2021 Travel Trends for Vacation Rentals

Planning the Journey

VRBO has been in the business of helping families, couples and individuals find a great, safe place to stay when they are on vacation. That purpose has not changed even with the advent of the Covid-19 epidemic.

All groups of travelers, including business travelers, are still making plans to get to those perfect lodging options in 2021. The vacation trend seems to be picking up even though the Covid-19 is still looming large for next year.

The different travel trends for 2021

Destination and plans may be altered as different countries impose travel restrictions or quarantine stays once you arrive in their country but vacation plans have not. Here are some new trends that are being developed as the pandemic has many people scared of travel or tourists.

#1. Method of travel

62% of vacationers planning to travel next year are planning to drive instead of fly. They want to cut down any risk of exposure to Covid-19 and driving is their solution. The TSA issue may also help influence that decision.

While flying is safer than driving the risk of catching Covid-19 or some other communicable disease is greater with planes than private cars. Driving is the newest trend, even though it has been around for some time.

Then for 2021, more travelers are planning more trips than they took before this disease hit the world. 65% plan on taking more trips while 54% of those travelers are making their bucket list plans.

Then an additional 33% are planning to spend more on their trips.

#2. Destination locations

Because of the way Covid-19 is transmitted the new trend in vacationing is moving away from hotels and motels. This may be good news for those business travelers who need the amenities a good hotel has to offer as they will encounter fewer people during their stays.

Now more remote locations like lakes, rivers, and possibly mountain areas are gaining popularity. 61% of travelers are creating this new trend and it is happening right now.

Vacationers are finding it to be as much or more fun to visit national parks and other remote areas than going to a crowded, risky place like Disneyland or 6 Flags and similar tourist hot spots.

#3. Lodging locations

With a majority of travelers looking to drive and seek those in nature tourist destination, like national parks (62% & 61% respectively), it stands to reason they will be looking for an alternative, in nature lodging options.

The demand for cabins and staying at chalets went up 25% and 20% respectively at both unique lodging options. For 2021 you need to start planning your vacation now before all the good outdoor locations and lodging options are filled up.

These are great places to bring your kids and show them another side to life than the electronic one.

Some final words

Pre-covid-19, you may have been the oddball as you sought out these unique travel opportunities for you and your family. You liked them because you got away from all the crowds found at the more popular destinations.

Unfortunately, the pandemic is bringing the crowds to you. This is evidenced by the rise in these new trends. These options may have been around since the invention of the stagecoach it is just that they are being rediscovered by modern people used to plane and train travel as well as staying in hotels and motels.

The good news for you is that VRBO will be right there ready and willing to help you find that perfect location away from the crowds. Just don’t delay your holiday plans too far in the future or you may be out of luck and stay home next year.


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