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Airbnb Property Management Companies: How to Pick The Right One

Renting properties is a business It is not for the faint of heart as renters are not always the nicest of people. Plus, it takes skill and experience to be able to handle all the details of renting extra spaces. Those may be characteristics you do not have. which you may not have. Hiring a property manager is a good thing. While it is an extra expense, the duties he or she perform will pay off in the long run and help you rent your property more frequently. To learn about what to look for when hiring an Airbnb property

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How to Get an Airbnb Discount

As hosts, we also use Airbnb a lot for personal and work travel. Like anyone else we are also looking for ways, we can save

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Detect Hidden Cameras in the Home

In the news recently you may have heard that a man Jeffrey Bigham found inside his rental two small hidden cameras. Airbnb has hosted millions

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Statistics have shown vacation rentals that are operated by managers have more revenue streams and often have a higher occupancy than those managed by the

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