7 Reasons To Stay in An Airbnb vs A Hotel

Airbnb, HomeAway and other home sharing platforms were founded on a very simple concept, to allow traveller find places they can stay for a fraction of a cheap hotel but with the convenience of a home away from home. While many people often love the housekeeping services that come from hotels, the apartment rental usually ends up being a win. If this isn’t enough motivation to stay in Airbnb, here are seven reasons you should stay at Airbnb or vacation rentals.

The convenience of travelling with Kids

Airbnb offers ample space and beds, something you may not get even from the most expensive hotel. Most hotels room, especially in Europe, doesn’t have space that allows one to travel with family. However, with an apartment rental from Airbnb, you can pick a place with enough bed, couch, and kitchen for the entire family; everyone gets to hang out, and you won’t have to beg for extra blankets.

Easy to get what you need


It is often hard to find your ideal hotel, but with Airbnb or HomeAway, you get to select a home of your liking regardless of where you came from, whether you need small space, large, one, saunas, fireplace, an apartment with a washing machine or just about everything you need. To many people, this flexibility is enough of a motivation to choose Airbnb over the most expensive hotel in town.


With Airbnb, you get to say in different places, it could be a cave house, or a home with a hot tub, or with fireplaces. This is entirely unlike hotels, where they may be secure, and nicer at a glance, but are in most cases boring. While some may consider the boredom of a hotel as a perk, some regards it as a con.

The little perks

In many places, hosts have been known to provide some perks that you may not see on hotels. While this is not a requirement, some host often provides breakfast food or even welcome snacks. Some can also give you a tip about the best places in town like restaurants, and some may even make recommendations to the best restaurant. Your host is often invested in the quality of your trip, something you cannot find even from your best restaurants.

It’s easier to check in and out

Airbnb and other booking sites have made it easier for guest to check in and out of rentals. People consider these platforms as a treasure hunt. You don’t need to know the addresses of the apartment until a couple of days before your stay, and there is no need of knowing all the details of the rental. You won’t spend 30 minutes line like in hotels, all you need to do is book a rental unit, and get the keys from lockboxes. Today you don’t even need to meet the host; there even smart door locks where all you need is the direction of the rental and a secret code to the door.

You get to learn about other cultures

Every place you get to travel is different, and the only way you can learn about their culture is through Airbnb rentals. If you choose a hotel, you won’t see any difference between the experience in Cleveland and Istanbul or Tallinn especially if it’s a chain hotel. Everything is all the same; it’s the same company same rule and the same designs even in the toilet. On the other hand, if you stay in an apartment rental, everything is different in different places. You get to experience new things, at a less low price. Of course, if you want to have an apartment that looks like the previous one, it is your choice, but, if you don’t, you get to know different cultures.

Everyone gets to rate the other

Of course, you may come across some poor Airbnb rentals, but there are also some crappy hotels. The difference is, with Airbnb, you get to rate review the host, and you are also rated. Some of those who have rented Airbnb have reported their share of horror stories, but at least the host or the quest has the satisfaction of giving a bad rating. Airbnb host often has to do their best for a better rating, so chances are, everyone will be satisfied by the end of the stay.


Watch This Video to understand more about Airbnb

Airbnb vs Staying at a Hotel - Honest Airbnb Review From Guest Plus Tips


Not all Airbnb hosts are made equal so some are better than others but there are a number of professional Airbnb hosts who can provide a hotel quality service. For first time users, follow our Airbnb guide for renters, this will give you the in and out of getting the most out of your Airbnb. If you’re after a luxury Airbnb then you should consider using Airbnb Plus, these properties have been verified by Airbnb so you’ll know what you’re getting each and every time.