount off your stay with this coupon code. It can be used in any of the 190+ countries that Airbnb operating in. Your coupon will be automatically applied to your booking.

New Hosts Get A $50 Bonus

Are you new to hosting on Airbnb? Get a $50 bonus when you host you first guests. List your home for Free, this can be a whole house or even just that spare room. For extra protection, Airbnb covers all hosts for up to $1M for property damages so you never have to worry. You can change what you want and host when you want, all with paying some of the lowest fees for hosts. For most countries, this is 3%. 

Get $15 off an Experience

Receive $15 off your next Airbnb experience with our special discount voucher. 

Airbnb Often Asked Questions

How Do Airbnb Coupons Work?

To get our fabulous offers, vouchers and discount codes all you need to do is click on the Get Deals link. The coupon code will automatically be applied to your booking as you finalise your purchase. 

What does Airbnb mean?

Airbnb is a company where people can rent out a short term vacation rental. The true meaning of the name Airbnb comes from “Air Bed and Breakfast” a this was a nod to the air mattresses the guests were staying on when they first launched the services. 

People using Airbnb can rent out a complete home or just a room. There have even been boats, castles and treehouses rented on the platform. People can also rent out their personal properties to the vacationers. The rentals can be as short as one day or they can be rented for a couple of months. The company itself doesn’t have any of its own physical properties that it rents out but have over 2-millions places worldwide that guests can stay. 

How do I get $50 off Airbnb?

It’s simple, click on the promotional links at the top of this page. These referral links with automatically apply the discounts and coupons for you on checkout. New hosts will get a $50 bonus and guests will get up $60 off their first booking.  If you’re booking multiple apartments, houses or castles. If this is your first time using Airbnb, book using your friends or partners accounts as well and you will both receive a discount on your vacation.

Do first time users on Airbnb get a discount?

if this is your first time using Airbnb you’re in luck. Whether you’re a first time renter or have space in your home your wish to rent out we have coupon codes that will help save. 
If you a first time renter click here to to get your instant $50 discount.
Are you hosting for the first time? then you can get a $60 welcome bonus for free, just click here.

Can you negotiate prices on Airbnb?

Yes, prices can be negotiated on Airbnb. Hosts are able to send your discount directly using a feature called Special Offer. It is essential that you negotiate in the right way as not to insult or offend the person hosting you, as these are often individuals, not large companies. View our tips on how to negotiate a special price on your next booking. Once a special offer price is sent, you have 24-hours to accept this and this is the final price for your stay as it includes cleaning fees, extra person charges. Be sure to use a coupon is this is your first time booking.

How do I save money on Airbnb?

The following 5 tips will help you save money on Airbnb.

  1. Use a referral link or coupon. 
  2. Ask hosts for a discount.
  3. Consider extending your dates from 5-days to 7-days. You can obtain weekly discounts.
  4. For longer stays, book over 28-days.
  5. Book early and get Early Bird discounts

For more top tips and examples on getting saving, check out our discount strategies.

Which is cheaper Airbnb or VRBO?

Hosts will place their property on both platforms to maximise visibility and profits. Airbnb has dynamic pricing built into its system that will increase pricing during busy times; hosts will use this to maximise profits and you might see pricing rise and fall based on the popularity of the days of your stay. Fees in Vrbo are often higher for hosts and they need to recoup this by increasing their prices. Learn more about the differences and similarities of Vrbo vs Airbnb    

Are Airbnb’s Dangerous?

Airbnb is not a dangerous service to use. All of the hosts that post on this company need to have background checks completed and they are screened often to make sure their unit is safe. The community and review platform is what sets Airbnb apart for its competitors, as with these two it creates trust. 

The company now has an extensive cleaning protocol that needs to be met to reduce the transmission of germs during this current pandemic to help keep both hosts and guests safe. 

Can you get scammed on Airbnb?

Airbnb takes measures to make sure their guest do not get scammed. They have put together some tips and systems to help keep the customers safe. Just like any other online platform customers need to make sure they are using the real site by checking the URL. Some fake sites do look similar but are not the real thing. Airbnb has developed a safe platform for communication and payment from the guest to the host. All payment and communication need to be done inside of this platform to ensure it is safe and to avoid fraud. Do not make payments directly to hosts, make sure payments are all done inside the Airbnb platform. If a host needs to request further funds for your stay, for taxi bookings or bike hire for example this can be done inside the Airbnb platform. 

Are Airbnb’s cheaper than hotels?

Airbnb’s can be less expensive than staying at a hotel. A guest will be able to rent more space for less money. Guests can rent an entire home including a kitchen, laundry room, and multiple bedrooms. This will cut down on other costs and will help a family get more vacation for less money.

Why is Airbnb so cheap?

Airbnb is cheap because hosts can set their prices. They do not have to pay a cleaning staff, front desk people, and others to provide these services. The guests will have access to the home but they will not have to pay additional fees to cover the cost of the service team. At the end of the day, the hosts set the price based on what they think their property is worth. 

Is Airbnb cleaner than hotels?

Airbnb’s can be cleaner than leading hotel rooms, especially is the host is a Superhost.  Since a guest is staying in the home or the other unit that belongs to the host they are more careful about how things are cleaned. Guests often show more respect and keep things clean too. Airbnb has always had cleaning standards and now they have a specific protocol that needs to be followed to make sure the home or room is clean and sanitized. 

Is Booking through Airbnb Safe?

It is safe to book a stay through Airbnb. The website is secure and Airbnb has many tools and verification items in place to make sure that all guests are safe. This site is just as safe if not more secure than booking at any other travel site. To ensure you are happy with your property and to avoid scammers Airbnb holds the monies in escrow until you have checked in to your rental. Only 24-hours after you have checked in does Airbnb release the funds to the hosts. Helping create trust and maintaining standards. If it’s your first time using Airbnb we recommend booking with someone who is a Superhost. This means that they have been on the platform for over 6 months and have had at least 10 bookings where other guests have rated them with 5 stars.  Superhost status is reviewed every 3-months to ensure hosts are meeting the strict standards set out by Airbnb. 

What is Airbnb and how does it work?

Airbnb is an online site that will allow the host to rent out their home or room to guests that are looking for a place to stay. A guest will check the availability and they will book their space. There is a platform for payment. There are specific cleaning and safety measures in place to protect both the guest and the host.

For more information of staying safe and picking the perfect Airbnb read our ultimate tips for guests to staying in an Airbnb. 


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