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Airbnb Remove Profile Pictures

You may have noticed that you can no longer see the pictures of your potential guests. Airbnb has done this in a measure to...


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Crack down on Airbnb in Ireland from June

New rules on short-term letting will come into effect for the residence of Ireland from 1st June 2019 help bring properties back on to the...

London’s Major Calls for Registration System

The Major of London Sadiq Khan calls upon the UK Government to enforce a registration system that to all platform that helps all host comply...

Paris Seeks More Than $14 Million From Airbnb

First, the city of Paris warned Airbnb, and now it has taken action. It is now filing a lawsuit against Airbnb for 1000 illegal rental...

Airbnb is Lending a Hand to Federal Employees

In light of the ongoing shutdown by the U.S government, home sharing platform Airbnb is launching an ‘a night on us’ initiative. In a recent...

How Do I Find Hidden Cameras In My Airbnb

In the news recently you may have heard that a man Jeffrey Bigham found inside his rental two small hidden cameras.Airbnb has hosted millions of...

Airbnb Will Pay You For 3-Months

Have you ever considered taking a few months off from work to try something different?  Well, you are not alone, millions of people would take...

7 Reasons To Stay in An Airbnb vs A Hotel

Airbnb, HomeAway and other home sharing platforms were founded on a very simple concept, to allow traveller find places they can stay for a fraction...

Montreal Latest Approach in Controlling Illegal Rentals

The city of Montreal is taking a new approach to alleviating what the city officials are terming as house crisis. The latest strategy by the...

Judge Blocks NYC Law Demanding Airbnb Disclose User Data

To most people, maintaining the privacy of personal information is very important especially when divulging that information to others. Airbnb almost lost a large base...