About Us At Hosts And Homes

Hosts and Homes is simply a blog about the fabulous world of HomeSharing

We have one goal at Hosts and Homes and that is to provide high quality digital content to help people around the world provide better accommodation for the HomeSharing community.

We posts news articles, regulations, guides, reviews and comparison  articles to help the HomeSharing community get the most of it.


We started this blog back in 2017 with the idea to help our fellow Home Sharers get started using Airbnb, HomeAway. Most of the clients that we spoke to had the same issues over and over.

Time had come to put this to paper and we started emailing this out to various client. This is where the idea of creating a blog came about.

Too many people were charging for the basics. Where we felt the basics should be completely free. This is where Hosts And Homes Started.


Ian Bryce – Founder

Ian currently based in London and operates an Airbnb Management company by the name Be Our Guests, they have hosted over 4000+ guests and managed over a 105 properties since 2015. Below is a snap shot of my personal account below for my own property.